HBO Now, the on-demand streaming service is now available on PlayStation 4. HBO now PS4 will now allow you to stream HBO shows and movies right on the consoles. The service had been available on Microsoft’s last-generation consoles and Sony. But PlayStation owners were waiting for it to be introduced on PS4. HBO Max PS4 is now available for free in the PlayStation Store. With this, the HBO subscribers will get complete access to the entire library of movies and shows. However, an HBO subscription through the satellite provider or participating cable is needed for accessing the app. 


If you want to watch PS4 HBO now, this article will prove to be helpful. The complete guide will tell you everything about HBO GO PS4. 

1. Are There HBO Now PS4 App and HBO Max PS4 App?

HBO Now PS4 is now only supported in the United States and some United States territories. It has been replaced by the HBO Max app. when you search the PlayStation Store, you will find HBO Now as the app but with the logo of HBO Max. So, don’t get confused. 

With this app, you can enjoy the best content on your PS4. Unlike HBO Now and HBO GO, this will bring 10,000 hours of more original movies, series, and a deep library of all your favorite shows. 

HBO Max PS4 App

HBO Max is a streaming service of premium channels. You will also come across the HBO Now PS4 streaming service but it doesn’t have all the content that you get with HBO Max. 

HBO Max had been launched on 27th May 2020. Apart from HBO content, you will get to enjoy additional content. 

Some of the popular shows included in HBO Max are Friends, The Not-Too-Late Show with Elmo. You can get access to HBO Max on PS4 if you have HBO through a satellite or cable TV subscription. Also, you can get subscriptions at no additional cost in case you are signed up for some AT&T wireless and internet plans. Look for the promos and deals on the HBO Max website. 

2. How to Watch HBO Now on PS4? What about HBO Max?

HBO Now on PS4 as of 31st July 2020 is no longer available. The service has been discontinued by AT&T. So, subscribers who usually use this platform to stream content would have to download HBO Max to stream. 

To watch it on PS4, you will have to download it for the device. For downloading HBO Max on your PlayStation, this is what you have to do. 

  • First, you have to sign up for HBO Max. After a 7-day free trial, the streaming service will cost you $14.99. 

Watch HBO Now on PS4

  • When you have already registered, go over to the PlayStation Store from your PS4. 
  • For accessing the new apps, choose Apps. 

Watch HBO Now on PS4

  • In this section, choose HBO Max. If you do not find it among the listed apps, search for them. 

Watch HBO Now on PS4

  • Choose Download for adding the app to the PlayStation console. 
  • Once you have installed it, log in with the HBO credentials and stream your preferred HBO Max movies and shows on your PS4. 

That is it! Now, you will be able to watch HBO Max PS4 just by clicking on the app from the PS4 home screen. It is expected that the app will also be launched for PS5. 

3. What Can You Watch on HBO Max on PS4?

Once you install HBO on PS4, you can access a wide range of content. It might be known as the home to Justice League by Zack Snyder. However, now it is a place where you will find innumerable and enticing content. 

Here are the best TV shows and movies you can watch on HBO Max. 

  1. Wonder Woman 1984

Are you a fan of the 80’s filmmaking? The Wonder Woman sequel will take you back to the simple versions of heroism and adventure. Diana Prince has not yet moved on from the death of Steve Trevor. She is working at the Smithsonian. As she works, she unveils an ancient artifact that kicks off the world of trouble and makes her take some difficult decisions. Pedro Pascal and Kristen Wiig are new additions to the cast. 

Watch HBO Now on PS4

  1. Made for Love

It is a satirical comedy starring Cristin Milioti on HBO PS4. She plays the role of Hazel Green who escapes a 10-year old marriage until she comes to terms with the fact that her husband, the technology billionaire, has installed a chip in her brain. So, he can track her every move and hunts her down to negotiate their marriage. But Hazel is looking for freedom with little assistance from her dad, who is living in an unorthodox relationship. A helpful dolphin, some twists, and socially awkward people is what you get to see in this show. 

Watch HBO Now on PS4

  1. The Flight Attendant 

This is a new compulsive thriller on HBO Max that stars Kaley Cuoco. Cuoco plays the role of Cassie, the reckless flight attendant. She sleeps a passenger one night and wakes up the other day without being able to recall anything with a dead body beside her. The ghost of the deceased is helping her to piece things together. When she gets sober, she tries to find out what happened. The dark psychological layer is sure to impress the viewers. However, what you will enjoy the most is the blend of inept detecting searching through the world of cold killers. 

Watch HBO Now on PS4

  1. Tenet

If there is a movie that becomes better with every watch, it is Tenet. It has now been released on HBO Max. Now, you will be able to understand the plot which goes with the amazing visuals. The Protagonist has been played by John David Washington. His name is a subtle hint to the mission that he has been assigned. He has to prevent the attack of world destruction from happening in the future. He learns how to manipulate time flow with his debonair Robert Pattinson. Tenet is probably the most Christopher Nolan of all his movies. 

