Are you a fan of the UFC and you're looking for a way to keep up with the event and every single action from your favorites? Well, the UFC PPVs are available for ESPN Plus subscribers. Even though the service is not directly available with ESPN Plus, when you subscribe to ESPN+, you become eligible to get the UFC PPV package and stream the UFC events live on any of your devices, including TVs, smartphones, iPad, tablet, and other mobile devices that support the ESPN Plus app.

On a literal view, the ESPN Plus subscription prices are pretty considerable to consider the fact that you'd be streaming Live Sports, VoDs, and various exclusive content. It looks to be a perfect replacement to the native ESPN cable TV network.

1. Brief Introduction of ESPN Plus

ESPN Plus is a dedicated sports streaming service offered by ESPN. It allows you to live stream baseball, soccer, NFL, and UFC events. It is a perfect network for MMA fans in the U.S.  And if you are only interested in sports events, you can ditch your cable and subscribe to ESPN+ or ESPN on Roku streaming device.

It may interest you to know that ESPN has all rights to stream UFC events in the United States. This implies that you would get to enjoy Fight Nights and PPV events if you’re on ESPN Plus. While you’d get to enjoy Fight Nights freely, PPVs will have you pay a PPV fee for access.

Basically, to stream ESPN Plus costs $5.99 a month or $59.99 per year. Whether you’re on the annual plan or the monthly plan, you can cancel at any time. Some people usually get started with the monthly plan, and then move on to the annual plan when they’re convinced they’d be using/needing the service for a year long.

The regular ESPN Plus monthly or annual subscription gives you access to stream originals, classics, and on-demand videos, all in HD. More so, it supports simultaneous streaming on up to three devices. Interestingly, you can get ESPN Plus on a number of smart TVs, gaming consoles, streaming sticks, mobile devices, and of course, on PCs.

However, one thing that is not available with ESPN+ regular subscription is live TV streaming. If you want to live stream the events you'd get on the ESPN cable TV channel, you need to add the extension/bundle to your account, which would cost you more money. 

2. ESPN Plus PPV

To purchase the ESPN Plus PPVs, you need to check it out here, unfortunately, you cannot purchase PPVs via the mobile app - you can only do that through the web version.

You’re not only getting PPVs with ESPN+, you also stand to enjoy random fights from individual fighters. For example, you can easily get to your favorite fighter’s content by navigating to the dedicated fighters’ sections. So, you could decide to watch only Conor McGregor, Anderson Silva, Max Holloway, Michael Bisping, Brock Lesnar, and a host of many others.

For binge-watching, you can enjoy random memorable UFC moments on ESPN Plus and there are also sections for a more specific binge-watching, such as UFC Unleashed (where you’d watch top fights arranged into different 45-minute videos), UFC Reloaded (full event replays of recent Fight Nights and PPVs), UFC Main Event (backstories of certain fights), UFC 25 Greatest Fights (over 12 hours streaming), and UFC Top 10 (upsets, knockout artists, title fights, and more).

There are other live sports you could get to enjoy with ESPN Plus (if you have the bundle or extension that supports such events).

2.1 Cost Of ESPN Plus PPV

You can purchase individual PPV events for $69.99 per event. However, if you’d prefer a bundle package, you can go for the $89.98 UFC 262 bundle that comes with one year ESPN Plus subscription.

Note: You must be an ESPN Plus subscriber before you become eligible to purchase the UFC PPV events; this started with UFC 236. Interestingly, existing customers can grab individual events at $59.99 each (streaming in HD quality).

More so, whatever package you have to access ESPN+, you will have access to exclusive UFC Fight Nights, Archives, and ESPN Plus exclusive UFC shows. It’s a whole lot of fun for ESPN+ subscribers. Also, if you are no longer interested in UFC PPV games, you can choose to cancel your ESPN Plus account.

2.2 How/Where To Watch ESPN Plus PPV's?

Firstly, ESPN Plus is a streaming service available in the US and some other select regions. As with many other premium streaming networks, ESPN+ is available on various devices, systems, and even platforms.

