DVDFab 10

  1. How can I transfer the registration information from DVDFab 9 to DVDFab 10 in order to use DVDFab 10?

As DVDFab 9 users, you can use DVDFab 10 for free. You just need to login our Member Center to register DVDFab account with the email account you used to purchase DVDFab 10 products. If you already have account in Member Center, this account is good for using. And with your DVDFab account, you can activate/authorize the products you have in DVDFab 10 products. Our Member Center can be accessed at: https://www.dvdfab.cn/member.htm

  1. What happens if I run out of my License Authorizations?

If a licensee has used up all the authorizations his/her license grants, then he/she cannot authorize DVDFab 10 on more computers. But, he/she can deauthorize any computer anytime to make way for another computer.

  1. Can DVDFab 10 continue to function when internet connection suddenly gets lost?

DVDFab 10 can partly function without internet connection. Since DVDFab 10 needs to access internet for registration/authorization info and need valid internet to open DVD/Blu-ray/UHD movie discs, internet connection is strongly recommended for using DVDFab 10.

  1. How to deauthorize DVDFab 10?

To deauthorize one computer, the licensee needs to start DVDFab 10 on that specific computer, go to the Help Menu, the reverse triangle button near the top-right corner, and then click the Deauthorize button from the drop-down menu to deauthorize that computer. The licensee's DVDFab account information would be required to proceed the deauthorization process.

If the computer running DVDFab 10 is no longer accessible, being stolen, sold, or went down, and the licensee forgets to deauthorize DVDFab 10 before that happens, then there is only one way to deauthorize DVDFab 10 on that computer. The licensee have to log into DVDFab Member Center and then deauthorize all the computers once and for all, so that he/she can reauthorize DVDFab 10 on the computers he/she still can access.

However, bear in mind, deauthorizing all computers can only be done once per year.

  1. Can I use DVDFab 9 and DVDFab 10 simultaneously on one computer?

Yes, of course. Everything will run smoothly.

  1. Is there a validity for the Multi-Computer Lincense?

Sure, the validity of the Multi-Computer License is and only determined by the validity of your original licnese validity.

1). If your original license is a lifetime one, then don't worry, the Multi-Computer License shall never expire;

2). If your original license has a specific expiration date, then the Multi-Computer License shall also expire on that specific date;

3). Based on article 2), it is not recommeded to buy Multi-Computer License if your original license is about to expire soon. The better solution, in this case, is to renew the original license first, and then order the Multi-Computer License.

  1. Is there a Mac version of DVDFab 10?

Sure, you just need to click on the Apple logo beside the Windows button on the Download page to get DVDFab 10 for Mac.

  1. Can I run both DVDFab 64-bit version and 32-bit version on the same computer?

Sure, you can run both 64-bit version and 32-bit version of DVDFab on a same computer.

  1. Why DVDFab 10 Requires Internet Connection?

1. For supporting new Blu-ray releases. Many new releases need software to be updated in order to get support (so that users can get rid of Blu-ray protections to enjoy/manipulate movie content). DVDFab online server enables users to get advantage of its great supporting power, and spares users the efforts to update the software to new version each time.

2. For better user account protection. If users unluckily get their computer data lost or get their computer system reinstalled, they can still use DVDFab 10 with their DVDFab account, and with no obstacle.

3. For user right protection. This way, we can better protect users’ right under the condition that their registration information never been disclosed.

4. Users are only required to be online when they log on DVDFab and when DVDFab opens the Blu-ray source. Other work can be done with no internet.