Hulu is one of the most popular movies and TV show streaming applications that has content that can compete with Netflix or Amazon Prime. However, in lots of cases, the viewers may get some Hulu error codes that can mean a variety of things. In some cases, you may have problems with your internet connection or with your modems and routers.

Hulu network error can also mean that there are some connection issues with the main Hulu broadcasting server and it will be solved on its own after some time. So the Hulu users need to know the most common error codes and also how to solve them easily so that they can watch the movies and shows uninterruptedly. In this short article, you will get to know about the most common Hulu error codes and also how to solve them on your own.

1. General Types of Hulu Error Codes

Generally, the Hulu viewers who get error codes can easily solve the problems without any trained technician. Most commonly, the Hulu error codes can be solved if you restart your mobile device, computer, or the device in which you are streaming the Hulu app. Sometimes the router or modem connection gets disconnected and if you connect it to them the error code will disappear. So if you get error code 400 then it means there is some issue with your Hulu account. You can either log out of the Hulu application and then log in to your account again. If the problem persists then you have to contact the support team of Hulu.

General Types of Hulu Error Codes

Many people also get the Hulu error 500 which means there is some issue with the internal Hulu server. So you can just refresh the page to solve the issue. You can also try to stream the Hulu shows and movies on a different internet browser or a different device to solve the problems. Some of the other common types of Hulu error codes are error 5003, error 502, error 95, and error 97. You will know how to solve all these error issues on your own in the following sections. 

2. Common Solutions to Fix Hulu Not Working Issues

In most cases, the Hulu error codes and not working issues can be fixed easily without having to call a technician. Sometimes the internet cables get loose due to some causes and so you can see an error code in the Hulu app. So if you just disconnect the internet cables and wires properly and then connect them again to your computer or modem then the problem may be solved. Thus connecting the loose internet cables is one of the common solutions to Hulu's not working problems and issues. 

Common Solutions to Fix Hulu Not Working Issues

Another common problem faced by many Hulu users is that they get server error notifications. The most common solution to this problem is to just use another good internet browser and then stream the Hulu series and movies from there. Many people have found that the Hulu connection error problem was solved after they used another streaming device to install Hulu and watch the movies and shows. There are also problems with routers and modems as they have many small parts and internal wires and circuits. Many people have solved the error codes by simply changing their modems or routers. If you are using a faulty modem or internet connection then you can also get an error code so the best solution is to get another modem or router. 

3. What Does Hulu Error Code 301 Mean and How to Fix It?

The Hulu error code 301 is a common error code that can mean a broad range of problems. It means that the Hulu player was not able to access the movie or show content from the main Hulu server. So it can mean there is a problem Hulu network error, or the Hulu application version that you are using, or even the local internet provider’s problem. So if you want to solve this Hulu error code then you can try a variety of things as mentioned below:

Hulu Error Code 301

  • In some rare cases, if you refresh the main web page of Hulu when you see the error code then the problem may disappear. It can be just a temporary error that can be solved if you load the page or movie again.
  • If the previous step does not work then you should restart the streaming device in which you have installed Hulu and also the internet connection. 
  • You can also try to clear your browser cache if you are streaming the best movies on Hulu from your computer or laptop. Computers and laptops store lots of cache data that can slot the internet connection as well as the streaming application. So clearing all the cache data can help to solve the Hulu error code 301.
  • If the problem is still present then you should check if your web browser is updated and is running perfectly. After that, you should also check the Hulu app for updates as in some cases the Hulu server does send content to old versions. 

