The All-New DVDFab 10

More Productivity — All-New Task Manager

The redesigned task manager presents you all the current tasks and the most recent
tasks in one place. The detailed status of each task, ready to start, processing,
wait in queue, success, failed, cancelled, not processed, exit unexpectedly, etc, all at a quick glance.

  • Multi-Type Task Processing

    Have two optical drives and want to process two copy tasks at one time? Even converting a disc for your iPhone when that same disc is already involved in a copy task? No problem! DVDFab 10 allows multi-tasking from different modules.

  • Recover Cancelled/Crashed Tasks

    Accidentally canceled or deleted a task, or program just crashed unexpectedly in the middle of the task? Don't worry, with just one click, you can restart those failed tasks, with exactly the same settings last time you made.

Much Clearer Operational Logics

The operational logics beneath the interface are the key stones to the efficiency.
With DVDFab 10, every task is scheduled in the way it should be. No more, no less.

Keep You in Sync Anytime — DVDFab Remote

Want to do your laundry or prepare night dessert while DVDFab is doing its job?
Just go. DVDFab Remote will keep you timely updated.
Task status like progress percentage, estimated time remaining,
failed or completed, just a glimpse away on your smart phone screen.