Hulu seems to be doubling down on anime. The on-demand video streaming platform revealed its partnership with Funimation, the anime company owned by Sony Pictures Television. Hulu Funimation partnership will bring more dubbed and subtitled anime from Japan on Hulu. 

Hulu Funimation partnership

Do you want to know Funimation Hulu partnership and how it affects you? This article is going to tell you all about it. 

1. Funimation Hulu deals: What is it?

Hulu has made the biggest deal for anime programs until now. By partnering with Funimation, it plans to offer new licensed titles produced by the anime-producing body. It has been offering this since 2019. 

The agreement came after Funimation ended its cross-licensing deal with Crunchyroll, this fall. Under this Hulu Funimation fact, Hulu will get to call the first dibs on the United States streaming video-on-demand rights for all the best anime on Funimation. The deal is going to make Funimation and Hulu the co-exclusive destinations to specific new dubbed or subtitled anime series with Japanese broadcast premiers. 

Hulu Funimation partnership

Hulu plans on getting more than two dozen seasons every year of brand new anime series along with dubbed versions. The partnership is going to bring high-quality anime hits, the very day they release in Japan. Hulu’s VP of Content, Lisa Holme said that they have the highest degree of confidence that Funimation will be able to execute when it comes to giving the best and biggest anime. 

Under the existing agreement, Funimation Hulu continues to be the only platform in the United States that streams all dubbed and subbed episodes of top anime shows. The new deal is going to speed up the acquisition of brand new titles and offer both Hulu and Funimation subscriber’s access to the best anime that Japan can offer. 

2. When will the Hulu Funimation partnership take effect?

Hulu Funimation partnership has been effective since 2019. According to the announcement made on 4th December 2018, Hulu got the first refusal rights to stream an on-demand series from the producers, Funimation. The deal has made two companies co-exclusive US premier homes to several new shows. 

3. What does the Funimation and Hulu deal mean to the anime streaming sector?

Anime has come a long way from being restricted to a dozen VHS tapes in the small corner of a CD rental store in the section called Japanimation. Now, there are several streaming options for all anime fans. However, the genre has pierced the mainstream in considerable ways. The competition keeps heating up between distribution channels, such as Amazon Prime video, Netflix animes, and Hulu. Nevertheless, it looks like the latter has made a major power play, which will shake things up. It will make it much easier for anime fans to get the best content. 

Hulu Funimation partnership

Funimation and Hulu have joined hands a long-time back but their recent deal shows that they are in for the long haul. The new partnership between the two will make Hulu the first and foremost source for dubbed and subtitled content. So, if Funimation secures a new title, Hulu will get the first refusal, if they would like to carry it or not. The deal is going to cover hundreds of titles. However, you should also know that the top anime titles, such as ‘My Hero Academia’, Tokyo Ghoul, and Attack on Titan are only going to be available in the United States through Hulu and Funimation. 

It will also cover simulcast streaming series from Japan. This means that the two platforms are going to be the most current and updated resources for several new anime titles. 

4. Are the Funimation anime all available on Hulu?

No, all anime series by Funimation might not be available on Hulu. When a new title is released, Hulu gets to call dibs. It is on Hulu to decide if or not, it wants to include the title on its platform. 

Hulu Funimation partnership

Hulu, at present, streams almost 400 different anime titles. This shows that it has the biggest anime lineup when it comes to streaming platforms. Anime continues to be stronger content for Hulu. It is one of the best platforms when it comes to streaming anime series. 

Some of the top anime content that you can watch on Hulu and Funimation are listed below. 

Attack on Titan

This is an action-adventure thriller. It is one of the top anime in North America. The anime shows the last bastion of humanity and its fight against the titans. It is the suspense of the show that makes it worth watching. The show showcases fast and loose with several characters and their battle. Its later season focuses on the story instead of action. However, the show never loses its touch. Attack on Titan is a true classic. 

Hulu Funimation partnership


This is a show about 4 girls in a school music club. These girls eat cake, play music, and work on their interpersonal relationships. K-One is an anime show that is the reason behind the success and popularity of slice-of-life anime in Japan. Thus, it is an obvious inclusion in the list. The soundtrack and animation of the show are above average. In case you like fun and cute shows, this is just the right choice for you. 

Hulu Funimation partnership

My Hero Academia

It is another action-adventure show that has become highly popular. My Hero Academia is about the story of a kid who doesn’t have any power and then is granted power by the one he considers to be the hero.  The action-packed show has been developed around broad themes, such as good and evil but also plays into the superhero culture that is so popular at present. Its storytelling is above-average. The show is still active and new episodes are introduced quite often. 

