If you are a sports fan, ESPN+ should be something you would find as one of the highly comfortable and practical options for enjoying your sporting events. The fact that the service has exclusive access to a wide range of content across almost all sporting genres, ESPN Plus should be something you would find immensely rewarding. The service caters to a massive range of sports, including baseball, hockey, mixed martial arts, and soccer. So, are you looking to find how to stream ESPN on Firestick and Fire TV? Let us find the best ways to achieve it.

1. How to watch ESPN on Firestick?

Before getting ESPN Plus on Amazon Fire Stick, it is advisable to check if you have an active subscription for the ESPN Plus streaming service. In addition, you will also need to have a Firestick compatible TV and an active internet connection.

How to watch ESPN on Firestick

Accessing the ESPN Plus service and the host of the content available on the service can prove to be a little difficult task. You will need to insert your Firestick into the HDMI port of your TV. Make sure that your TV is compatible with Firestick.

Follow the steps here to find how to watch ESPN on Firestick:

  • Sign up for ESPN Plus if you do not have an account already.
  • Switch your TV on. Ensure that the Firestick device is connected to the Internet.
  • On the home screen of your Firestick menu, find the Search option. You should see it in the top menu
  • Type in ESPN in the search box. You may say ESPN if you have a voice-activated remote.
  • You can even go to Apps and Games pick the option for ESPN.
  • Once you find the ESPN option, choose it and click on Get
  • Follow the instructions to download and install the app.

Once done, sign in with your credentials and enjoy your sporting action live with ESPN Plus on Firestick.

If you have already had a subscription, you may need to connect the subscription. To do this, you can follow the instructions here below:

How to watch ESPN on Firestick

  • Launch ESPN on Firestick
  • Pick the Settings option on the top right corner
  • Choose the option Subscriptions
  • Select the option ESPN+ and click on Log In
  • You should find a code on your TV
  • On your PC, go to espn.com/activate
  • Enter the code provided on the TV in the space provided
  • Enter your ESPN+ credentials if required

That does it. You will be able to enjoy your ESPN + subscription on your Firestick.

2. How to watch ESPN+ on Fire TV?

Getting ESPN+ on Fire TV should also be relatively easy and simple. In fact, the steps are quite similar to the ones used for getting ESPN+ on Firestick. Follow the steps here to find how to watch ESPN+ on Fire TV:

How to watch ESPN on Firestick

  • On your Amazon Fire TV, go to Apps
  • Scroll down to the Sports category
  • Choose the option for ESPN+ and pick the option to Download option
  • Launch the ESPN+ app
  • Go to the ESPN+ navigation and choose the Login option
  • Note down the activation code.
  • Open http://espn.com/activate on your PC or mobile.
  • Enter the code and follow the instructions.

3. Can you watch ESPN Plus on older Amazon Fire Stick models?

If you have an older Amazon Firestick device, ESPN Plus does offer essential support for even the basic Firestick model. You should be able to watch ESPN Plus on the 1st Generation and 2nd Generation Fire Stick models.

You do not need to opt for any complex method for installing the ESPN+ on Firestick app on your older Amazon Firestick models. You have similar options to download and install ESPN Plus on Amazon Firestick.

4. The Devices that support ESPN Plus

Apart from Amazon Fire Stick, ESPN Plus also supports a wide range of other devices. Some of the devices that are supported would include

How to watch ESPN on Firestick

  • Amazon Kindle Fire (1st Generation or newer)
  • Amazon Fire tablets (4th Generation or more recent)
  • Amazon Fire TV  and Fire Stick
  • Amazon Fire TV Edition Smart TVs
  • Android phones and tablets (OS 5.0 or greater)
  • Android TV devices (select models)
  • Apple TV devices (3rd Generation or newer)
  • Chromecast
  • iPad (running iOS 11 or greater)
  • iPhone and iPod Touch (running iOS 11 or greater)
  • Oculus Go
  • PlayStation 4
  • Roku players
  • Samsung Smart TVs (select models)
  • Xbox One

5. How Much Does ESPN on Firestick Cost?

ESPN+ does provide you access to an enhanced experience in terms of different pricing options that you can go with. Go with the pricing options that best meet your needs and expectations.

The general subscription would cost you $ 4.99 per month/ $49.99 per year. It offers you access to all the ESPN+ content. You can get access to the bundled subscription that offers you Hulu and Disney+ along with ESPN+. The subscription will cost you $ 12.99 per month.

All the subscriptions auto-renew and can be canceled at any time based on your preferences.

6. What can you watch on ESPN+ on Firestick?

You can perhaps not miss any sporting content on ESPN+. You can get access to a great degree of content on ESPN+ across every range that you can possibly think of.

