HBO Max is HBO’s all-for-one platform for streaming. It also has all the content which was available for streaming on HBO Now. So, a subscription to HBO NOW is not needed anymore. There are multiple ways to cancel HBO now. This article will provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to cancel HBO Now, HBO Max, and HBO Trial. You have multiple options to cancel your HBO now subscription with ease. The DoNotPay app will allow you to cancel HBO subscription once your free trial is over. Once you complete the trial, you’ll be notified by the app that you can unsubscribe immediately to avoid any payments. You can also cancel it easily via phone, email as well as by signing in on HBO’s official website.

1. HBO Now vs HBO Max vs HBO Go

There’s a lot of confusion on the web on what HBO Max is and whether or not HBO Max, HBO Go and HBO Now are the same thing. Well, HBO Max is the new name for older online streaming services running under the name of HBO Now and HBO Go.

HBO Now vs HBO Max vs HBO Go

You can easily subscribe to HBO Max without paying an extra dollar if you’ve already subscribed to the cable service of HBO. However, terms and conditions apply. HBO Max was launched in the mid of 2020 to replace HBO Go and HBO Now. You can easily subscribe to HBO Max with a fee of only 15 USD per month. HBO Max emerged in competition with Netflix and Disney Plus in 2020.  

What makes HBO Max an exciting option is that you get premium access to exclusive movies and TV Shows and all the content which you had on HBO Go and HBO Now. Just like Amazon Prime Video and Netflix, HBO Max was also launched with a vast library of movies, including more than 1300 movies in its collection.

Users of HBO Go and HBO Now can automatically upgrade to HBO Max. You don’t have to pay an extra dollar. There’s no need to cancel HBO GO or HBO Now to jump on the new platform. You’ll automatically be switched to the new platform, which has a vast library with great content and a better experience for the user.

You can also check details on the HBO Max website. You may check if your current subscription is eligible for entering into HBO Max. In a nutshell, the HBO Max service is an automatic upgrade to the content-on-demand HBO service.

2. How to Cancel HBO Subscription?

There may be instances where the user is not directly allowed to switch to HBO Max or eligibility is a problem. In that case, it is urgent that you cancel HBO Now subscription so that you don’t end up throwing money for a service that doesn’t delight you anymore. You must be wondering ‘How can I cancel HBO Now’. It’s ridiculously simple. Here’s how you do it.

In this section, we’ll see how you can cancel an HBO subscription using multiple options.

2.1 How to cancel HBO Now via HBO?

To cancel an HBO now subscription via HBO, follow the steps below;

How to cancel HBO Now via HBO

  1. First, on your PC/laptop or smartphone, sign in to HBO Now's website
  2. After you’ve successfully logged in, navigate your profile icon. It must be on the upper-right corner of the screen. Click on the icon
  3. Check your billing and subscription details
  4. Under the subscription head, find the manage subscription option. Click on the Cancel Subscription button
  5. Important here, check the box for the provider of subscription. If your subscription is not provided by Warner Bros, select another provider in the list
  6. Navigate the cancellation option and click on it

Here you go, simple and effortless…

2.2 How to cancel HBO Now on Roku?

If you signed up to HBO Now using Roku, you may wonder “How do I cancel HBO Now”. Here’s how you do it;

How to cancel HBO Now on Roku

Canceling your HBO Now subscription on Roku is really simple. You can either do it using your smartphone or the Roku Device.

  1. Through your web browser, sign in to your Roku account. Visit the website and fill in your credentials
  2. Navigate the billing and subscription option
  3. Click Manage Subscription and select the option of Unsubscribing HBO Now
  4. You’ll be asked to confirm your cancellation
  5. After confirmation, you’ll automatically subscribe to the streaming service

However, you would still be allowed to use the streaming service till the end of the billing cycle. Without paying any extra buck you can enjoy the service till the end of the cycle.

  1. You can also cancel HBO Now using Roku Device
  2. With your device on, find the HBO Now channel on the home screen
  3. Press the star button on your remote and click on the manage subscriptions option
  4. Select cancel the subscription and hit the done button
  5. You’ll easily exit from the subscription

2.3 How to cancel HBO Now on Amazon Prime

Just like the Roku Device, you can cancel HBO Now on Amazon Prime in 2 simple ways. You can either do it with the device or via your browser.

How to cancel HBO Now on Amazon Prime

  1. With your phone or laptop log on to Amazon Prime
  2. Select your profile and navigate the subscriptions menu
  3. Upon entering the subscription section, find manage subscription
  4. Find HBO Now channel and select the unsubscribe option

2.4 How to cancel HBO Now subscription on iPhone/iPad

HBO streaming services were rather exclusive for the iPhone/iPad devices. Canceling HBO Now services on your iPhone or iPad is another task. Here’s a simplified way to cancel HBO Now subscription.

How to cancel HBO Now subscription on iPhone/iPad

Canceling an HBO Now subscription on an iPhone is super easy.

