Hulu Is one of the excellent options for providing you access to a greater degree of experience in terms of full-fledged streaming ever. The entertainment that you stand to gain with the Hulu service has been quite an impressive and enhanced experience ever.

However, there are instances when you may end up finding your Hulu streaming service not working for some strange reasons. Finding the exact reasons for the issues and then resolving them can indeed be one of the toughest tasks ever. For today's post – we will analyze the steps behind how to fix Hulu error code DRMCDM78.

1. What causes Hulu Error code DRMCDM78?

There are several errors that Hulu throws at you and finding the exact reasons behind what causes these error codes is not much easy and simple to find out. In fact, most of the Hulu error codes and messages are not quite forthcoming about what they signify and what causes them.

Some of the error codes can be due to problems with your device or even be caused due to poorer internet connectivity. A few others can be a result of some hardware issues as well. There are situations where the service itself may be experiencing certain disruptions and throwing an error. In essence, it can take a huge amount of effort to understand what exactly throws an error.

The error code DRMCDM78 is an error that suddenly throws you out of gear when playing or streaming a video from Hulu. The streaming error can be caused when attempting to stream practically any content on Hulu.

How to Fix Hulu Error code DRMCDM78

The Hulu error code DRMCDM78 can result due to a variety of reasons and causes. Understanding the probable reasons can help you get access to a clearer understanding of why you are witnessing the DRMCDM78 code on your Hulu service.

Some of the possible causes that result in Hulu Error code DRMCDM78 can be summarised as –

1.1 The server issues with Hulu

The first thing we would recommend is to check if the issue is experienced by you alone or there are any other users facing the same issue in your region. This will help you rule out the possibility of a server issue at Hulu. If it is a server issue, there is perhaps nothing you can do. The issue may be perfectly beyond your control. You will only need to wait till the service provider fixes the issue for you.

How to Fix Hulu Error code DRMCDM78

1.2 Browser repository issues

The browser you have been using might have updated the repository. This stops the older repositories from working properly. In that situation, your Hulu streaming service can throw the error code DRMCDM78. You can update your browser to resolve the issue.

1.3 Cache data corrupted

The corrupted cache data in your browser can be a culprit and make your app throw the error. Clear your browser cache and cookies. If you do not want to clear the cookies for the entire browser, you can do so for Hulu alone.

1.4 TCP/IP issue

The network issues related to TCP/ IP connectivity can be yet another issue that can throw the error code. The TCP /IP inconsistency can result in connectivity issues in several cases and rebooting the router can solve the issue in many cases.

2. How to Fix Hulu Error code DRMCDM78?

Having understood what probably causes the error code on your Hulu streaming service, attempting the different options for resolving it should rather be much simpler and easier. Let us explore the solutions and fixes one by one.

Fix 1 – Check if Hulu Servers are working fine

The first option to check would be to find if Hulu itself is facing any server-related issues. If the service itself is down, there is not much you can do except for waiting for the developers to fix the problem. You can check the outage report from any of the outage report services.

How to Fix Hulu Error code DRMCDM78

Down Detector, Outage Report, and IsItDownRightNow are a few of the services that can help you find if Hulu is down in your region. If you find that the service is down in your area, it may be a good idea to check it out with Hulu customer care. You can get in touch through email, Twitter, or other social media channels.

If the service is not down and working perfectly, it can be an indication that the issue is caused due to a local issue such as a network browser-related problem.

Fix 2 – Update your browser to the latest version

Check if you have the latest version of the browser. An outdated browser can have an outdated repository and thus may not support the streaming protocols on the Hulu streaming service. One of the common issues that make Hulu come up with the error code DRMCDM78 is the browser repository outdated.

How to Fix Hulu Error code DRMCDM78

Updating the browser would involve the steps that are specific to the particular browser that you are using. Follow the options to update your browser as per individual browser settings. If your browser supports it, configure it to auto-update whenever a new version of the browser is available. This will help you rule out the occurrence of browser issues in the future.

Fix 3 – Clear your browser cache

If the browser update does not resolve the issue, it can be due to the files stored within your computer. Most of the time, browsers save temporary data for faster performance. The browser cache can sometimes have conflicts, and thus make Hulu throw error code DRMCDM78.

How to Fix Hulu Error code DRMCDM78

A good number of users affected by the error stated that clearing the browser cache can help you resolve the issue. Once again, clearing the cache on your browser would largely be dependent on the browser you may be using. Clearing the browser cache can help you turn your browser faster.

Fix 4 – Restart or Reset your Router

If any of the fixes outlined above did not solve the issue for you, resetting or restarting your router can perhaps help you fix the error code. If you are facing a TCP/ IP issue or conflict, restarting the router can address the issue.

