Xfinity HBO is a great combination, especially for Comcast customers. If you are one and avail of Flex or Xfinity X1 service, you will be able to watch HBO Max, the new premier version of this channel, from cable boxes directly. That is also because Comcast, a cable giant in its own right, is one of the launch partners for this channel, partnering with WarnerMedia. Indeed, a deal was struck between the two companies soon after HBO Max was launched. As a result, HBO Xfinity is a paired-up service that customers of Comcast service can enjoy.


In this article, we explore how you can stream HBO Max on Comcast devices and what benefits you get by subscribing to this platform.

1. Is HBO Max Available on Comcast Xfinity Devices?

Xfinity HBO is one of the many channels that Comcast subscribers can watch. Xfinity is a recent rebranding of Comcast which is an entertainment service as well as provides cable for TV. You can set it up with a set-top box and enjoy the HBO Xfinity experience, even with a DVR facility. If you wish to avail of Xfinity HBO Go simply get your hands on the XI self-installation kit that Comcast makes available at select stores. Indeed, HBO Go Xfinity is not the only channel you can watch since this cable subscription service opens up a world of varied entertainment for you along with music and on-demand TV. What’s more, you can get access to the same content on different devices besides TV.


Comcast HBO is one of the many channels you can access with this service. Rebranding of Comcast was in February 2010 when triple play customer service offering was made by Comcast and Xfinity TV brand name. After that Xfinity Voice and Xfinity Internet were subsequently launched to feature the digital voice and high-speed internet platforms of this service. Rebranding of Comcast services as part of an effort to ramp up its service performance and side-step failures that the brand faced in the past.

If you have been wondering whether you should opt for the Flex or X1 Xfinity plan of Comcast, know that both services will provide HBO Max through cable boxes. Indeed, the cable giant formed a liaison with WarnerMedia soon after HBO Max was launched in May 2020. Comcast subscribers can now watch through TV and other devices through the same plan. Alternatively, they can watch on other platforms such as on PlayStation console, Apple TV, Android, and iOS devices.


Of course, certain limitations remain such as Roku or Amazon Fire TVs which cannot stream HBO Max as of now. These brands are yet to form distribution pacts with WarnerMedia. The good news is that you can watch this channel both on Xfinity Flex and Xfinity X1. This has been the arrangement since November 2020, allowing subscribers to gain access to all films from the Warner Bros stable and much more. They even enjoyed specials such as the debut of Wonder Woman 1984 at Christmas time last year.

2. How to Watch HBO Max on Comcast Xfinity Devices?

Xfinity HBO is one of the many offerings of Xfinity cable plans, whether you opt for X1 or the Flex plan. Since the rebranding of the mother brand, Comcast has been trying to up their service features, ensuring that customers found their subscription value for money and competitive, as compared to other existing cable services. In this aspect, Comcast HBO having signed up a pact with WarnerMedia is definitely a feather in their cap.


In order to enjoy Xfinity HBO Go, you need to first get the right internet plan from Xfinity. You could buy and use the internet equipment of your choice instead of renting it under the Xfinity Wireless Gateway package. Of course, when you take up the complete package, you get access to Xifi which is a Wi-Fi management service, allowing you to have a Wi-Fi hotspot created in your own home. Of course, before you take up the service you need to check coverage, speed, and features available in your area as offered on the Xfinity Wireless Gateway package plan.

Indeed, with the right Xfinity deal, you can have all your devices using their internet, voice, and phone connection service. The company provides certain bundles and offers that include the latest deals on cable TV, phone service, high-speed internet as well as home control and security solutions.


Xfinity Internet package can get Wi-Fi coverage for your home with fast internet access. You can log in from all devices that support Wi-Fi and enjoy uninterrupted streaming and browsing on your smartphone, TV, tablet, and laptop. The company has increased the reliability of its service since 2016. Their broadband service ensures speed and coverage on 5 GHz bandwidth. When it comes to voice plans, their deals include home phone offers as well. You can use the connection not only on a landline but also stay connected on your smartphone or tablet.

Amongst their packages and bundle offerings, Xfinity TV is a great deal as well. Xfinity X1 allows you to get the best deals on cable TV. It will include a comprehensive package that provides fast and complete access to popular and trending streaming services, right onto your screen.


Once you have the Wi-Fi or the TV plan it is easy to watch HBO Max on all your devices. All you need to do is the following:

  • Under the Xfinity cable and Wi-Fi plan, it is easy to start watching HBO Max.
  • Ensure that you have subscribed to HBO Go Xfinity in your cable package.
  • Simply find the app on your TV screen and sign in using the primary sign-in credentials of Xfinity.
  • Primary users of the plan get to create an account on HBO Max and the same login details can be used by all members of the household.

3. What Can You Watch on HBO Max from Comcast Xfinity Devices?

Xfinity HBO is one of the many benefits that you can get with Xfinity TV or the Flex plan. You can subscribe through the HBO Max Xfinity package and enjoy the premier entertainment that this new streaming service brings to you. Along with regular movies and shows on HBO you get access to all live channels of HBO as well as on-demand programs on TV through the HBO Max Xfinity subscription. What’s more, you can access the website as well as the app on different supported devices, using the same subscription member details. There is no additional charge that applies to such subscribers.


HBO Comcast channels are easy to watch, whether you opt for Xfinity Flex or the X1 plan. Primary users simply need to sign in to the website or the app of HBO Max. They need to use the account details and password they are provided as primary users.

