As HBO Max keeps gaining solid ground over other streaming services, one may want to ask if it's possible to access the platform for free. Typically, when you want to try out a new service, you'd be welcomed with a limited free trial version. For example, some services may allow you to test their product or service for up to 7 days, 14 days, or even 30 days. Within this free trial period, you'd have full access to all the features and tools supported by the app. A lot of people end up canceling their free trial, while many others go ahead to pay and use the software or product. The simple thing here is, free trials are useful and they are a way of getting more people to check out the features and offerings of a new service.

However, not all companies offer free trials, and HBO Max is just one of such company. Before now, you would get free 7 days to test HBO Max; but now, HBO Max does not offer any free trials from its official website anymore. If you're signing up for HBO Max from the service's main website, you'd be charged right away and your subscription starts immediately.

1. Is HBO Max Free?

NO, HBO Max is not a free digital streaming platform; instead, it is a subscription-based network where you will have access to stream thousands of on-demand video content, originals, classics, TV shows, and loads of entertaining stuff.

Apparently, HBO Max is one of the best alternative service for cord-cutters and digital streamers. With HBO Max, you're gaining access to HBO libraries, which include titles and shows like Sex and the City, True Blood, Euphoria, Game of Thrones, and lots more. Also, you’d have access to stream movies from popular production companies like DC Comics, Crunchyroll, Sesame Workshop, Studio Ghibli, and Cartoon Network.

Is HBO Max Free

One of the major reasons HBO Max is gaining so much popularity is because of its wide selection of HBO Max originals, which includes the Search Party, Doom Patrol, The Flight Attendant, and Raised by Wolves.

Furthermore, as an HBO Max subscriber, you have higher chances to stream new movies the same day they are released. Well, one could easily guess that HBO Max stopped offering free trials because of its offerings - allowing users to stream movies on their debut to theaters.

2. How to Get HBO Max For Free

As HBO stopped offering HBO free trial from its official site, the possible way to get HBO Max for free is when you sign up with a third-party HBO Max provider. Interestingly, you can get HBO Max with a lot of TV providers and even streaming services too. For example, Hulu lets you try HBO Max for free for 7 days when you add the HBO Max premium add-on to your Hulu account. Other providers also offer such free trials; if you're lucky to qualify for some bundle plans offered by top TV providers, you may get HBO Max free for up to a month.

How to Get HBO Max For Free

Currently, the two providers that offer HBO Max free trials are AT&T TV and Hulu. However, the offer is only available for eligible subscribers. In this case, eligible subscribers refer to people that haven't signed up on HBO Max before. In other words, for you to get the free trial offer when you add HBO Max to your Hulu or AT&T subscription, you must be a new subscriber (someone who has never subscribed to HBO service before). Well, there is a trick here, you could actually use a new email address to sign up and get the free trials - but that's limited anyway.

2.1 Access HBO free as a Hulu Subscriber

Hulu subscribers that want to try out HBO Max will enjoy a 7-day free trial after adding the HBO Max premium add-on to their account. After the free trial days, you will be charged $14.99 (approx. $15), which is the standard subscription price for HBO Max.

Access HBO free as a Hulu Subscriber

The money will be added to your Hulu subscription; thus, if you're on the Hulu + Live TV plan, you'd be charged an additional $15 on your next billing date. Well, you can decide to cancel your HBO Max subscription at any time by removing the add-on from your account - the option is available on the User Account page.

2.2 Get HBO Max free as AT&T TV Subscribers

If you're an AT&T TV subscriber who has never used HBO Max, you can actually get the service for free for a few days. AT&T TV is similar to HBO Max in many ways, and also offers a ton of bonuses to new subscribers. When you subscribe to the following AT&T TV packages - Choice, Ultimate, or Premiere - you become eligible for so many exciting offers from the company. AT&T TV can give you up to a full year of free access to stream HBO Max. More interestingly, you can sign in to HBO Max on any device using your AT&T TV credentials.

Get HBO Max free as AT&T TV Subscribers

This is one of the best offers to get HBO Max free of charge for a very long time. However, at the expiration of the free access program, you’d be charged $14.99, which is the standard subscription fee for HBO Max. You can cancel at any time from the Subscriptions tab on your Account settings page.

3. When Did HBO Max Stop Free Trial on the Official Site?

The company seemed to have stopped its free trial offer in the last quarter of 2020 -just before Wonder Woman 1984 was released. Wonder Woman 1984 was available on HBO Max at the same time it premiered in theaters. However, HBO Max offered a discounted offer within that period - the offer has since expired, and anyone signing up on HBO Max right now, will have to pay $14.99 at the instance of registration.

HBO Max Stops Free Trial

Well, a lot of people just get in with free trials and then bail out at the end of the free trial, which means they don’t really have intentions of subscribing to the service they just enjoyed its free trials. The same people could create a new email and repeat the same act. Since HBO Max is home to premium titles - released regularly - the company had to suspend free trials so that new subscribers would pay for what they are about to watch.

HBO Max's free trial may not be coming back any time soon, but the company would surely run promotions that would give new subscribers mouthwatering discounts to join the service.