  1. Go to settings and enter the iTunes tab
  2. Just log in your Apple ID if needed. Tap the ID and you’ll find the subscriptions tab
  3. Select manage subscriptions
  4. Under your list of subscriptions find HBO Now
  5. Navigate the automatic renewal switch and turn it off. Normally, the switch would be green
  6. Click the Turn off button. There you go, you’ve successfully unsubscribed. You’ll be notified with HBO unsubscribe
  7. The good thing about this cancellation is that you can keep streaming until the end of the month

3. How to Cancel HBO Max?

Even though there is tons of content available on HBO Max for you to surf with freedom and enjoy watching while you relax on your couch, you may not find it worth your liking.

You may also find it costly too. So, whatever goes in your mind, unsubscribing HBO Max is really easy. Here’s how to cancel HBO Max.

3.1 How to cancel HBO Max via your provider

Getting an HBO Max subscription may be a lot easier than ever. You cannot sign up through the website or the app after the installation of your device, but you can easily get the streaming service through a third-party provider.

Everything seems perfect until you want to unsubscribe from HBO Max. You must have the full details of your provider.

To know more about your provider for HBO Max before you cancel the service, you can log on to the website. Check your profile and select the billing information option.

How to cancel HBO Max via your provider

Alternatively, you can also find the name of the provider by simply logging in to the HBO Max app. Tap on the profile and then the settings option.

Navigate the billing information option and you can easily find provider details under the head.

Each provider has its own way of canceling the subscription. The instructions may vary among different providers. So, it is important that you follow the specific instructions of your provider for HBO cancellation.   

3.2 How to cancel HBO Max via a web browser

This is the simplest of ways to cancel the HBO Max service.

  1. Visit HBO Max and log on to the website
  2. Find the profile on the top-right corner
  3. Select settings and manage subscriptions
  4. Find the unsubscribe option and click on it

3.3 How to cancel HBO Max via an HBO Max app

HBO Max app is available for both iOS and Android. Choosing to cancel your HBO Max subscription via the application is almost the same as cancellation via Website. Here’s what you need to do;

  1. First, tap on the app to open it
  2. Navigate the profile icon on the top-left corner. Tap on it
  3. Select the settings option from the top-right corner
  4. Select the billing information and find the manage subscription option
  5. Tap Cancel the Subscription and confirm the cancellation

4. How to Cancel HBO Go?

The cancellation guide is different for HBO Go. HBO Go, unlike HBO Now, is provided with the cable package of HBO. You can’t simply cancel it directly as you could do it with HBO Now. So, to Cancel HBO Go, you need to notify the cable service to exclude the Go channel from your package.

So, cancellation is not easy as you need to directly contact your service provider.

You can go to the HBO Go application and find the settings icon.

Under the settings section, navigate your service provider on the top-left. Here you can find their details. You can either call them directly or email them with a polite request for the cancellation of HBO Go.

However, it is important that you forward the cancellation request at the start or near the middle of the month. A request sent at the end of the month is likely to charge you during the payment cycle which runs at the end of the month.

You can also check out HBO Go help center. The center provides a useful guide to users facing issues with subscriptions and seeking cancellation. You can also check your provider under the list of affiliated providers for the service.

5. How to Cancel HBO Free Trial?

The HBO Max was exclusively available for 90 days on the iOS platform. The brand offers a 7-day free trial for users. Top sensations like GoT, Sex and the City, and ZSJL are on HBO Max. However, HBO Max is currently unavailable on Amazon and Roku.

Regardless of having a subscription to HBO Max or HBO, to avoid a paid subscription, here’s what you can do to exit the 7 days HBO Free subscription. You may choose to cancel HBO Free Trial when you don’t find it worthwhile to pay 15 USD per month for accessing content on HBO.

How to Cancel HBO Free Trial?

Here’s how to unsubscribe from HBO immediately

  1. Log on to the website or open the HBO app on your mobile.
  2. Tap the profile on the top-left corner.
  3. Select the manage subscriptions option and tap cancel subscription.
  4. Confirm cancellation to proceed.

It’s really important that you at least post the request for cancellation 24 hours before the end of the trial period.

If you wish to cancel the HBO trial on Amazon, here’s what you need to do.

  1. Find the subscriptions tab and locate HBO.
  2. Turn off the auto-renewal switch to cancel the subscription.
  3. The fastest cancellation of HBO works with the DoNotPay app. Sign up at DoNotPay in your browser or app.
  4. Navigate the Find Hidden Money option.
  5. Enter HBO Max or HBO, whatever you wish to cancel in the prompt that appears.

The process is swift and usually takes only 2 minutes.

You may think that cancellation is easy. Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. The terms of HBO Max also do not notify you when the trial period has ended. So, it’s advisable that you keep a count of your days so that they don’t squeeze dollars from your hand.

In any case, if you miss the deadline for request, you’ll be charged for a month’s subscription. You don’t really want to pay for a streaming service that you don’t use, do you?

6. How to Download Streaming Videos from HBO Max & HBO Now?

Whether you subscribed to HBO Max in 2020 or have been a fan of HBO Now for years, streaming offline is something every user wishes. At times when internet connectivity is not stable, streaming content at higher resolution is often a problem. Hence, in such cases, it is highly recommended that users consider downloading videos so that they are available offline.