4. What's Hulu Error 5003 And How to Fix It?

The Hulu error 5003 is one of the toughest error codes to track and solve as it means playback error or the Hulu application is having problems while trying to play the movie or video. The Hulu error codes can be caused by multiple factors like slow internet connection as Hulu requires a standard and steady internet connection speed for streaming the movies. It can also mean that you have an outdated application that cannot support the new Hulu requirements. Many people use old TVs or devices to stream Hulu movies and the problem can also be caused due to the device itself. Many VPN or virtual private network users also face this problem and it can mean that Hulu is not supported in the regions from where you have your VPN connection. You can follow these steps to solve this Hulu error code:

Hulu Error 5003

  • Your first step should be to unplug the router or modem from the power source and keep it switched off for some time. Many routers or modems heat a lot which can cause error codes. 
  • After some time, plug in the router again and check if you are still getting the Hulu error code. 
  • The next step is to check the streaming device specifications and details from the manual or guidebook given with the device. After that, you have to visit the official webpage of Hulu and check the system and device requirements needed for playing Hulu movies.
  • If your device does not have the requirements then you have to change your streaming device to solve the Hulu error 5003.
  • If you are using a VPN then you have to deactivate the VPN server and then start afresh to solve the error. 

5. What Does Hulu Error Code 502 Mean and How to Fix It?

If you get the Hulu error code 502 then it means that it is a getaway error that is caused by an invalid response from a server. So it means that the server from which you are accessing the Hulu application and the main Hulu server is not getting the proper signals.  You can get the error in the form of a Proxy error or a temporary error sign. In most cases, the 502 error code means that it is a problem between servers and so you cannot do anything to solve the problem. But in some cases, you can solve the problem by following the few steps that are given below:

Hulu Error Code 502

  • The first thing you should do if you get a bad getaway code is trying to refresh your browser using the F5 button. If the error is temporary then it will be solved after you refresh the page.
  • If it does not work then you have to close all the internet browsers and then start the Hulu program again from a new browser. If the problem was with your internet browser then refreshing it will solve the problem.
  • The next step is clearing all the cache data as well as the cookie data on your internet browser. If you have not cleared your browser history for a long time then you should clear it too.
  • If you still see the Hulu error code 502 then you should start your computer or streaming device in safe mode and then try to run the Hulu app.

6. What's Hulu Error 95 and How to Fix It?

The Hulu error 95 is a resilient error code and you will not be able to run the Hulu app if you get this error code. It can mean a wide range of problems like poor internet receptivity, corrupted streaming devices, as well as hardware malfunction, and failures. So it is very hard to solve this error code as there is no specific way to pinpoint the main problem. Many users who have faced this problem could not solve it themselves and they had to contact the Hulu support team. However, you can try out some tricks to see if you can get rid of the error code 95 and watch your favorite Hulu originals, either movies or shows. You can try out these steps to see if the problem is solved:

Hulu Error 95 and How to Fix It

  • You should check your internet connection speed first of all because if you are using a slow internet connection then you will not be able to stream the movies or shows on Hulu. If you are watching the Hulu 4K videos then you need at least 13mbps of internet speed.
  • Uninstall the Hulu app and then install it again. In some cases, the Hulu installation may be faulty and you can simply install the app again to solve the Hulu error 95.

7. What's Hulu Error 97 and How to Fix It?

The Hulu error 97 means that the Hulu app is having problems verifying the user details and account information. So you will see this error message while trying to login into the Hulu app. There are lots of ways to fix this error and you can try some of these:

Hulu Error 97 and How to Fix It

  • Go to the application settings in the main menu of your streaming device and stop the Hulu application. Then restart the application again and see if the error code is still there. 
  • Deactivate your VPN connection and open Hulu app again. In some cases, using VPN can show the Hulu error 97 and it disappears the moment you deactivate your VPN server. 

8. Other Commonly Seen Hulu Errors

Some of the other common Hulu error codes are error code 3 and error code 5. Both these error codes mean that you have some problems with your internet connection and the problem is not from the Hulu main server. So you should check all your internet connections properly including all the cables to solve both these error codes. 

Commonly Seen Hulu Errors

9. Download Hulu Movies & Shows to Mobile Devices to Watch Offline

If you want to download the movies and shows on Hulu and watch them later on in the offline mode then you can follow these steps:

Download Hulu Movies & Shows to Mobile Devices

  • Open the Hulu app and activate the mobile data downloading from the settings. 
  • Then search for the movie or show that you want to download. 
  • You will see a small download option beside the Hulu movies and shows. 
  • Click on the download option and within a few minutes, the movie will be downloaded to your device.
  • Now you can watch the movies without any internet connection in offline mode. 