Some of the content that you can watch on ESPN Plus on Firestick or Fire TV can include

  • College Sports – Men’s and women’s basketball games, lacrosse, hockey, wrestling, volleyball, softball, baseball, swimming, gymnastics, and more
  • Boxing – Hundreds of top rank fights
  • Soccer – ESPN does carry prominent soccer tournaments around the year. Some of them would include Serie A, FA Cup, Carabao Cup, and Copa del Rey matches in the US. You can also enjoy EFL, Coppa Italia, Copa America, A-League, Dutch Eredivisie, Indian Super League, W-League, and more
  • Rugby – Several international series and matches that include Guinness PRO14 and Super Rugby matches
  • Cricket – International cricket featuring New Zealand, India, and others
  • Tennis - Grand Slam events such as Wimbledon and US Open match

Those live sporting actions apart, you can also get access to much other sports-based content. Some of these shows would include documentaries, interviews, and an on-demand library.

  • The 30-for-30 Documentaries – There are more than 150 different 30-for-30 Documentaries. A few prominent ones would include Vick, OJ: Made in America, Chuck & Tito, Rodman: For Better or Worse, and I Hate Christian Laettner.
  • ESPN Original series – Some of the best original ESPN content would include Peyton’s Places, The Boardroom with Kevin Durant, NBA Rooks, Ariel & The Bad Guy, The Fantasy Show, and Alex Morgan Equalizer.
  • UFC On-Demand Library – The UFV content available on ESPN+ includes Conor McGregor, Anderson Silva, Michael Bisping, Brock Lesnar, Khabib Nurmagomedov, Nick Diaz, Nate Diaz, Frank Mir, and others.

7. Can you download the ESPN+ shows on your device?

The sporting content available on ESPN+ is really a perfect option for enjoying the best possible experience. The service does let you download the content on it for offline viewing. ESPN+ does have specific apps for a host of operating systems and platforms, but the download feature is available only on smartphone apps viz the ESPN+ apps for iOS and Android.

The steps involved in how to download videos from ESPN+ are relatively simple and easy to go with. Simply go to the title that you want to download and find if the content is available for download. If the content is available for download, you should find a download icon beside the info page for the show. Clicking on the download icon will download the show on your device. Once the content has been downloaded, it will be available on your ESPN+ library.

The download functionality on ESPN+ may be wonderful, but it does come with a few annoying limitations. You can download as many titles as you would want to download, but not every title is available for download. The downloaded content is available only on mobile devices, which can be a significant issue you would find a little disturbing.

Those limitations can be a reason enough for searching for a third-party downloader for ESPN.

8. DVDFab ESPN Plus Downloader – The Perfect Downloader for all your download needs

DVDFab ESPN Plus Downloader should be one of the excellent choices for taking care of all your expectations and requirements in an efficient third-party downloader for ESPN content. Offering you an option to download your favorite sports videos from ESPN+ in 720p as MP4 files with a high speed, the downloader does pack in a host of advanced features and functions.

                                                  i  Free Download 

download ESPN+ videos to watch offline

Some salient features that would make DVDFab ESPN Plus Downloader a decent option for practically all the needs you may have can include

  • Support for both ESPN Plus and ESPN Player – The downloader offers support for both ESPN+ and ESPN Player, making it one of the most prominent options that you want to go with.
  • Download the videos in MP4 – The ability to download the videos in MP4 should be yet another premier advantage. Since MP4 files are supported on practically every device, you would find it offering you a remarkable degree of compatibility for playing your downloads on any device.
  • Save your videos at a high frame rate – The DVDFab ESPN Plus Downloader lets you download the videos at frame rates of up to 60 fps. This will ensure that you will never miss even a single instance of your favorite game.
  • Options for a closed subtitle – The ESPN Downloader from DVDFab lets you download your videos with fast subtitles. You can either choose to display the subtitles while watching or decide to have them disabled.
  • Batch mode for your downloads – The batch mode for your downloads can prove to be yet another excellent option. You can select multiple videos to download simultaneously. You can even download multiple episodes of a series.
  • Fastest downloader ability – DVDFab ESPN Plus Downloader does provide you access to a quicker download capability. You should be able to an entire sports show in just under 10 to 20 minutes.

download ESPN+ videos to watch offline

  • Download additional metadata – The additional metadata that can be downloaded along with the video can be yet another excellent plus point. The metadata, such as video title, athletes' names, sports date, and cover, etc., can prove to be a perfect option for the proper organization of your videos.

Final Words

ESPN+ is indeed an excellent option for those who may be looking for the best possible experience in enjoying a highly addictive gaming experience. If you are a sports freak, it may be worthwhile to check out ESPN and ESPN+ as your soul mates for the best in terms of sporting content. While the streaming service is available on a wide range of platforms and operating systems, it may be a little tricky to find ESPN Plus on Firestick and Fire TV. The tips and instructions outlined in the above discussion should ideally help you get access to the best possible experience in how to cope with the perfect experience in dealing with how to stream ESPN on Firestick and Fire TV.

Now that we have touched on the topic of watching ESPN Plus on Firestick, it may be equally important to finding a means to download the ESPN + shows for offline viewing. In case you are looking for a third-party video downloader for ESPN Plus, DVDFab ESPN Plus Downloader should double up as exceptional service for practically every need you may have. The simple interface, ability to download videos in MP4, subtitle customization options, and a wide range of other advanced features should ideally make it one of the most reliable options ever for most of your needs, expectations, and requirements.

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