Sports is vast and it is part of the entertainment niche. There people who occasionally watch sports events, and there a greater number of people who are addicted lovers of different sporting activities. Some people are fans of basketball, some prefer volleyball, and some people even are fans of UFC sport; you'd find a lot of golf lovers, and of course, more people love soccer (football). Whichever one you find interesting to watch, ESPN has a dedicated channel where you can watch every bit of each major event. Over the years, since it was established in September 1979, ESPN has evolved and advanced in many aspects; today, you would find 20+ ESPN channels; each dedicated to a particular sport.

Regardless, the main ESPN channel remains the major “hotspot” for many sports lovers. The official ESPN channel is available on various satellite TV networks, including DISH Network, DirecTV, and IPTVs. More so, you can get ESPN on digital networks such as Spectrum, Hulu Live TV, and many others. There are just many ways to access ESPN programming across devices and TVs; however, the service is not available for free.

1. What's The Fuss About ESPN?

If you aren’t a sports lover, this doesn’t basically apply to you. ESPN, which is the abbreviation for Entertainment and Sports Programming Network is a multinational basic cable sports channel. The company is owned by ESPN Inc., and jointly owned by The Walt Disney Company and Hearst Communications.

ESPN broadcasts in over 200 countries worldwide and has a number of sister channels - some dedicated to its US customers alone. There are also regional ESPN channels - it is one of the most popular sports broadcasting channels globally.

One of the reasons people prefer to watch the ESPN channel is the exclusive interviews, talk shows, detailed sports analysis, players’ rating & ranking, and lots more. It’s an entertaining channel altogether.

2. ESPN On Spectrum

When you talk about the most popular cable TV providers in the United States, you're surely going to mention Spectrum. Yes, Spectrum is one of the most subscribed cable TV providers. Interestingly, Spectrum does provide a bunch of channels for sports lovers.

In the US, Spectrum communications is the second-largest cable operator by subscribers, coming behind Comcast. There are a lot of sports channels to explore on Spectrum, and among them is the infamous ESPN channel. ESPN on Spectrum is available for almost everyone in the US.

Certainly, you can get ESPN channels in SD or HD quality, depending on your plan and device/TV. Whether you love cricket, rugby, soccer, basketball, and every other sports you could think of, yes, there’s a dedicated ESPN channel for that sports; the signature ESPN channel also broadcasts varieties of major sports events. With access to the ESPN channel, you are sure to binge-watch your favorite sports to your fill.

For you to get ESPN on Spectrum, you have to subscribe to a spectrum package that supports the channel. When you have subscribed to the channel, you can download the ESPN app on your device, sign in with your Spectrum credentials and start watching live sports on the go.

3. What's Spectrum ESPN Channel?

The exact channel number for ESPN on Spectrum actually differs from city to city. For example, if you're in California, you'd get ESPN on channel 29 on Spectrum, while someone in New York will get ESPN on channel 24/25. Well, you can always contact Spectrum customer support to tell you the exact channel number to get ESPN in your city or state. There are many ways to watch ESPN if you're a Spectrum subscriber.

You can check Spectrum's channel lineup here.

4. How To Watch ESPN on Spectrum?

After you have subscribed to Spectrum TV, you will need to download the ESPN app on your device. It is quite interesting that the ESPN app is available across various devices, which includes gaming consoles, streaming sticks, mobile smartphones, iPad, and tablets. You can get ESPN on select smart TVs from Vizio, LG, and Samsung.

Now, with the ESPN app installed on your device or TV, it becomes easier to stream ESPN programming without having to bother about the channel number. Since a lot of households are looking to cut down on cable TVs and move to digital streaming, Spectrum TV lets you stream ESPN on any device for as long as your subscription lasts.

Note: Spectrum TV grants you access to stream ESPN on any device or computer. It is quite different from the cable TV channel. Depending on your subscription package, you can access ESPN from the Spectrum TV app on your smartphone.

Another possible way to watch ESPN programming on your Windows computer or MacBook PC is to visit the WatchESPN website on a web browser. The site loads perfectly on virtually all web browsers.

4.1 Steps to Access ESPN Using Spectrum Credentials

  1. Visit the app store for your device and download/install the ESPN app; for example, Google Play Store or PlayStation Store.
  2. After installation, launch the app and choose the option to log in with a TV provider.
  3. Select Spectrum as your TV provider and enter your Spectrum credentials
  4. Search for the program you want to watch and start streaming right away.

