Sports lovers know that one of the best channels to watch live sports events is ESPN. Apparently, the channel is home to all kinds of sports, including soccer, NBA, NFA, and even the UFC has just been added (although it got added to the ESPN+ network). Recently, ESPN launched a streaming network where sports lovers can stream various live events from any device they own. The streaming network is called ESPN+ (ESPN Plus), while it remains a standalone service, it can only be accessed from the ESPN app (there’s a dedicated tab for ESPN+ on the ESPN app).

1. ESPN On Dish Satellite TV

DISH has advanced over the years, trying to beat down competitors and blend into the modern satellite TV technologies. There are a lot of channels and networks you can get with a DISH subscription, this includes Netflix, ESPN, and so many other ones. It may interest you to know that Sling TV is owned by DISH Corporation.

Apparently, you can get ESPN on DISH TV; however, one thing many people want to know is how they can enjoy live sports on ESPN at a discounted DISH TV subscription fee. More so, not everyone knows how to get ESPN on DISH, and this article tries to explain every detail about the process.

Before going on with this post, it is important to point out that ESPN has various channels and networks available on various satellite TVs. Furthermore, or rather, interestingly, ESPN is available on almost all DISH subscription packages; so, irrespective of your package, you’re likely going to enjoy live sports with DISH.

If you're not yet a DISH subscriber, there are many ways to get reasonable discounts as a new subscriber. It is important to say that DISH doesn't just provide live sports channels - it also provides movie channels and many entertainment channels. DISH is a "one-service-for-all" network for movie lovers, sports lovers, and everyone living in the United States - it provides over 250 channels (depending on your package).

2. What Channel Is ESPN On DISH?

The channel number is 140 on DISH. So, if you're a DISH subscriber looking out for the ESPN channel on your TV, simply go to channel 140. Well, if ESPN is not included in your package, keying in 140 with your remote controller would return an "invalid channel" notice on your screen. On the contrary, navigating to channel 140 will get to one of the most iconic sports networks available on all satellite TVs, ESPN. Apparently, ESPN remains one of the best channels for any sports addict or fan living in the United States.

On ESPN, you’d enjoy live sports broadcasts, replays, intriguing moments, exclusive interviews, and all that good stuff you want to watch as a sports lover. Below are the DISH packages that include the ESPN channel.

2.1 DISH Packages To Get ESPN

1. AMERICA'S TOP 120 Package

This includes 190 Channels and goes for $64.99. DISH America’s Top 120 Package grants you access to Premium Channels, Smart HD DVR, FREE Installation, and other enticing offers.

2. AMERICA'S TOP 120+ Package

As you could guess, this is a step up from the package above. It offers over 190 channels and goes for $79.99 (discounted price); the actual price for this package is $94.99/mo. Exclusive benefits to enjoy with this package include free access to Premium Channels, Smart HD DVR, and FREE Installation.


This is one of the best packages you can get if you love watching lots of channels. America’s Top 200 package offers a whopping 240+ channels at $89.99 with the same benefits as with the other ones mentioned above.


You'd be getting over 290 channels with this package at $99.99, followed by all the benefits you could ever get from any DISH subscription. This package is best for commercial purposes; regardless, if you love watching different random channels daily, this package could be a great deal.

However, below is what to know about getting DISH packages at discounted prices:

  1. All offers require credit qualification, a 2-Year commitment with an early termination fee, and eAutoPay.
  2. After 3 mos., you will be billed $30/mo. for Showtime, STARZ, and DISH Movie Pack if you do not cancel on time.
  3. You’d get ESPN2, ESPN Alternate, and ESPN News (HD) on all these packages mentioned above; however, ESPN (HD) is only available with AMERICA'S TOP 250 package.

2.2 Why is ESPN an Important Channel?

ESPN stands for Entertainment and Sports Programming Network, it is a dedicated sports network to watch all kinds of sport, including live events, replays, exclusive interviews, talk shows, and more. This network of sports is readily available across live TV streaming services and local cable TV. Sports documentaries are also shown on the ESPN channel, it is simply the home for every sports lover in the US.

Well, ESPN is not only available on the DISH network, you can also get it on DIRECTV and other satellite cable providers.

Remember, if you’re a DISH subscriber, ESPN is on Channel 140 - for packages that support the channel. There is ESPN, ESPN 2, ESPN 3, and so on; many of these channels are available on DISH depending on the package you paid for. Mainly, you’d get ESPN2 on all of them.

3. How To Watch ESPN On DISH?

Firstly, you need to subscribe to DISH (purchase a package) and then download WatchESPN app on your device (this is for people that wish to stream the channel on their mobile device). The WatchESPN app is available on various app stores for Android and iOS devices.

After you have installed the app on your device, you will need to log in using your DISH credentials and that’s all, you will be able to stream the ESPN programming right on your device; even when you’re on the go.

4. How to Download ESPN Videos?

Yes, it is possible to download videos from the ESPN platform. Maybe you got to watch a funny replay of a match you missed and you want to download it and share it with your friends, StreamFab ESPN Plus Downloader lets you do that. There are many scenarios where you'd want to grab a video from the ESPN network, and that's where you need a downloader software. With the help of StreamFab ESPN Plus Downloader, you can easily grab videos and replays from the ESPN channel; it works in an easy way and anyone can easily use the software.

4.1 StreamFab ESPN Plus Downloader

Thanks to the StreamFab ESPN Plus Downloader software, you can easily grab videos from ESPN. This software is especially meant for soccer lovers, NBA lovers, UFC fans, and sports lovers in general. In fact, if you love watching the ESPN cable TV channel, this software is for you - it’d help you to save most of the content you see on TV and have them on your local PC storage. The features of this software are great and it is generally intuitive to use.

Features of StreamFab ESPN Plus Downloader

Here are some interesting features of this software, which make it the best choice for an ESPN downloader software.

1. 60 Frames Per Second

Interestingly, StreamFab ESPN Plus Downloader downloads your sports videos at up to 60 frames per second; that's very impressive compared with the 24fps you'd get from most other downloaders.

2. High-Quality 720p and MP4 Format

MP4 is the generally supported video format that can playback on various devices. This software downloads your video(s) in MP4 format with 720p quality so you can watch on big screens.

3. Download video with closed caption subtitles and Metadata

This software downloads ESPN video subtitles when available. You can choose to playback your movies with the subtitles or not. More so, for the sake of media server users, this software also downloads ESPN videos along with their meta info such as video title, athletes' names, sports date, and cover image.

4. Download Multiple Videos At a Go

With this app, you can download multiple ESPN videos at a go. It is fast, and all ongoing downloads can be seen on the “Task Queue.”

4.2 How To Use StreamFab ESPN Pus Downloader

First things first, download and install StreamFab Downloader on your Windows PC. The software supports all versions of Windows OS and loads smoothly regardless of your system specs.

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First Step:

Launch the StreamFab Downloader software after installation and click on the “Streaming Services” option at the left tab.

Second Step:

Click on the “ESPN+” downloader card to launch StreamFab ESPN Plus Downloader. You will need to log in with your verified ESPN account details to continue.

Third Step:

Once you’re logged in, search for the video you want to download and start playing it. This software will start downloading the video immediately you click the Play button. You can then go back to play other videos you want to download too.

What More?

To customize StreamFab ESPN Plus Downloader, you have to adjust the settings before clicking the “Play” button on a video.

5. Summary

ESPN is on channel 140 on DISH, and it is available on many DISH subscription packages. To download sports videos from the platform, use StreamFab ESPN Plus Downloader.