Are you looking to where to watch top movies like Unpregnant, Charm City Kings, Zack Snyder's Justice League, Godzilla vs. Kong, Locked Down, An American Pickle, Let Them All Talk, The Witches, and lots more? The HBO libraries boast of top classics, TV shows, and originals. Well, the HBO everyone knows is the premium TV channel, which is available on various cable TVs. However, the company has other sister networks that offer streaming services.

1. HBO GO, HBO Now and HBO Max app

HBO streaming networks include HBO Go, HBO Now, and HBO Max. These sister networks all have their individual mobile apps, which is available across devices, including iOS phones, Android phone & tablets, and TV boxes. The official HBO app actually grants you access to HBO Max; however, Max Originals can only be watched from the HBO Max official app.

HBO GO vs HBO Now vs HBO Max app

There are so many reasons to use the official HBO apps to stream on your devices; even if you registered via a TV provider or a 3rd-party provider, you can still log in with the provider’s details when you’re using the official app. This article explains how to get the HBO Max and HBO Now apps installed on your devices. But since HBO Now has been discontinued, the post would focus on HBO Max, which happens to be the company’s latest and most comprehensive streaming service.

2. What’s Available on the HBO App?

The HBO app lets you stream the premium TV channel on any device - allowing you to access tons of TV shows and documentaries. Basically, the HBO app does not support movie streaming because that’s not what the network is meant to offer.

If you want to stream movies from the HBO libraries, you need to install the HBO Now or HBO Max app.

What’s Available on the HBO App

3. Was the HBO Now App Changed?

Yes, the service has been discontinued after the launch of HBO Max; thus, the app was also discontinued. On most app stores, the HBO Now app is now replaced with a new "HBO" app. That is to say when you search for the HBO Now app, you'd see a new app with the name "HBO" - just HBO and nothing else attached to it.

Was the HBO Now App Changed

If you still need to access the streaming service of HBO, you will have to upgrade to HBO Max. Interestingly, HBO Max is available at the same price you’d previously pay for HBO Now - $14.99.

4. What’s Available on HBO Max App

The HBO Max app is packed with a ton of useful features and it has a dedicated category for its HBO Max Originals. HBO Max is a one-place-for-everything you’d ever get from the HBO libraries. It also comprises titles and movies from other popular studies such as DC Comics, Studio Gambi, and many others.

What’s Available on HBO Max App

More so, the app is easy to navigate and there is a search feature that lets you look up movies easily. To get started, you need to sign up and subscribe to the network. Sadly, HBO Max does not offer free trials when you register from its official site. In general, the HBO Max app offers a lot of good stuff.

5. How to Get the HBO Max and HBO Now Apps on Your Devices

The steps to install the HBO apps vary from device to device; however, it generally points down to visiting the app store on your device and installing the app to your device. Some people do sideload these apps on their devices.

Get the HBO Max and HBO Now Apps

5.1 Get HBO app on Mobile Phones

 Whether you’re using an Android phone or an iOS device, these steps are what you need to follow.

  1. On your device, open the app store on your phone
  2. Search for HBO and tap on the particular HBO app you want to install
  3. Tap on the install button when the app page opens
  4. Wait for the app to completely install, then you can open it and sign in with your provider’s credentials or your official HBO credentials.
  5. If you have an active subscription, you should be able to start streaming. In contrast, if you don’t have an active subscription, you’d have to choose a plan and pay.

Get HBO app on Mobile Phones

The HBO apps are compatible with Android version 5.0 and above.

5.2 Install HBO app on Gaming Consoles

If you have gaming consoles, such as the PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5, you can actually get the HBO Max app on your console.

  1. Boot your console and visit the PlayStation Store
  2. Search for HBO Max using the search function
  3. Select the HBO Max and choose the Download option
  4. After you have downloaded the app to your device, launch it and sign in with your details. New users can also sign up right on their consoles.

Install HBO app on Gaming Consoles

HBO Max app is available on PS 4 and PS 5, and also on Xbox S and X series (Install from Xbox Store). It is not available on Nintendo Switch.

5.3 Access HBO Max app from Smart TVs

On compatible TVs like select Samsung TVs:

  1. Open the Smart Hub, go to the Apps section, and search for HBO Max.
  2. From the search results, select and open HBO Max.
  3. Select the Download option
  4. After installation, open the HBO Max app and sign in
  5. You should be able to access all HBO Max features on your smart TV

Access HBO Max app from Smart TV

Note: not all Samsung TVs are supported, you have to check if your TV is supported and then head on to install the app.

