Hulu DVR is a recording feature that this streaming service offers. It is a cloud storage option, a solution for those who look to know how to record on Hulu live. In order to use the feature, you need to pay an additional subscription fee. It comes to $9.99 additionally per month, added to what you pay as a standard subscription fee. It gets you 200 hours of storage in cloud DVR service.

how to record on Hulu live

Here we explore what are the specialties of this feature. If you are a Hulu user, what kind of subscription plan you need to have to get a DVR feature is also something we discuss here. How it works, what kind of recordings you can make are all explored in the sections below.

Section 1. What's Hulu DVR?

If you wish to avail of Hulu DVR it is best to opt for the package that includes the Live TV option. Here you get service on demand that includes 60 or more in live channels along with a program guide and cloud DVR service. You can enjoy these features even on the app or on major platforms such as computer browsers, PS4, iOS, Xbox One, Apple TV, Fire TV, Roku, and other smart TVs.

how to record on Hulu live

Of course, there are certain channels that are not available on Hulu such as Comedy Central, BBC America, MTV, and AMC. There are also some sports network channels in the US region that are not available. However, you will surely like the mix of channels that live TV and Hulu Plus has to offer. The cost of the service is about $65 per month. You can opt for the standard DVR or the enhanced DVR feature along with it. In the standard or non-enhanced version you can rewind as well as fast forward on commercials that come with the recorded content. When you pay for the upgrade you also get increased storage, about 50 to a maximum of 200 hours. Of course, with DVR add on the package becomes $75 per month.

Section 2. How the Hulu DVR Works?

If you are wondering how to record on Hulu live, simply visit the Details page on sections such as sports, movies, or shows. Here you can set up recordings on cloud DVR. Live Guide is also a section where you can set up recordings. As you browse the different channels, simply select the title from the grid of Live Guide. You will then receive recording options.

Recordings you make can be explored in the Manage DVR section. This section is under My Stuff. Here they are in an organized manner, making it easier for you to check the different recordings. For instance, they are usually as per air date. Hence, recent ones appear first on the list. You could make recordings from living room devices or on the mobile app. You can see them all under the Manage DVR section. They show up under different tabs such as movies, sports, or TV shows.

As long as you keep up with a Live TV subscription the recorded videos stay in the account. Also, the recordings will stay on till the storage limit is reached.

2.1 How to Record on Hulu Live?

Hulu DVR allows you to record Live TV. If you are new to using the Hulu live DVR feature here are the steps to record live TV using it?

how to record on Hulu live

  • Visit the Details page; it can be the Details section of sports, movies, or any show that you are watching on a device.
  • With the Record icon can you record on Hulu; if there are new or live broadcasts of any show, this feature will record the same onto the cloud DVR.
  • When you like a TV show and you wish to record reruns or new episodes, use the Record icon; you can visit the Details page and select the option of New & reruns.
  • When you choose the Record icon for a TV show, it will record the specific episode only and not the series.
  • If you are visiting Hulu on your mobile web browser, select the icon of the context menu. Here you will find Record among a drop-down list of options.

Indeed, this is a useful feature, especially when you wish to capture an interesting TV show that is being shown live. It will help you to record the episode instantly and enjoy it at your own time and pace. With the enhanced DVR recording feature you can fast forward through the ads or commercials as well.

2.2 How to Delete the Recordings with Hulu DVR?

Hulu DVR has a delete recording feature as well. This is especially useful when you run out of storage space as allocated to the cloud DVR feature. In order to free up additional space for recordings, you can delete recordings saved. Even if you do not manually delete previous recordings, as your cloud storage gets full, older recordings get deleted automatically. This will then make room for the new recordings you wish to record.

how to record on Hulu live

Steps to delete older recordings are the following:

  • Navigate to Manage DVR segment in My Stuff.
  • If you are using a living room device, find your recordings saved in the above segment.
  • Select the Delete option that is lying next to the title you wish to delete.
  • If you are using Hulu on a mobile app that is on an iOS device, tap on Edit in the top right corner; elect recordings that you wish to delete.
  • If you are using an Android app you will find the delete icon next to recordings; tapping on the same will remove the recordings.
  • If you are accessing Hulu on the web, you will find the delete icon next to several recorded titles; you can then select one or several episodes and click on the Remove icon.
  • If you wish to delete specific episodes of a series, click on the drop-down icon; this will show the ones recorded and you can delete specific episodes. 

2.3 Hulu DVR Supported Devices

Hulu DVR is a feature that works with Hulu and Live TV packages. You can avail of the plan anywhere, whether you are watching on the browser of your desktop computer or laptop. The DVR feature is useful when you wish to know how to record on Hulu. Here are supported devices where you can use the Hulu DVR feature:

how to record on Hulu live

  • Desktop browsers
  • Mobile browsers
  • Amazon Echo
  • Fire TV
  • Android smartphones and tablets
  • Smart TVs such as that of Samsung, Sony, and others
  • Chrome cast
  • Apple TV
  • Nintendo Switch
  • Xbox 360 and Xbox One

It is easy to watch Hulu, along with the Live TV package on Chromecast. Hence, it is possible to watch live TV anywhere with Hulu as well as use the DVR feature, whether you are watching on a TV, a browser, or an app.

Features that are included are several which also include multiple users, enhanced playback, and running unlimited screens simultaneously. Hulu not only allows cloud DVR but enhanced cloud DVR as well. In the base plan that comes at a price of $55 per month, you can save recorded content up to 50 hours. You can also upgrade the storage option for an additional fee of $9.99 per month.

