FAQ for StreamFab

  1. What should I do if I submit the problem via Feedback and it shows failed?

Please take a look at your log directory. If the files in this directory are too large, you can delete the log file and try again, the default location for log file is:


  1. Do I need to subscribe to the websites before using StreamFab to download the videos?


  1. Why can't Disney and Hulu download 1080p?

This is a known limitation on Disney+ (and Hulu) that goes back to a change that Disney made to their PC browser delivery system, which is limited to 720p.

  1. Can users who have StreamFab license directly use StreamFab 6 and does not need to purchase it again?

Yes, you can still use it and no need to purchase again.

  1. Under my account, I have DRM Video Downloader, why I can't use the new product DRM M3U8/DRM MPD Downloader?

Users who have DRM Video Downloader can get the new service in VIP Service for free, not including Adult Serices. DRM M3U8/DRM MPD Downloader is a general download module and is not included.