So, you love playing soccer matches and other sports events, but don’t like what Cartoon Network or TNT has to offer?  In case it is better to ditch your cable and subscribe to ESPN+ or ESPN on your Roku streaming device. It lets you enjoy all your preferred ESPN programming without having a cable subscription. By using the ESPN on Roku device, you can enjoy live sports events for just $4.99 per month. 

ESPN Plus on Roku

In case you are wondering how to watch EPSN Plus on Roku, this guide is going to help you with it. 

1. Is There an ESPN Roku App or EPSN Plus Roku App?

You will find an ESPN Plus on Roku app. This is available for free. However, if you want to avail the additional content that is available through ESPN, you will have to subscribe to it. 

ESPN Plus on Roku

The Roku ESPN Plus app will allow you to get news, information, highlights, and audio as always with an enhanced and new design. You can stream ESPN with a pay TV subscription without an additional cost. 

2. How to Get ESPN Plus on Roku?

If you think you are ever going to watch ESPN Plus on Roku, you have to subscribe to it first. Just go over to ESPN Plus official website and click on the button ‘Sign Up Now’. Enter your details and choose the plan that you think is appropriate for you. Now, enter the billing information and you have an ESPN Plus subscription. 

The next step is to get it on your Roku device. For this, follow the steps given below. 

  1. Go to the Roku home screen and choose ‘Streaming Channels’.
  2. Next look for ‘ESPN Plus’. You can also search for Sports and then scroll down to find ESPN Plus. Some users add the channels from the desktop site or mobile app of Roku. 
  3. You will notice Roku ESPN+ app highlighted. So, press on ‘Ok’ on the Roku remote. 

ESPN Plus on Roku

  1. Now, go back to the home screen and look for ESPN+ Roku on the channel list. When you find it, open it. 
  2. Choose the ESPN Plus account provider to log in to Roku ESPN Plus app. Go over to the ESPN activation site with the help of Mac or PC and enter the code on the TV screen. 
  3. Wait for the confirmation on the TV screen that you linked your account successfully. 

It might appear like several steps but it is required to set up things. However, it will just take a minute or two to complete the steps. 

Now, you can easily watch ESPN Plus on Roku any time you want. 

3. How Much Does It Cost to Watch ESPN Plus on Roku? 

The ESPN+ on Roku is a substitution for the former Watch ESPN app. The channel features live ESPN TV programming along with various live sports events. There are sports news, replays, and game highlights, too. 

ESPN Plus on Roku

The subscription is affordable for all. You will only have to pay $4.99 per month for the service. 

However, the ESPN Plus on Roku app can be downloaded and used for free. It is only when you have to access the extra content that you have to subscribe to ESPN on Roku. 

4. What Can You Watch from ESPN Plus Roku?

When you first subscribe to this channel, you might be overwhelmed with the amount of content it offers. While it lets you watch NHL, MLB, College Basketball, MLS, and UFC. But there is a wide range of on-demand and original shows. 

What Can You Watch from ESPN Plus Roku

You will get access to a library of series, such as Detail, and 30 for 30 documentaries. If you would like to take it for a spin, you can try out the 30-day free trial for EPSN on Roku. 

So, if you want to watch the best content on ESPN Roku app, check out the options given below. 


Detail is a show on ESPN Roku will take you inside some of the greatest minds of sports. This will show the actions are processed on the field or court. 

Kobe Bryant, the NBA legend, Daniel Cormier, the former UFC two-division world champion, and Peyton Manning, the iconic quarterback analyze and break down the footage from the respective league and finish it off with on-screen visual effects for highlighting the specifics prior to it happening. 

What Can You Watch from ESPN Plus Roku

In ESPN+ on Roku, a majority of the episodes are 20-30 minutes long. They focus on particular fighters or athletes. It offers fans a new appreciation for the skills players have, giving them an edge in the game. 

You will also find a short extra. These focus on the primary players in the upcoming matchups. 

Miles to Go

Miles to Go isn’t a show on ESPN Plus Roku about rigorous travel in the sports. It gives you a deep insight into the football team of the University of Kansas which is led by Les Miles, the coach. He took his championship pedigree to a grappling program with the hope to turn it around. 

What Can You Watch from ESPN Plus Roku

Miles has been given the nickname Mad Hatter because of off-kilter play calling and his white cap. Thus, as you watch ESPN on Roku, you will get inside access to the guts of the program. It talks about the changes he made when he took the job. The show follows the team through a rough season under the guidance of Miles. 

O.J.: Made in America 

There are two types of stories that can distinguish the best documents on ESPN on Roku without cable. A few focuses on the events or people that few people know well, while the others take on the events that are popular and are known to many. 

What Can You Watch from ESPN Plus Roku

This Oscar-winning miniseries is about the journey of O.J. Simpson. Instead of retracing a family narrative, the director delivers a strong meditation on class, race, and celebrity in America that is eye-opening and entertaining. 

June 17, 1994

The series on ESPN Plus Roku uses archival materials, a few that had been aired during the time and others that had been presented for the first time. Brett Morgen will take you back to the event of a semifinal that took place about 26 years ago. 

It is the day that involved the persuasion and arrest of O.J. Simpson. He had been riding the white Ford Bronco of his former teammate and friend, AI Cowling. However, the chance of the onetime athlete, TV analyst, and actor had been one of the sports events that day. 

