HBO Christmas movies are probably the best option for those who love to binge on such feel-good cinema. Whether the festive season is around the corner or you are simply in the holiday mood, Christmas movies on HBO can give you the feel-good vibes that you need. 

Of course, if you are in the US you are in for a treat. Since May 2020 HBO Max has been launched, a premier streaming service that combines content from AT&T as well as WarnerMedia. While HBO showed mostly movies and television shows this new avatar has television and films from other US channel partners. 

1. Does HBO Max Have Christmas Relevant Movies?

HBO Christmas movies cover a list of classic as well as hit or trending new titles. There are certain titles that are holiday favorites and common in most streaming services. The list among HBO Christmas movies is both robust as well as diverse. There are favorite movies of most such as The Family Stone, Lethal Weapon or Die Hard as well as underrated classics such as Meet Me in St Louis, The Shop Around the Corner, or The Bishop’s Wife.

HBO Max Have Christmas Relevant Movies

You can even enjoy new releases such as A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas, Shazam! or Batman Returns. In case you do not have a certain movie in mind but simply want to see the list of movies available in this category, you can look up Holiday Wonderland on the spotlight page. 

Here we have collected the top 20 titles in this category for your convenience. 

2. Top 20 Best HBO Christmas Movies to Keep the Holiday Hilarious

To enjoy your holiday season here is a list of 20 HBO Christmas movies that you can watch on this platform:

A Christmas Carol, 1938 

If you are in the mood for the classics and wish to enjoy a movie based on the classic Christmas tale, this is a must-watch. With high definition, clarity, enjoying old-school black and white movies is a treat. The movie is a direct adaptation of the novella by Charles Dickens, written in 1843. Here Reginald Owen acts as Ebenezer Scrooge, the central character of the movie. Enjoy the classic rendering of the tale, with your family or with the young ones. 

Top 20 Best HBO Christmas Movies

A Flintstone Christmas, 1977

This is a classic movie based on the popular animated series, produced back in 1977. You can revisit this childhood series and its beloved characters in high definition clarity on HBO Max. This Hanna Barbara production is all about how Santa comes to Fred’s house and has an accident on Christmas Eve. Barney and Fred then continue the run on his behalf, distributing presents and Christmas cheer. It is also based on the Christmas special episode which was released in 1964 called Christmas Flintstone. There is also a similar title you can watch, A Flintstone Family Christmas.

Top 20 Best HBO Christmas Movies

A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas (Extended Version), 2011

For adults, this is a hilarious movie to watch, especially the 3D extended version that was released in 2011. Harold’s father-in-law asks him to look after the Christmas tree. However, he and his former roommate Kumar accidentally destroy it. They then set out to find a replacement. This movie follows after the adventure they have, six years earlier, in Guantanomo Bay. 

Top 20 Best HBO Christmas Movies

All Is Bright, 2013

This movie portrays two French Canadians, Paul Giamatti, and Paul Rudd who plan to get rich quickly. Their scheme is to sell Christmas trees in New York City. It is a comedy-drama under Phil Morrison’s direction. The movie starts with Paul Giamati or Dennis getting out of prison. Then he finds out that he has to make things right with his daughter and make money as well.

Top 20 Best HBO Christmas Movies

Black Christmas, 2019

In this recent holiday hit a thriller plot is put in where a masked stalker kills girls and a group of girls fights back. The movie starts by portraying a sorority group. The girls are preparing to host a party during the holidays at Hawthorne college. They get preyed upon by a stalker. It is a slasher film with Sophia Takal as director. It is part of the Black Christmas series and a remake of a 1974 movie. It was released on Friday the 13th of December 2019 by Universal Pictures.

Top 20 Best HBO Christmas Movies

The Bishop’s Wife, 1947 

This is yet another classic Christmas movie that you can enjoy on your modern TV screen even today, thanks for being collected and archived by HBO Max and other streaming services. It is a romantic comedy released in 1947 and directed by Henry Koster. It stars Loretta Young, Cary Grant, and David Niven among others. The storyline is unique, about an angel who comes to help a bishop with the problems he faces. It was later remade as The Preacher’s Wife which starred Whitney Houston, Courtney B Vance, and Denzel Washington. 

Top 20 Best HBO Christmas Movies

The Children, 2008

If you love horror and thriller then this British movie, released in 2008, is a must-watch. Its storyline is set during the New Year holidays. Two families gather at an English estate for winter fun and family bonding. However, soon the children start to fall sick and then start exhibiting strange behavior. Of course, this is a title among Christmas movies on HBO that few would watch. However, there is variety in what HBO offers among its list of holiday movies.

