ESPN Plus has been one of the prominent options for enjoying the best possible sporting content ever. In fact, the service does provide you access to a far higher and efficient degree of performance with the programming spread across multiple genres of sporting action. However, if you are expecting an exact copy or replica of the ESPN content or ESPN channels, you may be at a loss and may not be able to get access to them.

ESPN Plus does not necessarily consist of the ESPN Plus channels as you would expect, but it does offer you access to a fair degree of content such as live sports commentary shows and live sports broadcasts. Let us find what ESPN Plus channels or services you can expect from the popular sports streaming service and how you can enjoy your favorite content without hassles.

1. What is ESPN Plus?

Before we can dwell upon what ESPN Plus channels you can get access to, it would be worthy enough to find out what exactly is ESPN Plus and how does it provide you access to several channels. ESPN Plus, to begin with, is a sports programming streaming service and can be considered to be an add-on to your ESPN bouquet.

What is ESPN Plus
It should be noticed that ESPN Plus is not a replacement for ESPN. The streaming service simply complements the ESPN range of programs. That would mean that you would not have access to the exclusive content available on ESPN and other associated channels. That apart, ESPN Plus can also provide you exclusive content specifically available on its own service.

It is primarily an on-demand sports streaming service, and you can choose whether you want to watch live sports or exclusive shows. ESPN Plus is essentially an extension of ESPN and thus cannot be considered to be ESPN2 or ESPN3. You would not find specific ESPN+ channels, but you have access to categorized content that you can enjoy to your heart’s content.

2. What are ESPN Plus Channels?

ESPN Plus does not have any specific ESPN+ channels as in the case of regular cable TV service. To put it clearly, ESPN Plus does not carry the channels in a similar manner as a traditional TV service. It, however, streams a wide range of live and on-demand content to its users.

The ESPN Plus catalog can be directly accessed using the ESPN app. You have the option of choosing between featured and original content. In essence, if you look at it, the Featured and Original shows can be loosely considered to be the two primary ESPN Plus channels. You can even look for the specific categories and channels that would include conferences, leagues, originals, sports, and other content.

Ideally speaking, the ESPN range of shows and channels is broadly categorized into three categories - Live Now, Upcoming and Replay. If you are looking to find the information on what is coming up, you can choose to navigate to the Upcoming section, and you will get notified about the sporting events that are coming up, along with the date and time for the events. These can be considered to be the prominent ESPN+ channels.

A few events on ESPN Plus would require you to pay for additional PPV costs. The UFC matches, for instance, are covered under the PPV services.

3. Channels included on ESPN Plus, and what can you watch on them?

When you look at the channel content on ESPN Plus, you do get what you see. There are no additional packages or subscriptions involved in enjoying the sporting content.

Channels included on ESPN Plus

The content and channels on ESPN Plus should be quite an excellent option for enjoying your favorite sporting content across different genres. Some of the genres worthy of mention would include

  • For Sports Fans – If you are a sports fan, you will get most of the Live sports programming across genres. A few of the sporting actions would include Big 12, NHL, PGA Tour Golf, Top Rank Boxing, UFC, and many others.
  • If you are looking for news – You can also enjoy a vast range of sports, news, and commentary programming as well. A few of the channels or shows can include 30 For 30, Detail, Ariel & The Bad Guy with Ariel Helwani, The Boardroom with KD, and The Fantasy Show. You can also enjoy the abridged version of the popular ESPN show SportsCenter. You n also expect exclusive premium content from journalists like Buster Olney, Eric Karabell, and Mel Kiper Jr.
  • For kids and Family – There is no content specifically designed for the kids on ESPN Plus, but you will find almost all the content on ESPN Plus to be kid friendly.

4. Are ESPN Add-ons available?

ESPN Plus does not come with any addons or extra services as in the case of other alternatives for cable services. However, it can be made available as part of the Disney Plus bundle.

Disney Plus bundle

Disney Plus Bundle is a special plan if you are looking to subscribe to ESPN Plus. The plan offers you access to up to three services in one single plan. The Disney Plus Bundle comes with Disney Plus, Hulu, and ESPN Plus. The three services together cost you $13.99 per month. The perfect combination of entertainment, kids programming, other entertainment shows, movies, and sports together making it one of the promising options for ideally almost all your expectations and requirements.