Typically, you can access a streaming network from your mobile phone, PC, or streaming hardware device, yes, the same applies to ESPN Plus. If you are an ESPN Plus subscriber, below are the devices where you can access the service and stream your favorite events as they premier or playback.

Furthermore, it is important to say that you can actually stream ESPN Plus from a web browser by visiting the official online streaming web page.

ESPN Plus can be streamed on most next-gen gaming consoles such as the PS4, PS5, and the latest Xbox X and S series. Nevertheless, you could still get ESPN Plus on Xbox One, but it’s not available on Nintendo Switch.

More so, the ESPN+ mobile app is available for Apple’s iOS devices and smartphones that run Google’s Android OS. You can download it for free on Apple App Store or Google Play Store depending on your device OS.

If you have a smart TV or using a TV box, or even a hardware streaming device such as Roku, Fire Stick, or Chromecast, you could still get to install the ESPN Plus app on these devices. For Roku, you have to check the Channel Store, Chromecast users can check on Google Playstore, and for other devices, check the supported app store for your device or TV.

The ESPN+ app is available for free on all these platforms; however, after installing the free app, you must have an active subscription to access the service on your device or TV.


Since ESPN Plus has rights to UFC streaming, UFC fans can now leverage the platform to follow up Fight Nights and memorable matches from UFC superstars across all categories.

European soccer fans are also not left out as ESPN Plus provides access to lots of live matches and PPV events. In addition, you will enjoy on-demand content, originals, and all that.

3. How To Download ESPN+ Content?

As an ESPN Plus subscriber, you’d definitely come across one or more content you’d love to save/download so you can watch it over and again. For example, you may want to download some memorable sporting event or UFC fights; this can only be possible when you use an ESPN downloader software. The StreamFab ESPN Plus Downloader makes perfect software for everyone that uses the service.

3.1 StreamFab ESPN Plus Downloader

With the StreamFab ESPN Downloader software, you can easily grab videos from ESPN+ or ESPN Player. This software is especially meant for NBA lovers, UFC fans, and soccer fans. In fact, if you love watching the ESPN cable TV channel, this software is for you - it’d help you to save most of the content you see on TV and have them on your local PC storage. The features of this software are great and it is generally intuitive to use.

 i  Free Download    

3.2 Features of StreamFab ESPN Plus Downloader

Here are some interesting features of this software, which make it the best choice for an ESPN downloader software.

1. Download ESPN Videos in 720p and MP4 Format

MP4 is the generally supported video format that can playback on various devices. This software downloads your video(s) in MP4 format with 720p quality so you can watch on big screens.

2. Supports 60fps

Interestingly, StreamFab ESPN Downloader downloads your sports videos at up to 60 frames per second; that's very impressive compared with the 24fps you'd get from most other downloaders.

3. Download video with closed caption subtitles

This software also downloads subtitles when available. You can choose to playback your movies with the subtitles or not.

4. Batch Downloading

Furthermore, the StreamFab ESPN Downloader supports batch downloading, which implies that you can download more than one sports video at a go; however, the videos have to be selected one after another.

5. Download Metadata

For the sake of media server users, this software also downloads ESPN videos along with their meta info such as video title, athletes' names, sports date, and cover image.

3.3 How To Use StreamFab ESPN Plus Downloader?

You need to download and install DVDFab Downloader on your Windows PC. The software supports all versions of Windows OS and loads smoothly regardless of your system specs.

First Step:

Launch the DVDFab Downloader software after installation and click on the “Streaming Services” option at the left tab.

Second Step:

Click on the “ESPN+” downloader card to launch StreamFab ESPN Downloader. You will need to log in with your verified ESPN account details to continue.

Third Step:

Once you’re logged in, search for the video you want to download and start playing it. This software will start downloading the video immediately you click the Play button. You can then go back to play other videos you want to download too.

What More?

To customize StreamFab ESPN Downloader, you have to adjust the settings before clicking the “Play” button on a video.


UFC events and PPVs are now available for ESPN Plus subscribers. ESPN Plus can be accessed from any device or system; however, the service is not available globally. If you want to download sports videos from ESPN, use the StreamFab ESPN Downloader.