Top 20 Best HBO Christmas Movies

Elf Pets: Santa’s Saint Bernards Save Christmas, 2018

Among all the happy animated movies created during the holiday season, this is definitely a popular one. Released in 2018, it talks about how a family comes together, along with St Bernard puppies and elves to ensure that the Christmas mission of Santa succeeds. It is at a time when there is a need for the Christmas spirit across the world. They are on a mission to bring in more of the Christmas spirit through fun and happy adventures. 

Top 20 Best HBO Christmas Movies

Elf: Buddy’s Musical Christmas. 2014 

This is an animated musical Christmas movie, released in 2014. It is based on Elf the musical where Ed Asner reprises the role of Santa and the film cast comprises Max Charles, Mark Hamil, Jim Parsons, Kate Micucci, and Rachael MacFarlane. It premiered on NBC and today you can watch it on HBO Max. If you have always wanted to see Elf The Musical this is the movie version of the Broadway show that you can enjoy. 

Top 20 Best HBO Christmas Movies

Get Santa, 2014

This movie is about Santa needing the help of a father and son in gathering up the reindeers and getting his sleigh back together. Steve Anderson is a getaway driver who is released on parole, just before Christmas. He and his son get on a mission to help Santa out. Of course, the movie begins with Steve thinking that Santa is a madman and gets Santa locked in prison. 

Top 20 Best HBO Christmas Movies

The Family Man, 2000

This is an award-winning movie which is a romantic, fantasy and comedy, all rolled in one. It stars Tea Leoni and Nicolas Cage. It was theatrically released around Christmas time in 2000 and portrays a couple, Jack and Kate, fresh out of college who decide to pursue their careers in different parts of the world. What follows thirteen years later is a fantasy that leads to Jack getting a glimpse of what kind of life he would have led if he had stayed back in the same city together. 

Top 20 Best HBO Christmas Movies

The Family Stone, 2005

This is a comedy-drama that includes an impressive cast including actors such as Sarah Jessica Parker, Diane Keaton, Luke Wilson, and others. The plot is about the Stone family and a Christmas holiday they have where the son brings in a girlfriend whom he wishes to propose with an heirloom ring that is a cherished family treasure. Since its release in December 2005, it has seen commercial success and received several award nominations. 

Top 20 Best HBO Christmas Movies

The Friday After Next, 2002

This film is part of the popular Friday movie series. It is part of the stoner comedy genre and has a cult following. It showcases Santa Claus breaking into Craig and Day-Day’s apartment on Christmas Eve. Craig fights the robber and tries to wake Day-Day. Robber escapes with their presents as well as rent money. What follows are hilarious events that are typical in stoner comedies that fans love.

Top 20 Best HBO Christmas Movies

Holiday Affair, 1949

This is a romantic comedy that is a classic, released in 1949. This movie was based on a story written by John D Weaver. It starred Janet Leigh and Robert Mitchum. The film also sees Mitchum depart from the typical roles he performed in war or Western movies. The storyline is about a single lady with a son who meets a man in a department store. As she mistakenly takes up a toy train for her son and returns it the next day, the manager is sympathetic and does not report the lady to the authorities. 

Top 20 Best HBO Christmas Movies

Hollidaysburg, 2014

This movie is about youngsters coming of age. Five friends return home during Thanksgiving while they are in college in the first year. Anna Martemucci has directed the movie and stars here include Claire Chapelli, Tobin Mitnick, and Rachel Keller.

Top 20 Best HBO Christmas Movies

Home Alone

This is one of the long-lasting favorites of all those who were watching Christmas specials from the late nineties. There were 4 in the series, comedy films about Christmas and family. They all centered around children who find themselves left alone during the holidays and faced challenges of defending their homes from different criminals. The first three in the series were under the 20th century Fox banner. After that Disney took up the franchise and made two movies made for TV. 

Top 20 Best HBO Christmas Movies

It Happened on 5th Avenue, 1947

In this classic Christmas movie, you enjoy a comical situation. Michael O’Connor comes back home to discover that a homeless group has taken over his home. He then disguises himself and stays amongst them to find out the situation. 

Top 20 Best HBO Christmas Movies

Last Christmas, 2019

This is one of the latest Christmas movies you can enjoy on HBO Max. Here Katarina aspires to be a singer while she works as an elf in a Christmas shop throughout the year in London. Things become better when she meets Kate who is handsome and charming. He helps her gain a fresh new perspective in life as well. 