4.2 What's Available on ESPN App?

You’d enjoy all the ESPN channels right on the app. This includes:

  1. ESPN / ESPN2 / ESPN3
  2. ESPNU
  3. SEC Network / SEC Network +
  4. ESPNews
  5. ESPN Deportes
  6. Longhorn Network
  7. ACC Network Extra
  8. Goal Line/Buzzer Beater/Bases Loaded

More so, live streaming of the following events is available on the ESPN app:

  1. NFL Monday Night Football
  2. NBA matches
  3. Major League Baseball
  4. The Masters
  5. College Football
  6. Men’s and Women’s College Basketball
  7. Wimbledon, US Open, and Australian Open

Other good stuff to access on the ESPN app includes ESPN shows such as SportsCenter, Mike and Mike In The Morning, PTI, SportsNation, and ESPN Original Studio Shows.

5. ESPN Plus on Spectrum

ESPN Plus (ESPN+) is a standalone service offered by ESPN; it is not like the original ESPN network available on cable TV. Thus, there is no way you can get ESPN Plus on Spectrum. Regardless, you’d likely see adverts for ESPN+ while on the ESPN app.

As a standalone service, you have to subscribe to ESPN+ differently, and it is equally available across devices through the ESPN app.

Simply put, ESPN Plus is not provided or available with Spectrum; you can only gain access to the service from ESPN's official page. Interestingly, ESPN+ provides you with thousands of documentaries and VOD content across various categories and genres. It also offers originals and exclusive content.

To access ESPN Plus, you need to first download the ESPN app, and then navigate to the ESPN+ tab to access the service.

6. What Channel Is ESPN On Spectrum?

As said earlier, there is no particular channel number to get you ESPN across the various cities of the United States. The best way to know the ESPN channel number for your city is to look up the ESPN channel list.

7. How To Download ESPN Content?

When you subscribe to ESPN, you'd get to access lots and loads of interesting stuff -some of which you may want to take out of the platform (download them) and have them saved on your local storage. Well, it is actually possible to download ESPN videos and content. You only need to use an ESPN downloader software. In this regard, the StreamFab ESPN Plus Downloader makes a perfect choice.

7.1 StreamFab ESPN Plus Downloader

StreamFab ESPN Plus Downloader software is an intuitive utility that lets you grab videos from ESPN+ or ESPN Player. The software works for all ESPN networks, which implies that it can be used to grab content from ESPN2, ESPN3, and other sister networks owned by the company. With this software, you can save most of the content you see on TV and have them on your local PC storage. The features of this software are great and it is generally intuitive to use.

7.2 Features of StreamFab ESPN Plus Downloader

Here are some interesting features of this software, which make it the best choice for an ESPN downloader software.

1. Download Video Metadata

This feature works best for people that use media servers to organize their media. StreamFab ESPN Plus Downloader will grab your videos along with the meta info such as video title, athletes' names, sports date, and cover image.

2. Download in 720p and MP4 Format

720p HD quality is clear enough to playback seamless on any screen. Also, MP4 is the generally supported video format that can playback on various devices.

3. Supports 60fps

Interestingly, StreamFab ESPN Plus Downloader downloads your sports videos at up to 60 frames per second; that's very impressive compared with the 24fps you'd get from most other downloaders.

4. Multiple Downloading At a Go

Thanks to batch downloading support, the StreamFab ESPN Plus Downloader can download more than one sports video at a go. However, you have to select the videos one after another.

5. Download Closed Caption Subtitles

This software also downloads subtitles when available. You can choose to playback your movies with the subtitles or not.

7.3 How To Use StreamFab ESPN Plus Downloader?

Click on the "Download Link" to download this software and install it on your Windows OS computer. After installation, launch the program and follow the steps below.

 i  Free Download  

First Step:

Launch the StreamFab Downloader software after installation and click on the “Streaming Services” option at the left tab.

Second Step:

Click on the “ESPN+” downloader card to launch StreamFab ESPN Plus Downloader. You will need to log in with your verified ESPN account details to continue.

Third Step:

Once you’re logged in, search for the video you want to download and start playing it. This software will start downloading the video immediately you click the Play button. You can then go back to play other videos you want to download too.

What More?

To customize StreamFab ESPN Plus Downloader, you have to adjust the settings before clicking the “Play” button on a video.


Check the Spectrum channel lineup page to know the exact channel to get ESPN in your city. If you’re tired of local cable TV, ESPN is available for streaming across devices through several platforms and networks.