Each of the services works independently of each other, and that would make it one of the extremely practical options ever. With Disney Plus, you can create up to seven different profiles and lets each of the members of your family enjoy the best possible shows to your heart’s content. ESPN Plus, on the other hand, lets you stream the content on up to three screens simultaneously. The limit for Hulu is two when it comes to opting for the multiple profile options.

ESPN Plus does not have any local channels on its platform.

5. On demand content on ESPN Plus

ESPN Plus does provide you access to an enhanced experience with a huge number of on-demand content. You can get access to a great deal of footage of games and matches. Some of the best options would include classic NFL matchups.

On demand content on ESPN Plus

You can also enjoy a world of ESPN+ originals, such as Detail, Draft Academy, 30 for 30, and ESPN Presents documentaries.

6. How much do ESPN Channels cost?

ESPN Plus subscription is available at $5.99 per month or $49.99 per year. Opting for an annual subscription will save you $ 22, which should be significant enough.

You can choose to opt for a Disney Plus bundle subscription as well, which provides you access to a three service availability. The plan does offer you access to Disney Plus, Hulu, and ESPN Plus as part of the package. The plan costs you $ 13.99 per month. That would ideally provide you access to a perfect combination of entertainment, sports content, and of course, movies and other TV shows.

7. Can you download the shows on ESPN Plus?

While ESPN does provide you access to a wide range of shows and other content, it may be needed to check out the options to download videos from ESPN+ for offline viewing. The options available for downloading your content can prove to be one of the excellent options that you would want to go with. The built-in download functionality can prove to be a perfect option ever.

The steps involved in how to download the content are much simple and easy. Simply navigate to the title that you want to download. If the title is available for download, you should find the download icon displayed on the info page for the service. Clicking on the download icon can download the content right away.

Having said that, the built-in download option on ESPN Plus can be a little tedious. This can result in a few limitations, and that is exactly what would need you to focus on the search for a capable third-party ESPN Plus downloader. The prime issues that you may come across can include the lack of ability to share the content with other devices and friends. There is no limit on the number of titles that you can download, but the titles that you download will come with an expiry date. The downloaded titles will also be deleted if the content ceases to exist on the service.

StreamFab ESPN Plus Downloader – Your prime solution for downloading content from ESPN Plus

Want to download your favorite sports videos from ESPN+ in 720p as MP4 files with a high speed? The StreamFab ESPN Plus should be your one-stop solution for practically every need that you may have in getting access to a higher degree of ESPN Plus download options.

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Download sports videos from ESPN+

Some of the salient features that we found extremely impressive would include

  • You can download your content from different ESPN services – The StreamFab ESPN Plus downloader is your best bet for most of your requirements to download videos from ESPN+. You will be able to download shows and content from services such as ESPN Player and ESPN Plus.
  • Save your Files in MP4 – The ESPN Plus downloader provides you access to downloading the content in MP4. Since MP4 content comes with a wide range of compatibility across different devices and platforms, you can play your content on almost any device.

Download sports videos from ESPN+

  • High-quality download options – The StreamFab ESPN Plus downloader can be your best bet for almost all the expectations that you may have in your ability to download the content to your heart’s content. You can download the shows in 720p video quality and AAC 2.0 audio track.
  • Download videos in 60 frames per second – The sports content needs to have a crystal clear appearance. This will ensure that you will need to focus on getting access to a far more advanced options in terms of the better frame rates. ESPN Plus Downloader from StreamFab provides you access to a 60 fps performance which ensures that you do not miss a single moment in your favorite game.
  • Closed caption subtitles – The closed caption subtitles should be yet another prime factor that should take you ahead in getting access to a far better degree of customization in watching your downloaded videos. The closed caption subtitles let you enable or disable the display of the subtitles.

Final Words

The ESPN Plus streaming service has been one of the primary options for providing you access to a far better degree of enhancement and performance improvement in enjoying your favorite sporting content. Of course, the service does not come with the individual channels, as in the case of the most of streaming services. However, you would find a broader and well-organised categorization of the content that would provide you a better degree of using and finding the content that you are looking forward to.

Now that we have found the best features, and options offered by ESPN Plus and the channels that it provides, it should definitely be quite practical to find the best options for downloading the content on your device for offline watching. The StreamFab ESPN Plus Downloader should be your best bet to find the right download capability for your content on ESPN Plus. It provides you access to a series of advanced features and functions such as high-quality downloads, customized subtitles, and a wide range of several other benefits. Get access to the downloader today and enjoy a world of enhanced experience ever.

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