DVD Copy

  1. What does " Writing device initialization failed" mean?

It means that your writer fails to start up for unknown reason.

1. You can check if the power supply of your DVD drive is strong. If necessary, please change the power line for a better one.
2. Before triggering the burning process, give DVDFab a few seconds to access the blank media from the DVD drive after the latter is put in.

  1. How to remove the 'RCE - Region Code Enhancement'?

To remove the 'RCE - Region Code Enhancement', you need specify the disc's region code. You can also open "Common Settings" window, click on "Protection", choose the right region code same as listed on the original DVD package using the drop down selector.

Note: If your source movie disc does not contain RCE protection, or if the region code of your drive and the movie disc is the same, DVDFab will not popup the box which asks you to specify the region code.

  1. What does "Task_1 Error=105" mean?

Task_1 Error 105 means there is an unexpected packet in VOB file, signaling that the disc is dirty or scratched. Please clean it first and then try Full Disc mode to see the result.

  1. What does DVD Folder mean?

Speaking of DVD folders, we are referring to the folders and file structures on the disc. If you open (not play it) a DVD on your PC, you will see two folders on the DVD disc,  one is named "Video_TS" filled by VOB files, BUP files and IFO files, and the other one is called "Audio_TS", which usually is an empty folder.

DVDFab DVD Copy can copy the DVD movie off the original disc and save it onto computer HDD as standard DVD movie folder, so that you can play the movie folder by some media player software on your computer.

  1. What does "task_2 Error=116" mean and how to fix it?

It is an error about "burning failed" or "process aborted". Please try the following steps to see if the problem can be fixed:

1. Install the latest version of DVDFab at https://www.dvdfab.cn/download.htm 
2. Update the firmware of DVD writer to the latest;
3. Enable DMA mode for DVD writer;
4. Slow down the burning speed;
5. Try different brands of blank media, like the well-known ones from Taiyo Yuden and Verbatim, and keep away from crap ones like Memorex;
6. Try different formats of blank media, like DVD+/-R/RW if your DVD writer supports;

Check the detailed burning problems and solutions here.

  1. Can I just copy movies to hard drive, then burn them to blank media later?

Yes, you can. Please follow the steps as bellow:

1. Insert the original movie into your DVD drive, after analyze, choose the copy option you want on main screen, click on the folder icon or the iso icon next to the SAVE TO target box to browse a save location on your hard drive.
2. After copy process done, you will get a DVD folder which is in your save location.
3. Then you can use "Clone/Burn" option and choose the DVD folder as the source to burn to the writable disk later.

  1. Can you support conversion between PAL and NTSC?

We don't touch the conversion between PAL and NTSC. If your original DVD is in PAL standard, then the backup DVD is also in PAL standard. The same applies to NTSC. 

You can play the backup DVDs on your PC, since PC is PAL or NTSC free, but you may not be able to play them on standalone DVD player if it doesn't support PAL or NTSC format playback.

  1. Can I burn DVD disc with only one writer?

Yes, you can. There are two ways of doing that:

1. Copy your original DVD onto your computer HDD first, then burn the DVD folder to blank disc any time later you want;
2. Insert your original movie disc into your DVD drive, after analyzing, choose the same DVD drive as your target. After DVDFab rips the movie to Temp Directory on you computer HDD, when DVDFab ejects the original disc and asks for a blank one, just insert one blank disc to burn.

  1. Can I copy DVD-Audio disc with DVDFab?

Yes, you can. Please use DVDFab DVD Copy-->Clone mode to copy and burn your DVD-Audio disc.

  1. What does "Not enough space on drive C" mean?

DVDFab DVD Copy option needs at least 20 GB of Free Hard Disk Space.
Before the content of the movie is burned into the blank disk, DVDFab must finish certain decoding and encoding jobs which require some amount of free space on the hard drive to store data. 20 GB free hard disk space mentioned here is just for this issue. You can set the output directory and temporay directory to other drives which have enough free place under "General" settings panel.