A quick reboot of the router can be one of the excellent options. That should ideally resolve most of the connectivity issues that you may be facing with the Hulu streaming service. Simply look for the on-off button located at the rear of the router and press it once to turn off your router. Turn it back on after around 20 seconds. Wait till all the lights and connections stabilize and check if your Hulu streaming service works as expected.

If the reboot operation does not work, you may need to reset your router. However, it should be noticed that resetting your router would remove all your settings and you will need to reconfigure your router from scratch.

3. Can you download the shows on Hulu?

Having understood the right options on how to fix Hulu error code DRMCDM78, it may be a good idea to find ways to download any video of Hulu for offline viewing. In essence, like most of the streaming services, you would find Hulu does let you download a few shows on it for watching offline.

Downloader any video of Hulu to watch offline later

The steps involved in how to download the titles on Hulu are much easier and simple to go with. Navigate to the title that you want to download and open the info page for the title. If the show is available for download, you would find the download icon on the info page for the video. Clicking on the icon begins downloading the title and you are good to go with your offline download.

Downloader any video of Hulu to watch offline later

However, the offline download option for Hulu does come with a few limitations. Your downloaded titles come with an expiry date and thus will get deleted after a stipulated time. Moreover, you will not be able to share the titles you downloaded with other devices. These limitations can perhaps make it a little annoying and that is exactly why you would want to check out a third-party downloader for Hulu for achieving better and easier options.

4. StreamFab Hulu Downloader – A simple and easy downloader for Hulu

If you are checking out the best options for downloading your Hulu titles, the StreamFab Hulu Downloader can be a great option for practically all the expectations that you may have. The unique and powerful downloader does let you download and enjoy Hulu movies and TV shows in 720p quality and EAC3 5.1 audio track.

                             i  Download for Win    i  Download for Mac 

A few of the excellent options offered by the StreamFab Hulu Downloader can be summarised as –

  • Support for different Hulu versions – The service supports both Hulu JP and Hulu. You can download the videos with ease as per your preferences. Irrespective of whether you are, you can easily download your favorite videos.

Downloader any video of Hulu to watch offline later

  • High-quality download options – The high-quality download options offered by Hulu downloader can prove to be a great option. You can download your videos in 720p as well as provide audio in either EAC3 5.1 or AAC 2.0 format.
  • The MP4 Download functionality – The downloader lets you download your videos in MP4. This does go a long way in ensuring the compatibility of your downloaded videos with several devices.
  • Preselection of audio and subtitle languages – The subtitles and audio languages do play a major role in how to get access to the best video experience ever. The StreamFab Hulu Downloader does let you download your subtitles and audio languages well in advance.

Downloader any video of Hulu to watch offline later

  • Customized Subtitles downloads – With the Hulu downloader, you can either decide to download the subtitles as an SRT file or choose to embed the subtitles into your video downloads.
  • Batch Download options – The batch downloads offered by StreamFab Hulu Downloader can be one of the excellent options for an enhanced degree of experience. This will let you download multiple videos in one go.

Downloader any video of Hulu to watch offline later

  • Faster download functionality – The faster download options offered by Hulu Downloader can make it one of the excellent rewarding options ever. You can download a title in just under 10 to 20 minutes.
  • Get access to user-friendly and additional metadata information – The StreamFab Hulu Downloader does let you download additional metadata along with your videos. You can download the extra metadata details such as movie title, cast, season, episode title, and cover, etc.

The features offered by the StreamFab Hulu Downloader can prove to be one of the excellent options for providing you access to a huge degree of performance enchantments. The features and options offered by the downloader as outlined in the above discussion can definitely prove to be a great option for most of the needs and expectations that you may have.

Final Words

Well, Hulu has been one of the excellent services for providing you access to a huge degree of performance enhancement. One of the most popular streaming services specialized in a variety of content, it can be what would provide you a huge degree of performance improvement. However, there are chances that you may come across a few error codes that can make the service not responding at times. We tried discussing one of the Hulu error codes viz DRMCDM78 and let you find how to fix the issue without much hassle.

Having understood the options to fix Hulu error codes, we thought of finding a few options to find how to download Hulu titles. While Hulu does provide a simple download option, a third-party downloader does offer you a great degree of experience. StreamFab Hulu Downloader should definitely be one of the all-rounder options that you would find quite rewarding and exciting. The features such as customized subtitle downloads, high-quality video downloads, a perfect faster download option, and a wide range of other features make it one of the prominent options for providing you access to a one-stop solution for your download requirements.

                             i  Download for Win    i  Download for Mac 

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