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  1. How to register DVDFab 9 with DVDFab account, and how to get password when I forget it?

    DVDFab 9 products use the most advanced online verification method, so you just need to use your DVDFab account to activate your software.

    For users who haven’t activated DVDFab account, there’re two methods to activate account: 1. Click the activation link in your registration email; 2. Go to our Member Center and click “Create an Account” to create your DVDFab account with the email you used to purchase our products.

    For users who have activated their account but forgotten the password, please click “Forgot Password?” in Member Center.

    For users who’re not sure if account has been activated, you can: 1. register in Member Center directly with the email you used to purchase our products, if you’re prompted that the account already exists, then go on to reset password; 2. click “Forgot Password?” in Member Center, if you haven’t registered, you'll be prompted that your account doesn't exist, and you can go on to register an account.

    Our Member Center can be accessed at:

  2. What’s the difference between the registration methods of DVDFab 8 and DVDFab 9?

    DVDFab 8 products are registered with registration key; DVDFab 9 products with DVDFab account in Member Center. By the way, users can use their DVDFab accounts to get products related info and campaign / special offer info in Member Center:

  3. I purchased more than one DVDFab 9 product with more than one account, how can I merge these accounts in order to view all my products related information in one account?

    If you purchased DVDFab 9 products with different email accounts and registered different DVDFab accounts accordingly in Member Center, you can only view in one DVDFab account the product(s) info you ordered with this account. In order to conveniently view all products info just in one DVDFab account, you need to merge your accounts into one. This is how you make it: Login Member Center with the DVDFab account you want to change, and go to “Change Email” in Member Center, then change this email account to the very one you want to keep and use. DVDFab Member Center is at:

  4. How do I know which version I am ordering?

    Don't worry about this, just choose your desired DVDFab products and finish the order. You can use both DVDFab 8 and DVDFab 9 according to your preference. The only difference goes to the way how you register it.

  5. I’m already a DVDFab 8 registered user, can I use DVDFab 9 directly for free?

    Yes, of course. Though it’s a great upgrade from DVDFab 8 to DVDFab 9, it’s totally free for DVDFab 8 users to use DVDFab 9.

  6. How can I transfer the registration information from DVDFab 8 to DVDFab 9 in order to use DVDFab 9?

    As DVDFab 8 users, you can use DVDFab 9 for free. You just need to login our Member Center to register DVDFab account with the email account you used to purchase DVDFab 8 products. If you already have account in Member Center, this account is good for using. And with your DVDFab account, you can activate your DVDFab 9 products according to your DVDFab 8, since DVDFab 9 products are registered via DVDFab account. Our Member Center can be accessed at:

  7. Can DVDFab 9 continue to function when internet connection suddenly gets lost?

    DVDFab 9 can partly function without internet connection. Since DVDFab 9 needs to access its server to get newest DVD/Blu-ray protections data with the help of connected internet, internet connection is strongly recommended for using DVDFab 9.

  8. Can I use DVDFab 8 and DVDFab 9 simultaneously on one computer?

    Yes, of course. Everything will run smoothly.

  9. Is there a Mac version of DVDFab 9?

    Sure, you just need to select the Apple logo beside the Download button to get DVDFab 9 for Mac.

  10. Am I legally permitted to purchase and use DVDFab software?

    The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) does not prohibit the purchase and legal use of decryption software. So please be relieved to use DVDFab to help you handle your legally owned media.

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