Compared with Netflix, one of Hulu’s rivals, Hulu not only allows on-demand access to countless videos of any genre, such as classic, original TV, etc., but it also offers next-day access to new episodes for TV series shown the night before on broadcast networks, like NBC.

how to get hulu free

Hulu tends to answer the need of everyone that prefers digital streaming to local programming; offering both regular streaming and Live TV programming. As Hulu continues to grow in popularity, if you are yet to join the platform, you may be thinking if there’s a way to get a good deal for the subscription price or even is there a way to get Hulu free of charge?

1. How much does Hulu cost?

New users are eligible for a limited Hulu free trial period. While on the Hulu free trial version, you can do virtually everything you can do when you have a real active subscription. After the trial, your billing starts immediately - your card would be charged for the plan you selected during sign-up.

The four plans offered by Hulu are Hulu, Hulu (No Ads), Hulu + Live TV, and Hulu + Live TV (No Ads). You'd enjoy thousands of movies with the basic plan, which goes for $5.99; the Hulu + Live TV plan ad-supported version, costs $64.99. in contrast, the ad-free versions of these plans cost $11.99 and $70.99 for the Hulu plan and Hulu + Live TV, respectively.

Well, there are actually a couple of ways to get Hulu free. Some third-party services do offer free Hulu access when you subscribe to certain plans they offer, or you could get a mouthwatering discount to subscribe to Hulu. This article tries to cover as many options as possible for getting Hulu free of charge.

2. How to get Hulu for free?

In this part, we are going to introduce you to some methods on how to get Hulu free. Let’s check them out together.

2.1 Hulu free trial

Well, apparently, every streaming service out there supports a free trial - a limited number of days you could use the service before you pay. When it comes to Hulu, you will get up to 30 free.

For the first 30 days of signing up to use Hulu, you’d get to enjoy the platform free of charge. During this period, you have access to stream all contents available on the available. However, the 30 days free trial doesn’t apply to Hulu + Live TV.

For Hulu + Live TV, you’re only getting one week free (7 days free trial).  At the end of the trial, your card would be billed immediately, and that date becomes your new Billing Date for Hulu.

Definitely, you cannot enjoy a free trial two (2) times. However, here's a trick, if you've got another email, you could use it to sign up differently and enjoy another free Hulu account.

2.2 How To Access Hulu Free?

There are a bunch of Hulu bundle deals that could offer you great discounts, plus several other benefits. Free bundles are some of the few benefits consumers enjoy from cross-corporate media ownership deals.

2.2.1. Disney Plus Bundle

One of the best deals out there, at the moment, is the Hulu, Disney+, ESPN+ bundle. This bundle offers the following:

  1. Access to Hulu’s basic plan (ad-supported plan), which goes for $5.99 per month.
  2. Disney+ basic plan, which goes for $7.99 a month
  3. ESPN+ basic plan, which also goes for $5.99 a month

These three services should cost you $17.99 if you were to subscribe to them individually; but this bundle plan provides three of them for $12.99; thus, you’re saving up $5 every month, and if you stick to the bundle for the whole year, you’d save up to $60.

Well, the bundle is offered by Disney Plus, and you can also get the ad-free version of Hulu with this bundle. If you need that, the bundle would now cost you $19.99 instead of $12.99.

Disney Plus is a streaming network also majorly owned by the Walt Disney Company. It provides a lot of good content, spanning from top-notch movies from Disney studios, originals, to other VoD content. Disney+ is available across devices - just like Hulu.

If you’re a Disney Plus subscriber, you can switch to using this bundle, and if you’re not a subscriber, you can sign up here.

2.2.2. Wired discount coupons

You can find a lot of workable discount coupons that would drastically reduce the price you’d pay to stream Hulu. Well, these coupon codes are only valid for a limited time; however, Wired does update the coupon page and you can always find a working one to use.

2.2.3. Spotify Bundle Plan For Students

Spotify Premium plan offers a free Hulu subscription. However, this Hulu bundle plan is targeted at students only. So, if you're not a student, unfortunately, this is not going to work for you. Spotify is a premium music streaming platform. For college students who love movies and music - entertainment for short - Spotify offers a student-specific plan, which goes for as low as $4.99 a month, and you'd gain access to Spotify, Hulu, and SHOWTIME - that's massive and unbeatable.

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What's Included:

The Spotify bundle includes:

  1. Access to SHOWTIME streaming network, which is basically $10.99 a month
  2. Unlimited Hulu streaming (the ad-supported version) on any device.
  3. Of course, you’d have unlimited access to Spotify Premium

Well, although this bundle is intended for students, it is not available to all students. You must meet the eligibility requirements before you can enjoy this unbeatable deal from Spotify. The eligibility requirements are available on this page.

Basically, Hulu costs $5.99 per month, SHOWTIME costs $10.99 per month, and Spotify Premium costs $9.99 per month, which amounts to a total of $26.97. So, you'd be saving as much as $21.98 every month when you use the Spotify Premium Student bundle. The most basic eligibility requirement for this bundle is to get verified as a student through Sheer ID. If your school is among the eligible schools on the Sheer ID platform, you're most definitely eligible for this bundle.

This bundle lasts for four (4) - since it is expected that you should be a graduate after a period of 4 years.

Well, if you already got Hulu and SHOWTIME subscription before getting to know about this bundle, there's a way to get around things. You will need to cancel your Hulu and SHOWTIME billing before the next dates and then activate them through Spotify.