5.4 Watch HBO Max app on Roku Streaming Devices

There are many Roku streaming devices, but installing the HBO Max app on all of them follows the same steps.

  1. When you turn on your Roku device
  2. Go to Roku Channel Store
  3. Navigate to Streaming Channels and search with the keyword, HBO.
  4. From the search result, select HBO Max.
  5. Select the Add Channel option and wait for it to install
  6. After installation, you will find the app icon on your home page - open the app and sign in with your details; select the “Sign in with provier” if you registered with a 3rd-party service.

Watch HBO Max app on Roku Streaming Device

Roku devices need to be activated during the initial setup with your TV.

5.5 Use HBO Max app on Spectrum WorldBox

This only works in select regions (areas) where the Spectrum service is available. If you’re in such areas, what you need to do is to press the Menu button on your Spectrum remote, go to Apps, and then select HBO Max.

Use HBO Max app on Spectrum WorldBox

You’d need to sign in to start streaming on the network. All HBO Max offers (except Max Originals) are available; so, there are lots of content to enjoy.

5.6 Access HBO Max app from Comcast Xfinity X1

HBO apps are also available on Xfinity X1 and Flex devices. If you own any of these, here’s how to install the app on your device.

  1. Press the Home or Xfinity button on your voice remote
  2. Go to Apps
  3. Select HBO Max
  4. Enter your credentials and sign to start streaming immediately.

Access HBO Max app from Comcast Xfinity X1

5.7 Get HBO app on computers?

These are the ways to get HBO Max or the HBO app on your various devices. If your device is not mentioned here, you can check the official HBO Max website for a list of supported devices. Basically, all you need to do is to visit your device's app store, find the HBO app and install it - afterward, you'd sign in and start streaming (if you have an active subscription).

Get HBO app on computers

There is no HBO Max app for Windows 10 or MacBook. To get HBO on your computer, simply visit the website, sign in, and start streaming immediately. If you find an exciting movie you'd love to watch over and again - or even share with other people, what you should do is to get an HBO Downloader software and grab the video to your local storage.

6. Download HBO videos to computer HDDs

The StreamFab HBO Downloader is a premium software tool that lets you grab videos and TV shows from HBO Now and HBO Max. It is a professional software that works on MacBook and Windows computers. StreamFab HBO Downloader comes with a distinctive interface - that’s pretty intuitive and can be easily understood by anyone. With this software, you will able to download any video from HBO Max and HBO Now in clear HD quality and 5.1 audio, which is perfect for home entertainment.

                          i  Download for Win    i  Download for Mac 

Download HBO videos to computer HDDs

In addition, this software saves HBO movies’ metadata and subtitle; so you’re getting everything about the movie you just downloaded. StreamFab HBO Downloader works very fast, making it possible for you to download multiple movies in a matter of minutes (on a fast internet network). The full features are mentioned below.

6.1 Features of StreamFab HBO Downloader

  1. Download HBO Now and HBO Max Videos

This software is capable of downloading movies and shows from both HBO Now and HBO Max networks. It also supports all versions of HBO Networks.

  1. Save Subtitles and Meta Info

While downloading your videos, the StreamFab HBO Downloader software would save the movies' subtitles, caption, thumbnail, and other important information. This feature is most useful for people that use media servers.

  1. Multiple Downloading

Interestingly, StreamFab HBO Downloader lets you download multiple movies at the same time.

  1. Supports H.264 Format

More so, this software saves HBO Movies in H.264 format, which is a general format supported by most media playback software and hardware devices.

                          i  Download for Win    i  Download for Mac 

6.2 How to Use StreamFab HBO Downloader

Whether you own a MacBook computer or a Windows PC, here are the steps to download HBO movies with StreamFab HBO Downloader.

  1. Download and install the software on your computer, and launch it after installation.
  2. Look to the left pane and click on “Streaming Services.”

Download HBO videos to computer HDDs

  1. Select HBO Now or HBO Max from the page of supported premium streaming networks
  2. Sign in to your HBO account and locate the movie you want to download
  3. Simply play the movie and then click the Download Now button on the following popup window to initiate the download procedure.

Download HBO videos to computer HDDs

You can download multiple movies at a go by playing them one after another. Also, if you need to customize the software options, you should do that before playing a video.

Final Words

HBO, HBO Now, and HBO Max apps are available for various devices; however, you must have an active subscription to use any of them. It is possible to download movies and TV shows from HBO networks; simply use a reliable downloader software such as the StreamFab HBO Downloader mentioned above. It allows to you download everything from the platform, even including the HBO Max originals.

                          i  Download for Win    i  Download for Mac 

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