Top 20 Best HBO Christmas Movies

The Man Who Came to Dinner, 1942

This is another iconic Christmas film that you can seek out on HBO Max. Sheridan Whiteside acts as Monty Woolley, who is a radio personality, out on a tour and ends up in Ohio. He injures himself and becomes a house guest in Stanley’s family. What unreels is an entertaining and happy comedy which makes it evident how it became a classic since its release. 

Top 20 Best HBO Christmas Movies

Meet Me in St. Louis, 1944

This is another classic musical comedy of the romantic genre. It focuses on the lives of four sisters around the timeline of 1904. The film centers around the world fair in St Louis as well as how the sisters went about learning ways of the world, love, and life as well as love, all through period costumes, song, and dance. 

Top 20 Best HBO Christmas Movies

3. Download Christmas Movies on HBO Max to Watch Offline

HBO Christmas movies are usually classic and feel-good movies that you would want to keep with you on the go. Christmas movies on HBO can be easy to watch, especially once you get subscribed to the new HBO Max service. In case you have already subscribed to HBO, the same remains available to you through your subscription account.

Download Christmas Movies on HBO Max to Watch Offline

If you wish to download and save titles for offline viewing, it is possible to do so on your tablet, smartphone, or computer. As for how, there are two approaches, one is through the official app, the other is via an HBO downloader software.

3.1 Download HBO videos using its app

Refer to the steps below to see how to download HBO videos with its app on your mobile devices:

  • Log in to your HBO Max account on your smartphone or tablet.
  • Visit the home page and use the search option to find a movie or series you wish to download.
  • When you find the title you wish to download, find the downward-facing arrow next to the title.
  • Click on the same and let the download finish.

Download HBO videos using its app

Once the downloads are complete, you will find them under the Downloads section in your account. Of course, the files would be limited to the HBO app installed on your mobile device. You can download and save titles for up to 30 days. Once you click on a title and watch it, you need to finish watching it within 48 hours. If you want to keep the downloaded files forever, then you will have to opt for the 2nd approach, which requires an HBO downloader software.

3.2 Download HBO Max and HBO Now videos with an HBO downloader software

An HBO downloader software that is specially designed for users to download streaming on-demand videos from the service can help you download any video from HBO Max, HBO Now and other regional HBO portals if you’re not located in the U.S. StreamFab HBO Downloader from DVDFab Software is such a dedicated streaming video downloader for that purpose.

With this downloader software, users are able to download HBO videos to their computer hard disk drives and save the downloaded contents as never-expire MP4 videos. In terms of video quality, you can choose either 1080p or 720p depending what device you want to watch the downloads. Similarly, you can also choose your preferred audio quality between AC3 5.1 and AAC 2.0. Choice is in your own hands.

                          i  Download for Win    i  Download for Mac 

Here below are the detailed steps to download HBO videos with this tool:

  1. Step 1: Installation and launch-up

After installation, launch the software and click Streaming Services tab from the left menu;

Download HBO Max videos with an HBO downloader software

  1. Step 2: Open HBO Max, HBO Now and HBO Europe portal and login to your HBO account

Now depending on where you live and which HBO portal you’ve subscribed to, you have three options to open the HBO website, namely, HBO Max, HBO Now and HBO Europe. Click the tile you’ve subscribed to.

  1. Step 3: Download the video you want to keep offline forever

Now that you’re in, just find the movie or show you want to keep offline forever, and play it as you usually do. As soon as the video starts to play, a popup window shall come up with two buttons on it. Click that Download Now button to start downloading your video.

Download HBO Max videos with an HBO downloader software

Other perks you may find this HBO downloader software worth your investment:

  1. Download multiple episodes from a TV Show at one go.
  2. Download metadata, audios and subtitles of your preferred language.
  3. Blazing-fast download speed to complete one download within 20 minutes.
  4. The downloaded MP4 HBO videos can be transferred to any device of playback

Final Wrap-up 

HBO Christmas movies can be a watch for you through the year since they are feel good and inspiring. No matter what type of holiday movie you love to watch, you are sure to enjoy varieties among Christmas movies on HBO. Simply get yourself a subscription to the premier version HBO Max if you have not done so already.

Once you get it you are sure to find a world of classic and new content open up under several premier production houses and banners on this platform. Enjoy movies of your choice through different devices, either on television or on mobile or tablet, through the HBO Max US app.

When it comes to downloading videos from HBO platforms, if you are planning to keep the downloaded videos for as long you want, as usually is the case, the HBO downloader software from a 3rd-party vendor is what you need to opt for. That said, if you don’t mind your downloaded videos being automatically deleted after you finish watching them, or you have no problem with them being expired 30 days after your downloads even you haven’t began your watching yet, then sticking to the official HBO app should be enough.

                          i  Download for Win    i  Download for Mac 

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