HBO Max has been buzzing for a year now. With the ZSJL’s release, millions of subscriptions jumped in HBO Max in March this year. The HBO Max offers access to an immense library of top movies and TV Shows for 14.99 USD only. However, the subscription could be absolutely free. 

Yes, you heard that right! Free! 

Here’s how you can get it via DirecTV HBO channel. This article includes everything you need to know about DirecTV and HBO channels on DirecTV. Plus, you’ll also learn about downloading HBO movies and TV series offline for watching later.

Excited? We’re too. Let’s begin!

1. What’s DirecTV?

DirecTV has more than 37 million users in the United States and South America. If you’re already a member of AT&T services, then you must be a member of DirecTV. Yes, it’s completely FREE. AT&T has already made a name for its super-fast, blazing, high-speed internet.

So, the quality of cable service provided by AT&T in the name of DirecTV would not be parallel to other channels. Apart from this, you can also get rid of the cable thing. No wires. No delay in broadcasting. All you need to do is go with the video-on-demand service offered by the company, and you’re all set to enjoy your favorite TV shows without any interruption. 

More importantly, the HBO DirecTV streaming service is a fascinating alternate for users of outdated cable services who are not only frustrated with poor content but also find it foolish to pay for a bad quality service.

What’s DirecTV

DirecTV uses one of the most advanced satellite technologies providing you with an amazing cable service that not only includes some of the popular channels, but the vast collection also offers unique and rare channels, which you cannot find on the list of other cable providers.

Besides, currently, DirecTV HBO remains a standout among its competitors as not only it has a vast collection of channels, but the high quality of channels offered marks DirecTV as one of the best providers of cable service. 

Users of DirecTV can also subscribe to several packages. Premium channels are also offered to those who seek an extra dose of entertainment.  

2. What Channel is HBO on DirecTV?

HBO Max has a subscription of only 14.99 USD. However, it may sound too much for a single premium channel. So, how about a full year’s access to HBO Max and HBO Now via DirecTV subscription? 

Yes, DirecTV has multiple paid plans that offer more than 300 channels. You can try via Ultimate, Choice, and Premier if you want an HBO subscription for an entire year.

What Channel is HBO on DirecTV

Acquiring a subscription to DirecTV HBO is simple. However, users are often confused about how they can get HBO on DirecTV cable service. HBO has 7 channels that are broadcasting across 3 different bundles offered by DirecTV. One main concern for users is what channel is HBO on DirecTV? The answer to this question is simple - DirecTV HBO channels come between 501 and 512.

Plus, here’s the good news. Since DirecTV is not just a cable service, you can also make the most of your subscription for your entertainment. Here’s what you need to do. 

With your AT&T subscription, download the DirecTV application to watch on-demand content online. You can save yourself the trouble of cable wires. Watch on-demand content on your smartphone, laptop, tablet, or PC. So, if you want HBO on DirecTV, order the DirecTV Premier. The Premier package gives access to more than 45 premium channels, which are rarely provided by any other cable service provider.

3. Is the Free HBO Weekend DirecTV Still Available?

Yes, absolutely. However, this amazing offer is not there round the year. Often, DirecTV announces it with the name “July Free Preview” or “4-Day Free Preview”. The DirecTV Free HBO Preview is there for a few days. It’s part of the aggressive selling strategy of DirecTV to bring potential clients who watch Disney+ and Netflix into its pool of subscribers.

Free HBO Weekend DirecTV

Upon expiry of the Free HBO Weekend on DirecTV, users will be asked to subscribe to the channel or include it in their DirecTV subscription for online streaming. Since it’s not free around the year, you have to be in touch with DirecTV. So, how do you do it? Well, luckily, DirecTV has a solid social media presence. Users can interact with them via their social media pages on platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. You may want to follow them on these platforms and check for their latest updates.

Promotional offers are launched on the social media accounts of the brand. You may also want to check their website for their latest updates and amazing offers. Remember to get in touch with the brand because they have the Free Preview offer quite a few times in a year. Plus, since HBO Max is relatively new to its competitor platforms, amazing offers that can lead to future conversion are more likely to come.

3.1 What Can You Watch from HBO Channels on DirecTV

Yeah folks, everything HBO Max is focusing on now is attracting advertising to grow its audience. A greater audience means more subscriptions. So, stay along to get DirecTV Free HBO Preview Offer for a weekend.

Original Series

One of the reasons why the HBO channel on DirecTV is premium is because of its library featuring some of the all-time best original series including GoT, West World, Friends, and others. Also, with production underway, more original series is about to come. So, an HBO Max DirecTV would do perfectly for entertainment lovers.

Movies and Documentaries

With tons of timeless movies in its library, you can watch from classics to all-time best thrillers with just one subscription. The channel also allows access to new releases. In addition to that, you’ll also get to watch fascinating documentaries on uncommon stories.

Family Entertainment Content

The HBO subscription is not only for adults. The HBO Go DirecTV Premier Subscribers also include the HBO Family channel. There are tons of movies and shows for the family. For kids’ entertainment, all the must-watch animated films are already in the library. 

You can have an amazing time with your family over the weekend if you have an HBO channel DirecTV subscription. Besides, not only you’ve access to kids’ stuff, but HBO family programming also includes educational shows, interesting documentaries, and a lot more than you can imagine. 

