Download DVDFab 10 User Manual Here

  1. Can I change the writable media (DVD5/DVD9) size?

    Yes, you can. Please open "Common Settings" window, click on "Write" in the left navigation bar, and then you can adjust the writable media size for DVD5 or DVD9. Generally speaking, the default size would be the most safe size for backing up movies.

  2. How can I know the brand and type of DVD drive/writer?

    Please follow the instruction to get the brand and type of your drive/writer. Right click "My computer"-->Choose "Property"-->Choose "Hardware"-->Choose "Device Manager" to search the information.

  3. What does "DVDFab - The ultimate DVD copying/converting/burning software has stopped working" mean?

    There must be some programe files that become corrupted.

    Please uninstall the current version, and then visit to download and install the latest version to see the result.

    If you still have problem, please list the step you went through and send us the log file via our contact page

  4. What does "Task_3 failed Error 100" mean?

    It means verify failed. Please open "Common Settings" window, click on "Write" in the left navigation bar, disable the option "Verify disc after finished burning"  for now.

  5. What does "Task_2 Error=105" mean?

    Task_2 Error=105 means that files are too big to fit on a DVD+/-R(W). Please burn the materials to a dual layer disc.
    You can also open common settings window, click "Write" in the left navigation bar, and then adjust the writable media size for DVD5 or DVD9 to larger size to hold more materials.

  6. What should I do if DVDFab can not recognize the movie in drive properly?

    If your DVDFab can't recognize original movies from DVD drive very well on your computer, please start the movie with your media player (like PowerDVD) for a few seconds and then start the DVDFab to access the movie. Once DVDFab starts analyzing the movie, you can turn off your media player.

  7. Does DVDFab support to make region free DVD?

    Yes, the backup DVD made by DVDFab is region free. DVDFab supports to remove all common copy protections, like CSS, RC, RCE, APS, UOPs, etc. Please visit to get more details.

  8. What does "Task_1 Error=100" mean?

    Error 100 in task 1 means "Failed to open file". Usually, it means that some IFO files can't be open or read, since the disc is dirty or scratched. Please clean your disc first, or use Full Disc mode to see the result.

  9. Why the preview feature does not work?

    There are three methods to fix the problelm:
    1. Open "Common Settings/General/Preview", enable "Show preview window automatically" and "Play selected source automatically" under "Playback" section, and set "Decoder" as "DirectShow". Then re-launch the program so that the new setting can take effect.
    2. Upgrade your driver of Graphics Card to the latest. Your graphics can not support DirectX 9.
    3. Open "Common Settings/Preview", disable the option "Enable DXVA Acceleration".

  10. Does DVDFab support to convert VHS to DVD?

    The current DVDFab does not convert VHS to DVD, vice versa.

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