1. What’s DVDFab Downloader?

DVDFab Downloader allows you to download videos from Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, HBO, YouTube and over 1000 other websites. It also has a mobile App version for Android and iOS (iOS version is coming soon).


  1. What can I do with the YouTube Downloader?

You can download and save online video from 200+ websites to your HDD in high video quality with Video Downloader and high audio quality with Music Downloader.

You can finish to download the online video, playback the downloaded file, manage the downloaded file in DVDFab Downloader easily. Details see the below:


-      Download videos from all the supported websites.

-      Download videos from a playlist.

-      Download videos in 10x faster Turbo-Speed.  

-      Download 5 videos simultaneously.

-      Download videos in 1080 Full HD and 4K/8K UHD quality.

-      Download videos to mp3 in 128/196/320 kbps.

-      Playback the downloaded files or YouTube online video smoothly.

-      YouTube hot playlists recommendations.

-      Create your custom playlist for your favorited music.

-      Auto download and update the saved playlist.   

-      Cloud sync the playlists and your favorites between different devices. 

  1. What are the system requirements for DVDFab Downloader?

For Windows: Windows 7/8/8.1/10.

For Android: Android 5.0 or above.

For iOS: iOS 10 and later

  1. What the difference between the new DVDFab Downloader and the old YouTube to MP3 & Video Downloader?

In the old YouTube to MP3 and Video Downloader, it finished the download process only, you may need to install the other software if you want to play back or manage the downloaded files;

In the new DVDFab Downloader, it includes two options: Music Downloader and Video Downloader, but it integrates the download, playback and manage features, means that you don’t need anyother softwaretoplay back or manage the downloaded files, for more info see the features of DVDFab Downloader above.

  1. What websites are supported in the new DVDFab Downloader?

The new DVDFab Downloader supports downloadingvideo/musicfrom 200+ online websites, like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo, Instagram, TED etc. View the supported websites from thislink: (scroll down for an alphabetical listing)

  1. How do I download the online video in DVDFab Downloader?

Follow these steps:

1.       Open the website from Explorer tab.

2.       The “Download” button will be shown when you visit a supported website.

3.       Click “Download” button to choose to download the online video to Audio only or Video. 

  1. Is there a free version for Music Downloader and Video Downloader in the new DVDFab Downloader like YouTube to MP3 and Video Downloader?

Yes, it’s free to download YouTube video to 720p video and MP3 file forever, but there is also a Paid version that has many enhancements, you can compare them in the matrix below.



Free Version

Paid Version

Download a Single Video

YouTube only

All supported websites

Download a playlist

1 playlist only

10x Turbo Speed Download

5 files (Video + Audio)

Multi-Task Download

one by one

5 files

Download Metadata

Download HD Videos


Up to 4320p

Download High Quality Audio

Cloud Sync Playlists and Favorites


Auto Update Saved Playlist


Online Playback

Playback background (Mobile)


Download Background (Mobile)

















NOTE: You need to get the Music Downloader option if you want to download playlists or other websites to audio; you need to get the Video Downloader option if you want to download playlists or the other websites to video. Get both options for maximum flexibility!

  1. How does DVDFab Downloader sync my playlists and favorites between different devices?

First, to use this feature you need to be using the paid (registered) version

Then, install and authorize DVDFab Downloader with your DVDFab account on the different devices, the playlists and favorites will be synced automatically.

It will be synced from server automatically when you launch DVDFab Downloader and it will be also synced every hour.

  1. Can I play back the online stream video by using the internal player?

Yes, you can it as Video or Audio only from YouTube website by click the “Play” button. See the attached pic above.

  1. I have been saved some music or videos on my computer, can I import these files to DVDFab Downloader to manage them?

No, for now, DVDFab Downloader plays back and manages the downloaded files itself, but maybe add the feature in future.