Thanks to streaming sites, like Hulu, Crunchyroll, anime has never been so popular, but it also means that finding the best anime has never been trickier as there are so many genres out there. However, whenever it comes to anime, Funimation is always the first choice, not only because it offers plenty of classics in the genre, but also because it delivers some of the latest anime for users to choose from. That’s why we have prepared the top 10 best anime on Funimation to help you decide which anime to watch. Let's check out the below Funimation anime list together!

1. 10 Best Anime on Funimation

Dragon Ball

Since its release, Dragon Ball has become one of the most successful manga and anime series of all time and is widely regarded as one of the greatest and most influential manga series ever made.

It is original inspired by the classical 16th-century Chinese novel Journey to the West, combined with elements of Hong Kong martial arts films. This story follows the adventures of GoKu who is trained from childhood to adulthood to become a martial arts and shows us how GoKu, his friends, and family become the strongest saiyans of the land. The main concept of this show is good versus evil.

So if you love to watch fighting anime, then Dragon Ball is highly recommended.

My Hero Academia

The second show on the Funimation anime list is My Hero Academia. My Hero Academia is one of the best superhero Funimation anime currently going. It follows a group of high school kids training to be the next wave of heroes. This show is set in a world where superheroes aren’t only real, they are everywhere. From this aspect, My Hero Academia isn’t really that original. It is basically Harry Potter for the superhero set.

And what makes this show attractive is that the character designs are interesting, and the powers are bizarre and inventive.

Fire Force

As Tokyo burns due to an unknown force, it’s up to the personnel of Special Fire Force Company 8 to determine the culprit. Unlike the typical firefighters, they not only want to end the fires, but also want to root out the corruption in Companies.

Fire Force is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Atsushi Okubo and it is adopt to an anime television by David Production. Fire Force is widely regarded as an action and adventure series and it is quite attractive because its good soundtrack and colorful visuals.

Steins; Gate

Steins;Gate is a popular science fiction anime with a fascinating exploration of time travel and intriguing plot as well as interesting characters. This show revolves around a self-described mad scientist Rintaro Okabe and his friends as they accidentally invent a device that can send text messages back in time.

In the beginning, you may take this show as a slice-of-life comedy in mistake as the main character is so irritated. However, as the story progresses, you will find that Okabe is a very sympathetic and noble than he first appears.

So if you are a fan of science fiction, watch the Steins;Gate at the Funimation.

When They Cry

What will you bring up when talking about anime horrors, the monsters? Well, not this anime. This show is ranked as best horror anime on Funimation due to its tremendously creepy atmosphere and a little touch of mystery. This Funimation anime focuses on a group of young friends living in the Hinamizawa village where strange events occur there in 1983.

The plot may seem simple in the beginning and you may mistake think it as a simple or a lame, cliched romance. A new kid moved to a strange and new town and met new friends there. However, as the story continues, you may find out that beneath the exterior appearance lies a dark story of murder, violence and mystery. This Funimation anime tells us that you should never judge something by its cover.

Soul Eater

Soul Eater is an impressive Funimation anime that you will no doubt enjoy watching. This anime on Funimation has amazing characters and an interesting storyline as well as humor and action. It focuses on a group of students who attend a school for aspiring demon hunters, Shibusen. They have to collect 99 evil human souls and 1 witch soul. The reward is that the technician’s wwapon will transform into a Death Scythe.

Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan is also considered to be one of the best anime on Funimation. This Funimation anime tells a story which is set in a world where humanity lives inside of walls and are afraid of venturing out as the man-eating Titans are living outside. As soon as you watch this masterpiece, you will appreciate the level of thought and detail that went into this. And from the very first episode, the series delivers high stakes and shocking twists that will leave you on the edge of their seats. Every time you think you won’t be surprised anymore you will be proved to be wrong.

Though there are many action Funimation anime, Attack on Titan can also be ranked top as the virtual lack of plot armor means nobody is ever truly safe and the stakes are always very real.

Black Blood Brothers

If you enjoy vampire stories, then please do watch this series. Black Blood Brothers is a short series telling a story when the peace between vampires and human is about to crack. And two blood brothers, the good vampire, try to stay safe and move through the cities without attracting attention and also do their best to create a good name for vampires.

In the first two episodes, you may get confused at times, but after two episodes of this show, you will enjoy this Funimation anime, whether the action, violence, romance, or the fantasy.

Black Butler

Black Butter is a Japanese anime television series produced by A-1 Pictures and premiered in October, 2008. The story happens in Victorian London when a 12- year-old orphan named Ciel ignores all possible dangers and tries to search for his parents’ killers under the help of a demonic butler named Sebastian. These two mainly characters are very intriguing and have this captivating dynamic which made every situation, from funny to dramatic, entertaining.

Just give this show a chance if you have never watched a show like this. I assure you that Black Butler will wow you.

Baka and Test

We have talked enough about horrible or fiction Funimation shows. There should definitely have a comedy on this Funimation anime list. So we’d like to recommend you a Funimation anime that will absolutely make you laugh.  

Baka and Test focuses on a bunch of misfit losers who study in the worst class with the worst equipment. However, they try to crawl back up to the top with their little fighting avatars. Will they succeed? Are they too stupid to make it? Besides, there are also many love stories in the mix, and a pervert who is always trying to take pictures of the girl classmates.

This is one of the best funimation anime. Watch it and it will bring you a lot of fun!

2. How to download Funimation anime?

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Wrap Up

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