10. Download any video of Hulu to local storage with a Hulu downloader software

Although you can use the Hulu app to download your favorite Hulu content to your mobile devices, there are a lot of annoying drawbacks to using the Hulu app to download your movies, such as you can only use the Hulu app to play the downloaded videos, you cannot transfer the downloaded videos to other devices, the number of devices you can download Hulu movies to is also limited, etc.

Download any video of Hulu to local storage with a Hulu downloader software

If you cannot bear so many limits, then you can opt for a 3rd-party Hulu downloader software. StreamFab Hulu Downloader is that 3rd-party Hulu downloader you should pick up, actually, the best of its kind on the market. It allows you to download any video of Hulu as offline MP4 videos saved on your computer hard disk drives, which means, you can transfer the downloaded Hulu videos to any device to watch there.

                             i  Download for Win    i  Download for Mac 

10.1 Benefits of StreamFab Hulu Downloader

  • Download any video of Hulu to MP4 videos that are playable on almost all the playback devices, PCs, smartphones, tablets, PDAs, gaming consoles, modern TVs, and more.
  • Download your favorite Hulu anime, shows, movies, and originals in high-definition 720p quality and paired with either EAC3 5.1 or AAC 2.0 audios, depending on your preference.
  • Download all the metadata information that comes with the movies, shows, and videos so that you can manage the downloaded media files with media servers such as Kodi, Plex, or DVDFab Player 6.
  • Download your preferred languages of subtitles and audios, you can even preselect the language you want at the Settings panel, so that each time you start a download, you get the audios and subtitles you want.
  • Download multiple movies titles or even put an entire season of TV episodes into the download task queue, so that it will save your precious time choosing one by one.

Download any video of Hulu to local storage with a Hulu downloader software

  • You can have your own choices regarding how to handle the downloaded subtitles, you can have them rendered directly into the video, or you can also output them as separate .srt files.

10.2 How to download any video of Hulu with StreamFab Hulu Downloader

After getting to know all the robust features of StreamFab Hulu Downloader, now it’s time to check out how exactly this Hulu downloader software helps you download any video of Hulu. Just refer to the steps below:

  • Step 1: First things first, depending on your operating system, download and install the correct version of StreamFab on your computer.

                             i  Download for Win    i  Download for Mac 

  • Step 2: When the installation is complete, start the software and move to the Streaming Services option on the left column.

Download any video of Hulu to local storage with a Hulu downloader software

  • Step 3: Now on the right side, you can see all the supported streaming services listed there, click on the Hulu tile.
  • Step 4: Sign in to your Hulu account, and then play the video you want to download.
  • Step 5: Once the video starts to play, you will see a prompt window coming up, with two buttons on it. Click that Download Now button to download the video immediately.

Download any video of Hulu to local storage with a Hulu downloader software

Tips: If you want to download more movies in one go, then you can click the Add to Queue button to add the currently selected video to the download task and put it on hold, then repeat the same process to add other movies to the task queue. If it’s a TV episode, then all the other episodes and seasons will also be listed on that prompt window, so that you can choose all of them or the ones you want to download. When you are done, move to the task queue, and manually trigger the download process from there.

Final Wrap-Up

Getting Hulu error codes is a common thing and most of them can be solved easily by following the right procedures. The most common Hulu connection error is caused by faulty internet connection or browser problems and can be solved instantly. Moreover, you can also contact the Hulu support team for tough problems. Anyway, solve the error codes in your Hulu app and start watching all the movies easily.

You can also download most of the movies and shows on Hulu to your device and watch them later in offline mode, either using the official Hulu app if you don’t mind the limitations or by using the StreamFab Hulu Downloader that not only downloads all the on-demand videos on Hulu and but also allows you to watch the downloaded videos anywhere anytime on any device with no limitations at all.

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