After you have activated this bundle, you are free to log in to SHOWTIME and Hulu on any supported device using your Spotify details (select the option to log in with a 3rd-party provider).

For non-students, the Spotify Premium plan is available at $9.99 per month, and it comes with benefits, too.

2.2.4. Hulu with Sprint Unlimited

You can enjoy Hulu free of charge - not really free anyway - if you’re a Sprint Wireless Network subscriber. This implies that you must be on any of Sprint’s Unlimited plans to enjoy the free Hulu streaming access.

Currently, all Sprint Unlimited wireless plans allow you to stream Hulu on any device for free. However, as with other bundles, you'd be streaming the ad-supported version, which basically costs $5.99 per month. Although Sprint is now part of T-Mobile, this deal is still active - both new and existing customers are eligible for the offer.

The Unlimited plans offered by Sprint fall between $60 and $85 per month for single users. When you purchase any of the eligible plans, you can log in to Hulu on any device using your Sprint credentials. All you need to do is to switch your billing provider from Hulu to Sprint.

You can stream Hulu for free on your smartphone, game console, tablet, TV, or PC. But there’s a limitation here; if you had been paying for Hulu through a third-party provider - let’s say you bought the Disney+ bundle or you pay for Hulu through Amazon Prime - you are not eligible for the Sprint freebie.

This freebie is for Hulu subscribers who have never used the service with 3rd-party providers.

how to get hulu free

How To Get Hulu Free on Sprint?

Interestingly, the offer is available for both new and existing Sprint Unlimited customers. Here are the steps to get Hulu with Sprint:

  1. Open a web browser on your PC or mobile phone and visit
  2. You will need to log in to your Sprint account, and then click on Activate Now
  3. You will be prompted to connect a Hulu account to your Sprint account.
  4. A confirmation message would be sent to you, click on the activation link and activate Hulu with Sprint. You will receive the activation SMS as a text message to your phone number registered with Hulu.

Of course, when you sign up with Sprint, you’ll be signed up to Hulu’s basic plan. If you’d prefer the no-ads version, you will need to upgrade your account directly from When you upgrade your Hulu account, you would no longer access Hulu for free using your Sprint account; instead, you’d now be billed accordingly.

2.3 What Again?

These are just a few ways to access Hulu free of charge or pay a little to gain more. The 30-day trial may be the best bet for you if you're looking to subscribe to the no-commercials version or looking to be eligible for an upcoming deal from a 3rd-party Hulu partner.

More so, several other services offer access to the Hulu streaming network with the aid of addons. For example, you could get the Hulu add-on on Amazon Prime and pay for your subscription together with your Prime subscription. Of course, any of these deals/bundles you're able to secure lets you stream Hulu on any device.

Naturally, Hulu is available as an app for smartphones (iPhone and Android), streaming devices (such as Fire Stick and Roku), smart TVs, and even gaming consoles (the new Xbox and PlayStation models).

You can always cancel Hulu bundles at any time you wish. They work across all devices where you can get the Hulu app. More so, just in case you do not know, it is possible to download Hulu movies to your PC or mobile device - for as long as you have an active Hulu account.

3. How To Download Hulu Movies and TV Shows?

For you to download movies from Hulu, you need to have an active account and you need a tool like the StreamFab Hulu Downloader software. This software is intuitive and easy to use.

 i  Free Download       i  Free Download  

3.1 StreamFab Hulu Downloader

The StreamFab Hulu Downloader software lets you download your favorite movies from Hulu and save them on your system’s local storage. The app is quite different from other Hulu downloaders and it supports downloading movies from all Hulu websites, including the official website and the Japanese version Hulu JP.

StreamFab Downloader grabs your Hulu movies in clear HD quality along with high-quality sound and metadata. It goes on to support batch downloading and the interface is pretty customizable.

Furthermore, this software downloads Hulu movies’ subtitles as SRT or RMX files. It is a comprehensive online video downloader software available for both Windows OS and macOS computers.

3.2 Features of StreamFab Hulu Downloader

Here are the best features of this best Hulu movies downloader software for PC.

1. Download Movies From All Hulu Websites

There are two official websites, this software lets you grab videos from both of them, which includes Hulu JP (the Japanese version of Hulu) and the universal This makes it possible to download your favorite movie or TV show, irrespective of your location.

2. Save Hulu Videos as MP4

StreamFab Hulu Downloader saves the downloaded movies in a common format that can playback on various devices.  Basically, the format is MP4.

3. High-Quality Video and Audio

Interestingly, your Hulu movies will download in high-quality 720p resolution with EAC3 5.1 or AAC 2.0 audio. This quality is suitable for HD playback on various players.

4. Save Subtitles and Metadata

This software downloader saves subtitle files and meta info (when available). This is important for media server users.

5. Batch Downloads and Customizable Interface

You can download lots of Hulu movies at a go, and the interface of StreamFab Hulu Downloader can be changed to suit your taste. More so, you can pre-select the audio and subtitle language for your Hulu movies.

6. Remove Ads with Basic Plan

This downloader would remove commercials that appear in between movies, for Hulu basic plan subscribers. The ads will be gone and you will enjoy the movies without ads.


This article tries to mention the possible ways to get Hulu for free on all devices. You can check them out, and if you need to download Hulu movies for offline viewing without limitiations, use StreamFab Hulu Downloader.