Yeah, other competitors of HBO Max offer Free Trials; however, new movies do not premier on those networks as fast as they premiere on HBO Max. If you're keen on getting HBO Max for free, then you should look put for providers that are offering free trials or discounted offers for new HBO Max subscribers.

Note: HBO Now subscribers were automatically upgraded to HBO Max subscribers; so, if you were an HBO Now subscriber, you'd get HBO Max at no additional cost.

4. What’s Available on HBO Max

Truth be told, you'd be getting a whole of content on HBO Max. The service provides content from world-famous libraries and studios, which include Warner Bros., DC Studios, Studio Ghibli, and lots more. It may also interest you to know that Warner Bros. releases its new films on HBO Max; so, as an HBO Max subscriber, you'd enjoy the latest Warner Bros titles as they are released immediately.

What’s Available on HBO Max

Here’s a list of some exclusive movies and TV shows you’d find on HBO Max right now.

  1. Love Life
  2. Search Party (Season 3 and 4)
  3. Looney Toons Cartoons
  4. Adventure Time Distant Lands: BMO
  5. Adventure Time Distant Lands: Obsidian
  6. An American Pickle
  7. The Fungies
  8. Doom Patrol (Season 2)
  9. Infinity Train (season 3)
  10. Close Enough
  11. Tign’ Seek
  12. Frayed
  13. Raised By Wolves
  14. The Murders at White House Farm
  15. The West Wing Reunion
  16. Charm City Kings
  17. Unpregnant
  18. Roald Daul’s The Witches
  19. Two Weeks to Live
  20. Valley of Tears
  21. Gomorrah
  22. Superintelligence
  23. The Trial of Christine Keeler
  24. Bugs Bunny 24-Carrot Holiday Special
  25. Arthur’s Law
  26. Genera+ion
  27. Made for Love
  28. Expecting Amy

Apparently, there is no way we can make a list of all the movies available on HBO Max; there are hundreds of thousands of them; simply navigate with the category tabs or use to search feature to find a particular movie you’d love to watch.

5. Is There a Cheaper HBO Max Subscription?

Yes, there is, actually, you can get the ad-supported version of HBO Max for $9.99. The ad-supported plan of HBO Max provides almost the same features as the ad-free version, which costs $14.99.

Is There a Cheaper HBO Max Subscription

The major difference between these two versions is the fact that you'd be seeing different ads while streaming with the $9.99 package; however, you'd still have access to all HBO Max content. Another major disadvantage of the ad-supported plan is the fact that its subscribers won't get Warner Bros. 2021 movie premieres the same day as theaters.

6. How to Download HBO Max Movies

You can actually download HBO Max movies and have them saved on your computer. This is different from the “Offline Download” feature offered by most streaming services. For you to download any video from HBO Max to your computer, you need a software app, and StreamFab HBO Downloader happens to be the best for you.

Download HBO Max Movies

The StreamFab HBO Downloader software is a piece of utility developed for Windows and macOS computers. This downloader software supports a bunch of good features and it downloads your movies faster than the other ones out there. StreamFab HBO Downloader flaunts a super intuitive interface that anyone could easily understand; plus, it supports all HBO networks, including HBO Now.

                          i  Download for Win    i  Download for Mac 

Furthermore, this software tries to save your HBO Movies with their Meta info; this implies that StreamFab HBO Downloader would also download the movies’ titles, subtitles, thumbnail, and every other important information.

6.1 Features of StreamFab HBO Downloader

  1. Batch Downloading: download multiple HBO Max movies at a stretch
  2. MP4 Videos: StreamFab HBO Downloader will save your files in MP4 format; thus, you can play them back on any media player you’ve got.
  3. High-quality Video and Audio: This software saves HBO movies and TV shows in 1080p quality and 5.1 AAC audio for remarkable home entertainment.
  4. Saves Subtitles and Metadata: If the HBO Max movie has subtitles, this software would download them into the video.

6.2 Use StreamFab HBO Downloader to download HBO Max videos

First things first, download and install the software on your computer.

                          i  Download for Win    i  Download for Mac 

After the installation is complete, launch the program and continue with the steps below:

  • Step 1: Click on the “Streaming Services” tab at the left pan of the software’s main interface. This will open you up to the various premium streaming services supported by this downloader.

Download HBO Max Movies

  • Step 2: Select HBO Max from the options and sign in to your account. After signing in, go ahead and search for the video you want to download and click the Play button.
  • Step 3: Immediately you click the Play button, a prompt window with two buttons shall show up. Click on the Download Now button to start download your video.

Download HBO Max Movies

You can go ahead to play other movies you also want to download. All downloads can be seen in the Task Queue.


HBO Max does not offer free trials any longer from its official site. However, by signing up through its 3rd-party partners, you could get 7 days, 14 days, or several months of a free trial. Apparently, you'd find lots of interesting movies on the platform that you'd want to download to your PC.

When in such a situation, use the StreamFab HBO Downloader - it is faster, reliable, and available for both macOS and Windows computers. StreamFab HBO Downloader lets you download a limited number of videos for free before being prompted to subscribe.

                          i  Download for Win    i  Download for Mac 

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