Hulu Funimation partnership

5. How much does it cost to stream Funimation on Hulu?

Hulu is a great option for streaming old and new anime shows. It is also the top choice in the field of video streaming services. If you have a Hulu subscription, you will be able to watch Funimation shows. No, I need to get a separate Hulu and Funimation subscription.

Hulu’s ad-supported streaming plan costs $5.99 per month. If you don’t like ads, you can opt for the $11.99 per month plan. There is also an option to bundle the ad-supported version of Hulu with ESPN and Disney+ for $13.99 per month. The add-free Disney plus bundle version comes at a price of $19.99 per month.

Hulu Disney ESPN+ bundle

In case you are a college student, you can get Hulu’s ad-free version for just $1.99 a month. The $64.99 per month Live TV and Hulu plan bundles the live TV component of the service with ad-supported access to its complete library. In case you want to get the live channels of Hulu and the ad-free package that costs $70.99 for a month. 

6. Download Funimation anime offline to mobile devices

If you would like to download anime movies on Funination, you should have a premium plus account. The premium plus subscription for Funimation is going to cost you $7.99 per month. If you want to get an annual subscription, it is going to cost you $79.99. The feature is available in premium ultra plus accounts, too. Another crucial thing you need to keep in mind is that you can only download Funimation anime on your mobile device. 

Download Funimation viedos to mobile devices

For downloading an anime movie on your mobile device, these are the steps you have to follow. 

  1. Open the app on your mobile device. 
  2. Enter the anime movie of your choice. 
  3. You will find an arrow icon just beside the anime movie name. Click on it. 
  4. The download will be complete in just a few minutes. 
  5. You will find the anime movie in the ‘My Library’ section. 

You will find a feature on the ‘FunimationNow’ app is ‘Download to Go’. This is a feature that will let you download anime movies on Funimation. With this, you will be able to check out the downloaded movie on the app without a need for an internet connection. The good thing is Download to go is just for anime movies. Downloaded episodes can be watched offline just as anime movies. 

Hulu Funimation partnership

However, the feature comes with its own problems. For instance, it has a limitation on the number of episodes you can download. The limit is 13 episodes. What is worse is the limitations on the episodes suffer from bugs. Often users complain that the app doesn’t download more episodes even when the limit hasn’t been reached.

You should also know that not all anime titles on the platform are available for download. It is weird as you might feel that all titles should be available for download under this feature. This can be disappointing for many users. 

7. Download Funimation videos to computers to watch anywhere

However, if you are not satisfied with downloading your favorite anime movies with the Funimation app on your mobile devices. Then it’s time you consider a 3rd-party Funimation downloader software.

Download Funimation videos to computers

StreamFab Funimation Downloader is exactly that kind of streaming downloader software you can pick up. With this tool at your service, you can do the following:

  1. Download Funimation videos to your computer HDDs saved as MP4 videos;
  2. Download AAC audios to play with the downloaded anime videos;
  3. Download metadata information including titles, cast & crew, posters, etc;
  4. Download subtitles of your preferred languages as .srt files or remuxed into videos;
  5. Download multiple anime show episodes at one go, with blazing fast speed;
  6. Transfer and play the downloaded anime videos on any device you have.

Can’t wait to see how this Funimation downloader software works to download any anime from Funimation? Don’t hesitate to check out the steps below:

  1. Step 1: Download StreamFab Funimation Downloader to your computer, with the two buttons below.

                          i  Download for Win    i  Download for Mac 

  1. Step 2: Launch the software, navigate to the Streaming Services tab on the left.
  2. Step 3: Enter the Funimation website by clicking its card on the right.
  3. Step 4: Log into your account, play the anime you want to download.
  4. Step 5: When a popup window comes up, click the Download Now button on that window to start downloading that video being played.

Download Funimation videos to computers

That does it! It’s no brainer for anyone to use StreamFab Funimation Downloader! Feel free to download whatever you want from the platform to binge and have fun with it!

Final Words

There have been many anime streaming services that have come and gone. However, Funimation Hulu will knock out some of the stragglers. The partnership will make it easier for anime fans to find the shows they live in. It will be interesting to see if other services such as Amazon will try to make a flashy play for staying in the game.

On the other hand, by downloading the anime of your favorite to your computer hard disk drives with StreamFab Funimation Downloader, you never need to worry about the infamous Funimation down issue or Funimation website crashes on you anymore. You can keep the downloads forever.

                          i  Download for Win    i  Download for Mac 

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