Apps are prone to bugs, and one of the ways to fix those bugs is updating to the latest version of the app. The HBO Now and HBO Max apps may not work on your device for one reason or another. But, this isn’t something to bother you that much as there are solutions to fix them. Like every other application we use across our devices, the HBO apps are regularly updated by the developers to fix bug issues and other glitches. However, if you have updated your app and still can’t use it, here are some possible solutions to the commonest HBO Max and HBO Now apps’ issues.

1. HBO Now Not Working

If you’re experiencing issues with the HBO Now app you installed on your device, the issues are simply because the app has been discontinued. HBO Now is no longer functional as HBO Max has taken over the stage.

HBO Now was officially relegated in late 2020 before Wonder Woman premiered on HBO Max (the same day it appeared on cinemas). So, what you should do is simply uninstall the HBO Now app and install the HBO Max app. This applies to all devices; whether you're using the HBO Now app on your TV, mobile phone, or game console.

Interestingly, all HBO Now subscribers were automatically upgraded to HBO Max at no additional cost. In fact, some HBO subscribers are already on HBO Max but they don’t know.

HBO Now Not Working

On the other, if what you have is the HBO Max app, and it is not working, below are some tips to follow.

2. HBO Max Not Working - Problems and Possible Solutions

There are so many issues reported by HBO Max app users; most complaints hinted at loss of sound, some other mentioned inability to sign in, and there are other who also mentioned “Not in Service Area” problems.

HBO Max Not Working

Firstly, before concluding that the problem is with your HBO Max app, you have to check if the service, HBO Max, is actually up and active. Sometimes, the service itself, HBO Max, may face server failure and other glitches. When such things happen, you may find it difficult to stream movies from the network; yes, it happens - though such times are rare.

2.1 HBO Max Sign In Not Working

You ought to know that there are many ways to sign in to HBO Max. Literally, most HBO Now subscribers were automatically upgraded to HBO Max. So, instead of signing up to HBO Max using new details, you can actually log in with your HBO Now details to see if you got upgraded with the lot.

HBO Max Sign In Not Working

More so, if you signed up with a provider, remember to choose the “Sign in with TV provider” option, and then use your TV provider’s details to sign in. For example, if you added HBO Max as an add-on to your Hulu plans, you’ll need to sign in using your Hulu details (after selecting Sign in with Provider). Similarly, if you registered to HBO Max with providers such as AT&T, Spectrum, and others, when signing in, use the verified credentials you use to sign in to your provider’s main service.

2.2 Check Compatibility

Well, at the moment, the HBO Max app is not as widely supported on all devices where you could download the discontinued HBO Go and HBO Now apps. If you’re having difficulties in installing HBO Max on your device, one of the troubleshooting steps to take is to check if your device is actually compatible; this especially applies to smart TV users.

HBO Max Sign In Not Working

Currently, the HBO Max app is officially available on Samsung’s store, but compatible Samsung Smart TVs are select models from 2016 upwards. However, some people do sideload the HBO Max app on their devices, you can get the APK file from places like APK Mirror.

2.3 Internet Connectivity

If you're finding it difficult to stream on the HBO Max app, the problem could be from your internet network. When your internet connection is not stable and fast, you may notice your HBO movies won't play smoothly - you'd notice some kind of buffering due to the poor network.

HBO Max Sign In Not Working

Lack of strong internet connection is one of the main causes of most HBO Max app problems - especially when it regards streaming. More so, when your network is bad, you may find it difficult to sign in to your account using the app.

You can check your internet speed and stability using tools like SpeedTest and other internet speed testing tools. If your internet is stable and your HBO Max app is yet misbehaving, you can contact HBO Max support directly.

2.4 You’re Using an Outdated Version

When a new version of an app is released, it means the old version is becoming outdated and probably buggy. So, if you keep using the old version, chances are that you’d keep experiencing different issues.

Outdated Version of HBO Max

That said, you could set your HBO Max app to update automatically, you can always do that by yourself by visiting your device’s app store and updating the app manually. Most times, this is just what you need to do to fix the issue you’re facing with the HBO Max app.

3. HBO Now Can't Play Video?

First of all, check your internet connection. But, it is important to note that HBO Now is no longer supported; the service has been discontinued and HBO Max has taken over the space. Hence, you're definitely going to experience a lot of glitches if you're using the HBO Now app.