Many might feel that 50 hours is not much but there is an on-demand content library in Hulu that is massive. Once you record a show you can access it easily by visiting My Stuff. This section is easy to find on the Hulu app. This section also saves any content that you bookmark as well as save for watching later. Any recording that you view also comes with features such as rewind or fast forward. However, any live TV content or other on-demand content cannot rewind or fast forward.

2.4 How Many Shows Can You Record in One Go?

Hulu live DVR can help you record more than one show at a go. In fact, you can record as many as two shows simultaneously. If you wish to know how to record on Hulu, all you have to do is add shows or movies to my stuff. It will then record the same and save them on your cloud storage. If the storage limit is reached, the service starts to automatically record your content, removing earlier recordings.

In order to record two shows simultaneously, you need to have subscribed to the ad-free plan of Hulu or Hulu with Ads. This allows you to stream on two devices simultaneously, either on the Hulu app, on any browser, or on a smart TV. The package usually includes TV and to record, you need to pay $9.99 per month additionally. With such a plan you can stream Hulu on different devices and record at least two shows in one go.

2.5 Upgrade the Hulu DVR

Hulu recording is something that many look forward to. With cloud storage, you need not worry about physical hard drives or any such hardware. It allocates DVR recording space to your account, as per the subscription plan you take up.

how to record on Hulu live

What you need to do is opt for the Hulu package with a Live TV option. This will get you 50 hours of storage space. This comes at a minimum subscription cost of $40 per month. 50 hours of content is usually enough for most. Also, if the storage limit is reached, you can easily delete older programs and add on newer content. The app does it automatically for you. Hence, it is definitely a feature that most people will find useful.

Section 3. Can You Download Hulu Shows?

Hulu recording is possible with the DVR function as well as by simply using the download option. In order to download a TV show or movie on Hulu you can do the following steps:

how to download Hulu videos using hulu app

  • Ensure that your device is connected to a cellular network or Wi-Fi.
  • Visit the Search option on top of the Hulu website or app.
  • Tap on Downloadable from the menu.
  • Swipe through collections that are shown.
  • Select a show or movie that you wish to download.
  • Press on the Download icon on the Details page for movies.
  • When you wish to download Episodes tap the Download icon next to it.

That's it! But do keep in mind that downloading Hulu videos using the Hulu App has certain limitations, such as not all the contents are downloadable, you can only download them to select devices, you can only keep them for no more than 30 days after when they simply expire and become unplayable, and you are only given 48 hours to finish watching a video once you begin watching it.

To bypass all those restrictions, you will need a 3rd-party Hulu downloader software that allows you to keep the downloaded Hulu streaming videos as long as you want, watch them as many times you like, and watch them on any device you possibly have. DVDFab Hulu Downloader is such a streaming downloader dedicated to the Hulu platform. With it, you can:

  • Download any video from Hulu to your local HDD as 720p MP4 video
  • Keep the downloaded Hulu videos as long as you would like to
  • Transfer the downloaded MP4 files to any device to watch anywhere
  • Watch the downloaded Hulu shows and movies as many times as you want

The best Hulu downloader software

Here below is how to download Hulu videos with this Hulu downloader software:

  • Step 1: Download and install DVDFab Downloader.

                             i  Download for Win    i  Download for Mac 

  • Step 2: Start DVDFab Downloader, move to Streaming Services from the left nav menu.
  • Step 3: Open Hulu website, login to your account, play the video you are about to download.
  • Step 4: Click on the Download Now button that appears on a popup window to start the downloading.

how to download Hulu videos with a Hulu downloader software

If you wish to know how to record on Hulu live you need to use Hulu cloud DVR. Here are the steps to use it:

  • Visit the Details page for sports, movies, or shows.
  • Use Live Guide for setting up recording as you browse through different channels.
  • A select title that you wish to record from the grid on ‘Live Guide’.
  • Recordings that you make are stored in a section called Manage DVR under My Stuff.
  • Here recordings are as per air date; you will find the most recent recordings appearing first.
  • On you can manage the recording under the Manage DVR page; here you can store movies, sports, and shows under individual tabs.

Final Wrap-Up

Live DVR option is a useful cloud storage feature, additional to the Download option that Hulu provides. With DVR there is much that you can do, including recording live TV shows and broadcasts. With the right subscription plan, you can even record two shows simultaneously on two devices. 50 hours of storage, which is standard, allows you to save adequate content. Then again, as when the storage limit is reached, content gets deleted automatically, to make way for fresh and new recordings.

Hulu is a versatile streaming service, allowing people to watch on web browsers, both on computers and mobile devices as well as on apps. Hence, you can watch on the go and record through your mobile device as well. The DVR feature depends on cloud storage and not on the physical space of your device. Hence, this additional recording feature enhances the storage option for your subscription plan.

It is definitely worth paying the additional fees for you to opt for an ad-free subscription plan as well. Also, the DVR recording option comes with fast forward or rewind functions. As a result, you can easily remove ads from live shows or broadcasts as you watch the recordings. What’s more, such content gets removed when your storage limit is reached. All these features make Hulu DVR function or feature a desirable aspect for subscribers.

Besides, if watching your favorite Hulu shows without live internet connection on any deivce is what's on your mind, then opt for the 3rd-party Hulu downloader software mentioned above, instead of using the Hulu app on your device. The greatest advantage of doing that way is that the downloaded contents never ever expire, so it means you can keep your favorites as long as you wish. And if you need more information on downloading Hulu videos offline, you can click this link.

                             i  Download for Win    i  Download for Mac 

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