It’s truly heartbreaking that the HBO application itself does not allow the offline stream of its content. Therefore, you would need a third-party service app to view content offline.

Download Streaming Videos from HBO Max & HBO Now

6.1 Download HBO Now videos with Play On app

Download the desktop application of Play On services to download files in .mp4 and watch freely without any distortion. No speed, no problem. Just download Play-on services and enjoy watching HBO. Poor internet connection won’t rob you of anymore from watching HBO.

Download Streaming Videos from HBO Max & HBO Now

With the Play On Services application, all you need to do is navigate the channel of HBO and log in with your credentials. The user interface is sleek and friendly. You can search in the bar what show you wish to watch. Upon selection, you can easily record a movie or show and download it for an offline watch for a smooth experience.

6.2 Download Streaming Videos from HBO Max with HBO Max app

Streaming episodes from your Favorite shows like GoT and others is easy. Offline streaming is perfect for someone who wants to binge-watch without any distortion in connection.

With your HBO Max mobile application on both phone and tablet, you’re blessed with the gift of downloading stream content on your device. You can save up to 30 download across all the various profiles that have logged on to your subscription. Files can be easily downloaded and canceled. Most of the movies are available for download. However, some may not. You will also be able to track download progress. This is perfect for binge-watching on HBO Max. This also makes HBO Max a good competitor for Netflix and Disney Plus.

Download content from a vast library and delete it if you want to create space. Downloads may be cleared from the list if they’re not viewed for 3 weeks. Your downloads will be saved in the download folder.

Download Streaming Videos from HBO Max & HBO Now

Downloading content for streaming on HBO Max via a PC or laptop is not possible. You could only do it via a third-party application. However, restrictions may affect your account access. Besides, if you already have a Chromebook, you can access your HBO Max Android app on PC and enjoy all the amazing features.

6.3 Download HBO Max & HBO Now videos to PC with an HBO Downloader software

Even though you can download HBO Max content with your subscription, you won’t be able to experience the same content when you unsubscribe. Plus, the downloads only remain for 30 days in the library. So, there doesn’t seem any possibility to download the content from HBO Max when you’re offline. High cost subscription with limited benefits. Sounds boring, doesn’t it?

Well, the HBO Max follows the DRM policy, which means you can’t download the content in a third party application. But, what if you could download it. Imagine if you could really download any video from HBO Max, HBO Now and all its regional services, including all the amazing movies and TV Shows on a third party application and watch it offline without worrying to continue paying for your subscription.

The DVDFab HBO Downloader is here to turn the downloading real for you. Yes, with this dedicated HBO downloader software, you are not only able to watch your favorite HBO Max series offline, but also play blockbusters on your favorite media player.

Download Streaming Videos from HBO Max & HBO Now

Plus, you can download your favorite shows in the H.264 format. Less disk space occupied with high resolution videos. 

The DVDFab HBO Downloader is one-of-a-kind.

Here’s the real deal. Downloading is super-fast. It’s Flash speed! Yes, exactly!

                          i  Download for Win    i  Download for Mac 

You can download your favorite movies within 10-20 minutes.

So, the DVDFab HBO Downloader not only solve the DRM problem, but also makes sure that you get to;

  • Download and watch on your favorite media player
  • Utilize minimum disk space for high-resolution content
  • Keep a download application that has the most simplified and friendly UI.
  • Get to choose language and audio files for the movie from a variety of options
  • Enjoy batch mode downloading---select multiple episodes or movies for download in one go.

And, what if, you could have the DVDFab HBO Downloader today for Free?

The Free version comes with limited features. For, an amazing experience, subscribe for premium tool. Subscription starts from 14.99 USD only.

  • Install the software
  • You’ll be directed to the site
  • Select the HBOMax channel and fill in your credentials.
  • Play your movie or show. Click the download option when you see the prompt.

Download Streaming Videos from HBO Max & HBO Now

Download shows and movies instantly and get to enjoy your favorite picks offline today!

Final Wrap-Up

In conclusion, HBO Max is the new name for HBO Now and HBO Go. Though it has a vast library, to cancel HBO Now you will need to follow some guidelines. Guidelines are different if you subscribe through a third-party service provider. To Cancel HBO Now, simply login to your account through an app or website and select the unsubscribe option. 

It is really important that you keep a count of your trial days as HBO does not notify users as per its terms and conditions. So, in case you miss the time to cancel HBO, you’ll end up paying for a subscription. Canceling the service is not really a problem if you’re using the DoNotPay app. It hardly takes 2 minutes to cancel HBO Now with the app.

As for downloading HBO Max and HBO Now videos to watch offline without restrictions, you can either choose to download your favorite shows and movies to your mobile devices with the official HBO Max app to enjoy only the device where you’ve downloaded onto, or you can opt for the standalone HBO Downloader software to download them to your PC hard disk drives so that you can enjoy them anywhere, anytime, on any device, without bothering the expiration thing anymore.

                          i  Download for Win    i  Download for Mac 

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