The All-New DVDFab 10

Faster than Ever — Lightning Speed yet Excellent Quality

Traditional belief has it that haste does not bring success.
Yet to a productivity tool like DVDFab 10, speed weighs equally with result.
To get things done in the shortest time possible while still bring amazing quality,
DVDFab 10 ushers in tons of new technologies.

Cloud Decryption Service

(Currently for Windows version only)
Good tools are prerequisite to the successful execution of a job.
Likewise, to get your task finished as quickly as possible with DVDFab 10,
a lightning fast decryption is the key. The handy Cloud Decryption Service is born just for that.
As a sidenote: how fast can DVDFab 10 open a disc depends on
your internet speed and the complexity of that disc.
It averagely takes 5 to 15 seconds to open a disc.
Compared to the previous 2~3 minutes, it's just a blink of your eye.

64-bit Encoding Technology

As the 32-bit OS gradually loses its aura, the prevailing of 64-bit becomes irresistible.
DVDFab 10 surely takes that advantage to help you get the most of your system,
by utilizing the 64-bit technology while encoding H.264 and H.265 sources.

Optimized UI and Framework

The redesigned UI layouts based on the completely new architecture and
framework also lay solid foundation for DVDFab 10's stability.