HBO Now Can't Play Video

Interestingly, if you still have an active HBO Now subscription, simply download the HBO Max app (uninstall HBO Now app first) and log in with your HBO Now credentials; HBO upgraded all active HBO Now subscribers to HBO Max.

4. How to Fix All HBO Max App Issues?

There are ways to fix the various issues you are likely to encounter with the HBO Max app and they are mentioned below.

  1. HBO Max is strictly available to people living in the United States and some select US territories. If you’re living outside the United States and its territories, you can’t use the HBO Max app.
  2. Always ensure that your internet connection is strong and stable before you start streaming on HBO Max.
  3. If your device is not compatible with the app, try accessing the service using a web browser. HBO Max can be streamed directly from a web browser on mobile devices or computers.
  4. If you’re using a VPN to access the service, turn off the VPN and check if the issue is solved. However, if you’re using a VPN because you’re living in an unsupported region, simply change the virtual location and choose another US State or change the VPN service you’re using. Free VPNs are not reliable.
  5. When you have tried all the troubleshooting tricks and tips and tricks you know, and the issue is still not solved, simply lodge a complaint to the support team.

5. Can You Download HBO Max Movies?

Sure, that is very possible and easy - just like downloading YouTube videos. However, since HBO Max is a premium streaming service, you won’t find a lot of online downloaders that support downloading movies and TV shows from the platform. But then, the StreamFab Downloader includes built-in apps for downloading content from HBO Now and HBO Max.

Download HBO Max Movies

StreamFab Downloader is a software app that allows users to download videos, movies, and TV shows from various streaming platforms. It supports free platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc., and also supports premium networks like YouTube TV, Hulu, HBO Max, ESPN+, Disney+, and many others. Literally, StreamFab Downloader lets you download streaming content from over 1,000 sites.

Download HBO Max Movies

Particularly, the StreamFab HBO Downloader is what lets you grab TV shows and movies from the HBO Max network. This implies that you can download popular HBO Max movies such as Wonder Woman, Zender Clark’s Justice League, and many others to your computer or local storage.

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5.1 What Makes StreamFab HBO Downloader Peculiar?

These are the top features of this software - generally, StreamFab HBO Downloader is easy to use and runs fast.

5.1.1 Supports H.264 Video Format

The H.264 Video format is a widely supported format that can playback on virtually all media playback devices, including hardware and software. This implies that videos downloaded with StreamFab HBO Downloader can be watched on any device or TV.

5.1.2 Download from HBO Now and HBO Max

This software lets you download any video from HBO Max and HBO Now platforms - more like a 2-in-once application for downloading HBO content.

5.1.3 Customizable Settings

One of the best features of StreamFab HBO Downloader is its ability to be personalized as the user wants. You can adjust several settings to download HBO movies in the quality you wish.

5.1.4 1080p Guaranteed

With StreamFab HBO Downloader you will download movies from HBO Max in 1080p quality and 5.1 audio.

5.1.5 Saves Subtitles and Metadata

For HBO movies with subtitles, StreamFab HBO Downloader will down them along with their subtitles. Also, this software saves every movie’s metadata, which includes the movie title, tagline, thumbnail, etc.

5.1.6 Batch Downloads

You can download multiple movies at a go with StreamFab HBO Downloader. More so, this software is fast and runs on both macOS computers and Windows PCs.

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5.2 How to Download HBO videos with StreamFab HBO Downloader

  1. Download and install StreamFab HBO Downloader on your MacBook or Windows PC
  2. Launch the application and click on the Streaming Services tab
  3. Select HBO Max or HBO Now, and sign in to your account
  4. Find the movie you want to download and click the play button
  5. Once the movie starts playing, a popup window shall show up, click the Download Now button on that window to start the download process.

Download HBO Max Movies

Final Words

Most HBO Max app issues are related to an unstable internet network or outdated app version. When you fix these two common causes, you're likely not to experience any other issue with the app. Besides, HBO Now is over, so you should uninstall the app from your device and install the HBO Max to make the upgrade as the streaming service has already made the upgrade from its side, so you just need to upgrade the app on your device and continue to use the app with your previous login credentials.

When it comes to downloading your favorite HBO shows such as the HBO Max Friends special reunion episode, or movies such as the Justice League of Zack Snyder, then the StreamFab HBO Downloader is what you are exactly should opt for to help you with that purpose.

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