What Can You Watch from ESPN Plus Roku

The 2010 documentary for Morgan is funny, bizarre, and sad. It toggles between the Stanley Cup Parade in NY, the World Cup opening in Chicago, the NBA finals, and the end of the U.S. Open Career of Arnold Palmer. Remember, this series is not about the things that you saw or remember it is about the things that you did not. 


You can also watch Hillsborough on http ESPN Roku. Over 90 fans had been trampled to death and almost 800 had been injured during the Nottingham Forest Liverpool FA Cup Semifinal on April 15, 1989, at England’s Hillsborough Stadium. 

What Can You Watch from ESPN Plus Roku

The 2014 film by Daniel Gordon pushes the party line and blames the tragedy on hooliganism. He shows how mismanaged crowd control, poor stadium design, and negligence led to the event. 

5. Download ESPN+ Videos Offline on Any Device

What’s the point of having so much content on ESPN Roku when you are unable to watch it on the go? Good thing is there are much ESPN on Roku offline content that you can check out without an internet connection. In case you are wondering how to download ESPN plus matches and shows for offline viewing, keep reading to find out everything you know. 

Offline content is any show that you can download from the streaming service to a device, such as a smartphone or a tablet. Once you have downloaded the show or game, you can watch it wherever you like without even connecting to the internet and offline viewing is best for flights and long journeys. So, the next time you are without stable Wi-Fi, you can ESPN Roku offline content. 

Download ESPN+ Videos Offline

5.1 Download ESPN+ videos using the official app

To start with the ESPN Plus offline download, you first have to download the app on your Android or iOS device. 

The app will let you stream the ESPN network with a relevant TV provider login. Even though you will find ESPN Roku app, you can watch offline content only on phones. Now, follow the steps given below the download the content on your Android or iOS, smartphone. 

  1. Open the ESPN Plus app on your mobile device. 
  2. After launching the ESPN Plus Roku app, you have to look for the video that you want to download from the app. You can also take the help of the search bar on the ESPN Plus app to look for the video you want to download. 
  3. If the title is available for downloading, you will find the download on the right-hand side. Simply tap on it to start with the process. 

Download ESPN+ Videos Offline

  1. Alternatively, you will find the download button at the app’s top-left corner. 
  2. Press it to check the content that you can download for viewing offline. 
  3. Once you have downloaded the title, you will find it in the ESPN+ library. 

ESPN on Roku has not yet announced a restriction on offline viewing on ESPN Plus service. Hence, for now, it appears like you can easily download as many titles as you want and keep them in the library for as long as you want. 

However, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind for Roku ESPN. Firstly, the app doesn’t come with an auto-delete function or a download limit but not all content is available for offline viewing. So, you can download certain series but game replays are yet to appear on the list. The second good thing about the app is it can be downloaded at once. In case you decide to download more than one title simultaneously, note that the first ESPN content download is going to slow down a little. 

Unlike other streaming platforms, you don’t have to spend much time searching for downloadable shows on Roku ESPN.   

5.2 Download ESPN+ games and shows with a standalone streaming downloader

However, if you want to download videos from ESPN+ no matter the videos are labelled as downloadable or not, then a standalone streaming video downloader dedicated to the ESPN+ platform is what you should pick up. As far as downloading videos from ESPN+ is mentioned, DVDFab ESPN Plus Downloader is the best option to go with.

Download ESPN+ Videos Offline

DVDFab ESPN Plus Downloader is designed as a streaming downloader capable of letting users to download videos from ESPN+. The downloaded ESPN+ videos will be saved on your computer as premium 720p MP4 videos.

                                                  i  Free Download 

Key Benefits You Can Get from DVDFab ESPN Plus Downloader

  1. You are allowed to keep the downloaded ESPN+ videos for your lifetime. In other words, the downloads shall never expire on you.
  2. You are able to move the downloaded MP4 videos onto any playback device.
  1. Both ESPN+ and ESPN Player are supported so that you have more choices regarding which ESPN portal you would like to download from.
  2. Download ESPN+ videos in 60 fps and 720p resolution, filled with AAC 2.0 audios.
  3. You can also download the metadata, subtitles and even closed captions for easier video managing experience.
  4. Take advantage of the batch-download feature to download multiple videos at one go.

Having learnt all the bells and whistles about this ESPN+ downloader software, now it’s time to get to the details on how to download videos from ESPN+ with it:

  1. Step 1: Launch DVDFab Downloader after installation, then opt for the Streaming Services tab from the left panel.
  2. Step 2: Click the ESPN+ or ESPN Player tile depending on which ESPN portal you want to download videos from.
  3. Step 3: Sign into your account, find and play the videos you want to download.
  4. Step 4: As the video starts to play, a prompt window shall show up, click the Download Now button on that window to download the video being played.

Download ESPN+ Videos Offline

That is it. Steps above show you in great detail as how you can download ESPN video with the help of DVDFab ESPN Plus Downloader software. Just grab any sports video and shows on the platform to enjoy as many times as you wish whenever you are offline without access to a live internet connection.

Final Words

ESPN + will work on any Roku device, from Roku Express to Roku TV. Basically, it is compatible with the Roku operating system. They all work the same and you have to sign into ESPN+ in exactly the same manner in all. There is unlimited content for you to check out on ESPN Roku app.

When it comes to downloading ESPN videos to watch offline, the ESPN app itself already gives you the download feature that you can use, however, with certain limitations like with other streaming services. To bypass the restrictions, another 3rd-party standalone ESPN Plus Downloader software is really necessary.

                                                  i  Free Download 

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