Watch HBO Now on PS4

  1. Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley is one of the comedies of the last decade. It is a satirical comedy with 6 seasons. The show starts with a company similar to Google where an employee has a game-changing idea. He decides to come up with his own start. Throughout the 6 seasons, the small staff of the start-up navigates the hypocritical and challenging world of Silicon Valley. 

Watch HBO Now on PS4

  1. Justice League

This is one of the favorites of all Zack Snyder fans who wanted him to get a second shot to finish Justice League after he had been forced to leave prior to the completion because of a personal tragedy. Joss Whedon had stepped in. However, the 2017 theatrical version has turned out to be a big failure at the box office. Currently, Zack Snyder’s cut is ready for HBO Max with several new scenes, a spectacular epilogue, and new villains. In case you are on board with his slow-motion, you should check this out. It is largely different from the original version.

Watch HBO Now on PS4

4. How to Download HBO Max and HBO Now Videos?

If you have an HBO Max account but would like to watch films and shows without the internet, you don’t need to worry. Here is all that you need to know about downloading content from HBO Max on your PS4. 

4.1 Download using the official HBO Max app

To download videos on your PS4 from HBO Max, here is what you have to do. 

  • Open HBO Max on your PS4 and sign in. 
  • Check if the PlayStation is connected to Wi-Fi. 
  • Choose the film or episode that you would like to download. However, you will only be able to download the one that comes with the download button. 
  • Tap on ‘download’ to download the video. The percentage shows the download progress. You can pause this at any time. 
  • If you want to cancel the download, just click on ‘X’. 

Check ‘My Downloads’ to find the videos you have downloaded under your profile. You can download 30 files across all devices and platforms. In case you run out of space, you have to delete some downloads off from one of the devices. 

In case you do not check the download within 30 days of downloading or within 48hours of you when you start to watch, it will automatically be deleted from the device. Nevertheless, you always have the option to re-download the video. 

Watch HBO Now on PS4

Downloads that are locked to the Wi-Fi will easily download the highest possible quality. In case the internet speed is slow, you can download the video in low settings. You can also download it using your cellular network. 

That being said, you need to keep in mind that the downloaded HBO videos on your PS4 won’t stay there forever, they shall disappear after 30 days of period. What’s more, you cannot transfer the downloaded videos to other devices as the HBO App won’t allow that.

4.2 Download using DVDFab HBO Downloader

To bypass the restrictions, you will have to download any video from HBO Max and HBO Now using a standalone HBO downloader software, speaking of which, DVDFab HBO Downloader is just a born streaming downloader for that.

download any video from HBO Max and HBO Now

DVDFab HBO Downloader allows users to download any video from HBO Max and all its other related websites to watch completely offline without live internet connection. The downloaded videos can be saved in either 1080p or 720p quality depending user’s demand. And in terms of video format, the downloaded videos are saved as MP4 videos that are literally compatible on all the media players out there.

                          i  Download for Win    i  Download for Mac 

download any video from HBO Max and HBO Now

Key features of HBO Downloader:

  1. Download videos from HBO Max, HBO Now, HBO Europe and HBO Spain
  2. Download high quality 1080p or premium 720p MP4 videos
  3. The downloaded videos can be transferred to any device
  4. Allow to download multiple videos at one go to save time
  5. The downloaded videos are DRM-free and shall never expire

Now refer to the steps here below to see how to download streaming videos with this excellent HBO downloader software:

  1. Step 1: Launch DVDFab Downloader and choose the Streaming Services tab;
  2. Step 2: Open HBO Max portal or any other HBO portal you want;
  3. Step 3: Sign in to your account and play the video of your choice;
  4. Step 4: As soon as the video starts to play, a popup will show up, click the Download Now button on it to start downloading your video.

download any video from HBO Max and HBO Now

That does it! Simple and easy! If you want to download a TV shows that contains tens of episodes, this HBO downloader also allows you to add all the episodes of the entire seasons to the download task so that you don’t have to repeat the download process again and again. This is what so-called batch-download mode.

Final Wrap-up

The app is available for free on PlayStation Store. The service will give the subscribers of HBO access to the whole library of shows. But not all cable providers are on board with the app release. Like in the case of PlayStation 3, Comcast subscribers will not get access to HBO GO on PS4. The app for PlayStation 4 is similar to the Android and iOS apps.

When it comes to downloading your favorite HBO shows and movies to enjoy on any device you have without any strings, you would need to choose the HBO downloader software from a 3rd party vendor, other than using the official app.

The reason is quite obvious, using HBO app to download, you cannot transfer what you have downloaded to other devices, you cannot keep what you’ve downloaded for as long as you wish as they shall expire 30 days later after your download, and you cannot watch them as many times as you want. But with the HBO downloader software, all these restrictions are gone.

                          i  Download for Win    i  Download for Mac 

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