Not only does the channel have amazing TV shows from multiple genres, but it also has all kinds of movies, shows, and animated stuff for family TV entertainment. So, a subscription to Premier DirecTV HBO Channel seems worthwhile.

Sports Channels

Though HBO does not have sports channels, its library includes sports documentaries, insider stories behind some of the biggest sports events. Plus, you may also get to watch exclusive boxing matches live. 

Mega fights are programmed on the HBO network for its gigantic audience. You may check out HBO sports as it is also included in the range of premium DirecTV HBO channels.

4. How to download streaming videos from HBO Max and HBO Now?

Downloading streaming videos from video-on-demand platforms seems unlikely. With Netflix, you can only download videos in the app library, and that too for a limited period. Offline viewing is not possible unless you have a subscription.

download videos from HBO Max and HBO Now

Does the same apply to HBO Max DirecTV and HBO Now? Let’s explore.

4.1 Downloading for HBO Max

The HBO Max, which became the biggest HBO streaming service this year, offers a vast collection of movies and shows for you to watch. However, if you’re planning to watch offline, then thanks to HBO’s offline downloader, you can watch it for free without any internet connection.

However, one thing you should bear in mind is that once you start offline watch, you only have 48 hours to finish it off. In case you did not start, the download will automatically vanish from the in-app downloads library after 30 days. The DRM policy followed by HBO Max will not allow you to keep content to watch after you unsubscribe.

download videos from HBO Max and HBO Now

Here’s how you download offline videos on HBO Max;

  • On your HBO Max channel, tap on the show to see details. Navigate the download button and tap on it
  • The download will finish in no time. Remember, in your library, you can only download up to 30 movies at one time
  • In your library, you can see the expiry time of each download. Hours left to expiry are shown on the right of the video tab
  • You can easily delete an offline video from your library and clear space
  • One of the major drawbacks of offline downloading is that you need to have an HBO Max subscription to keep that blessing. Plus, keeping the subscription when you’ve nothing new to watch doesn’t seem like a good idea

A third-party application that allows you to download HBO Max content seems a more favorable option.

4.2 Downloading for HBO Now

For HBO Now, all users who have subscribed to the channel can watch unlimited content on their smartphones, tablets, laptops, and PCs. You can either access it via the application or through the website. Whatever suits you, you may watch it with a subscription-only unless you have a free weekend preview as mentioned above.

When it comes to downloading HBO Now movies, or TV shows, unfortunately, you cannot download it for offline viewing. You need a super-fast internet connection without any distortion to stream videos freely via your Wi-Fi or Cellular data. 

There’s no option for offline streaming. The only thing you can do is use a third-party application that allows you to download any video from HBO Max, HBO Now or other HBO regional services for offline streaming so that you can watch films and shows without any subscription.

Now, numerous third-party apps allow you to download content for offline streaming from HBO Max and HBO Now. One of the best among these third-party apps is DVDFab HBO Downloader.

4.3 DVDFab HBO Downloader — the Best HBO downloader software

This high-end software allows you to download HBO Movies and shows instantly. It’s amazing for both HBO Now and HBO Max.

                          i  Download for Win    i  Download for Mac 

the Best HBO downloader software

  1. Batch Downloading

With the DVDFab HBO Downloader, you don’t have to worry about the subscription of HBO Channel for watching your favorite shows and movies. The batch downloading mode allows you to download multiple movies and entire seasons of your favorite shows within 10 minutes only for a single episode. Yes, it’s super-fast. And, that too for offline viewing without expiry of the downloaded content.

Download any video from HBO Max

  1. High-Quality

The H.264 format for the video will allow you to download quality resolution in the minimum disk space. You can download from 720p to 1080p instantly.

  1. Offline Library

In the offline library, you’ve got all the metadata from the channel. This means that you don’t only get the download but also get the poster, title of the show, seasons, and episodes in an organized form. So, if you build a vast library of shows and movies, navigating your favorites in the list would be a lot easier than you think.

  1. Amazing UI

The best thing about the application is its user-friendly interface. It’s simple and occupies minimum disk space. Also, the minimum compatibility for running the application is highly affordable. You don’t need a powerful PC to run DVDFab HBO Downloader.

  1. Subtitles, Languages, and Audio Files

The subtitles and languages from HBO shows could be downloaded easily. You can download SRT files separately and include them in your library. Plus, you all have the choice of picking up 2 audio formats for watching your movies and shows.

So, subscribe to the DVDFab HBO Downloader for super-fast offline downloading and Watch your favorite movies and series offline today!


If you’re already a member of AT&T services, then you must be a member of DirecTV. With your AT&T subscription, download the DirecTV application to watch on-demand content online. Offline viewing is not possible unless you have a subscription.

When it comes to downloading HBO movies, or TV shows, unfortunately, you cannot download it for offline viewing unless you are an HBO Max subscriber. That being said, with the DVDFab HBO Downloader, you can download any video from HBO Max, HBO Now, and also other HBO regional streaming services to watch your favorite shows or movies on any device, anytime you are in the mood.

                          i  Download for Win    i  Download for Mac 

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