HBO Max is the latest avatar that enhances what you get on HBO and gives you more. It is brought to you by WarnerMedia which includes new series and documentaries on HBO as well as shows from Warner Bros and DC. Also, the channel includes classic shows such as Friends or Big Bang Theory that are favorites of most families. You get a total of 10,000 hours of viewable content on HBO Max. If you are an existing customer of Xfinity TV you can take it up as part of your package. You can also get a subscription for the same through Xfinity Internet or through the Flex plan.


What you can watch on your compatible devices using Comcast Xfinity plans are the following:

  • HBO channel as on live V along with HBO 2, HBO Latino, and HBO Family.
  • HBO on demand includes the best programs on this channel, featuring past and current programs and their full seasons as aired on HBO, exclusive specials, and the latest movies of Hollywood.
  • Kids programs as well as Real Sports and World Championship Boxing programs.
  • Streaming content exclusive to HBO Max is through the app that you will find on the Xfinity stream website or app.
  • You can stream HBO programs on the app through your X1 or Flex plans as well as through the website and mobile app.

What’s more, HBO 4K content is available on this app. You can select to watch 4K HDR or UHD content when you are using Xi6 set-top box under the X1 plan. You also need to have a compatible 4K or HDR TV. You also get a similar set-top box and streaming experience under the Flex plan.


HBO Max is only one of the numerous streaming services that you get when you subscribe to Flex or XI plans of Xfinity. These include platforms such as Amazon Prime, Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Music, Pandora, Hulu, EPIX, STARZ, and others. All this and more are at your fingertips. All you need to do is use the voice remote provided on the Xfinity remote control to activate the app of your choice.

Once you put on Xfinity X1 or stream Flex connection on your TV you might find a few episodes of the original shows of this channel. That is because sampling content, that is one to three of the original program episodes is given with the subscription plan. Every customer is privy to such free content. If you want to watch all episodes of original programs on HBO Max such as The Flight Attendant or the Love Life you need to sign in on the app on the TV. You would need to activate the HBO Max app and log in through it.

HBO Max Available on Comcast Xfinity Devices

Many might wonder what the difference between trying HBO or HBO Max is. The initial version comes as a live channel which you can stream on your TV through different services. On the other hand, HBO Max is original content that includes shows and movies of HBO and much more that is available for streaming through Flex or the X1 set-top box. Indeed, this streaming service offers premium content which includes ground-breaking documentaries and series of HBO as well as shows from Warner Bros and DC. There are also family-friendly classic shows as well as specials that have won accolades. To access such content you would need to sign in through the app.

In order to sign in, simply use your primary ID of Xfinity and the password that is provided to you. With these credentials, you can sign in and create an account on HBO Max. If your account is created you can do much more through the account such as downloading content or creating different profiles. You can even watch on different devices.

4. How to Download HBO Max and HBO Now On-Demand Videos?

HBO on Xfinity is one of the many streaming services you get when you subscribe to the company’s internet, broadband, or Wi-Fi plan. HBO Comcast comes to you in different forms; you can watch it either as a live channel or try the Max version as HBO on demand Comcast, through the Flex or Xi plans. You can use your subscription details to log-in and download any video from HBO Max even.

Download HBO Max and HBO Now On-Demand Videos

Steps to follow are:

  • HBO Go Comcast will provide your login details through your subscription; use the ID and password credentials to log in through the app or on the website of HBO Max.


  • Once you are logged in and your account is active, you can access the app through different devices.
  • If you wish to download content, simply log on using the app on your smartphone, tablet, or computer.
  • Once you choose a title you will find a downward-facing arrow next to it; using it you can download the file.


  • It will remain available for watching for up to 30 days in your account, available for offline viewing on that particular device.

That is it! But here comes another problem. What about I want to keep the downloaded videos on my local hard drives instead of inside the HBO app itself so that I can transfer the downloaded videos to watch on any media player? In this case, the download method above won’t work for you.

This is when and where StreamFab HBO Downloader kicks in to rescue the scene. StreamFab HBO Downloader is born for users to download HBO Now, HBO Max, HBO Europe and HBO Spain services.


  1. Download 1080p/720p MP4 videos from HBO.
  2. Download audios in AC3 5.1 channel or AAC 2.0 channel
  3. Download subtitles of your preferred language
  4. Batch-download multiple videos in one go
  5. Download metadata information for easier video management

                          i  Download for Win    i  Download for Mac 

Steps to download HBO Max videos with this HBO downloader are as following:

  1. Step 1: Launch StreamFab Downloader and choose the Streaming Services tab from left;
  2. Step 2: Open HBO Max portal or any other HBO portal you want to download videos from;
  3. Step 3: Sign in to your account and play the video to be downloaded;
  4. Step 4: As soon as the video starts to play, a popup will show up, click the Download Now button on it to start downloading your video.


That is it! No brainer at all! Now that you learned both the official way and with a 3rd-party HBO downloader software to download what you would like to keep offline from the HBO streaming service. Just enjoy your pleasant movie watching to your heart’s content.

Final Wrap-Up

Xfinity HBO is one of the latest attractions of taking up an Xfinity X1 or Flex plan. With the tie-up with WarnerMedia, Comcast is able to provide subscriptions to this streaming service to the subscribers. Not only can you enjoy the live channel HBO Xfinity but also access the HBO Max app through compatible devices. This allows you to create different profiles, access your account through different devices, and download content as well.

However, if you speaking of downloading the HBO videos to keep forever to your personal movie collections, then the 3rd-party HBO downloader is what you need to get your hands for that purpose, because the videos downloaded by the official app shall expire as long as 30 days later.

                          i  Download for Win    i  Download for Mac 

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