Sometimes, you can't just get the particular movie you want to watch on your favorite streaming platform, and then you may just wondering if it is possible to integrate an add-on that could let you stream that movie. Well, in the case of Hulu, the streaming service supports add-ons, and you can add many of them to your plan. Particularly, this article treats Hulu HBO add-on; this add-on allows you to stream HBO content on Hulu; it is pretty impressive, and below is the detailed info you need to know about this service offering.

Hulu is one the most subscribed-to streaming service in the US. The platform offers a lot of original movies, TV shows, documentaries, and even Live TV. On the other hand, there are some movies and videos that are exclusive to HBO network(s), and you may just want to stream them - even though you're on Hulu.

1. Watch HBO on Hulu via an HBO Add-on for Hulu

Hulu had been the go-to streaming service for cord-cutters, and HBO is arguably one of the top premium channels everyone wants to have on their cable TV. Hence, when you cut the cords and switch to digital streaming, you may also want to have your favorite HBO Max streams with you.

A lot of people don't know, but you can actually access HBO from Hulu if you install the Hulu HBO add-on. Typical of what add-ons do - integrating an external service to your default service/app - the HBO add-on for Hulu lets you stream virtually everything that is available on the HBO Max network. This includes original movies, comedy series, and classics.

Watch HBO on Hulu via an HBO Add-on

However, this Hulu HBO add-on that’s been mentioned here, is not available for free. You will have to pay to have it added to your Hulu account. More so, what to pay is exactly the same charge you’d pay to get HBO Max as a standalone service. So, what’s the essence of adding HBO to Hulu for the same price you’d pay to get it as a standalone service? Well, basically, the advantage is that you’d get to access both Hulu and HBO from one interface and HBO will load in “Hulu style” - both in navigation and playback.

When you add the HBO add-on to your Hulu account, you will the $14.99 HBO subscription fee along with your Hulu plan’s price every month or annually (depending on how you chose your plan).

1.1 How Much Is HBO On Hulu

As mentioned earlier, the HBO add-on for Hulu costs $14.99, approx. $15, and the most basic Hulu plan costs $5.99. So, if you're on Hulu's basic plan and decide to add the HBO add-on, you will have to pay approximately $21 every month. That's still cheaper than what you must have been paying for cable TV. More so, you will get to stream both Hulu and HBO on all your devices, including your TV.

How Much Is HBO On Hulu

However, Hulu's basic plan of $5.99 per month supports ads. The ad-free plan goes for $11.99; If you're on the ad-free plan, adding the HBO add-on will leave you with an approx. $27 on streaming service subscription monthly.

1.2 How To Add HBO To Hulu?

If you are looking for a way to add the HBO add-on to your Hulu plan, here’s a detailed guide to put you through the steps:

Note: Your Hulu account must be active, which means, you must have an activated subscription.

  • Step 1: Open and sign in to your account; if you’re on mobile, you can launch the Hulu mobile app on your Android or iOS device.
  • Step 2: Open your profile and go to the “Account” section. You may be asked to re-enter your password for authentication.
  • Step 3: On your account page, look out for the Subscription option and select “Manage.”
  • Step 4: Click/tap on Add-ons, and get to the Premium Add-ons section. Now, tap/click on the “+” icon on the HBO card.
  • Step 5: Select the “Review Changes” option at the bottom and further click/tap on “Accept.”

That’s it, you have added the HBO add-on to your Hulu account, and you’d be able to stream HBO content with your active HBO Max subscription. Yes, you will need to sign in on HBO with the extension.

1.3 How To Watch HBO Movies On Hulu

After you have installed the HBO extension, you can start watching the movies and documentaries offered by HBO Max. This includes classics from Warner Bros and other notable movie corporations. Furthermore, you will able to stream HBO originals such as The Flight Attendant, Godzilla vs. Kong, Tom and Jerry, Raised by Wolves, Joker, The King of Staten Island, and Birds of Prey: Harley Quinn. There are just lots of exciting movies to stream on HBO, and by adding the add-on to your Hulu account, you’d gain the access to stream all those great movies.

Watch HBO Movies On Hulu

What you should know:

HBO made it clear that its subscribers can stream HBO max from the official Hulu app. This includes streaming HBO live channels, along with on-demand shows and movies. However, Max Originals and some other classic TV shows are only available on the official HBO Max app. That is to say, even with the HBO Max add-on added to your Hulu account, there are certain HBO content that you may not be able to access. More so, you can log in to HBO Max on any device using your Hulu credentials.

So, simply put, the Hulu HBO add-on gives you access to streaming HBO contents across any device and using your Hulu credentials. If you signed up to HBO from your Hulu account, you should always use your Hulu username and password to log in, regardless of the platform or device.

2. Other Available Hulu Add-ons

It may interest you to know that Hulu does not only offer HBO add-on, but it also offers a bunch of other important add-ons to expand your streaming experience. Below is the list of all available Hulu add-ons:

Other Available Hulu Add-ons

2.1 Partner Add-ons

  • ESPN+

This add-on provides you with content from the ESPN+ network, which includes live sports, original programming, and much more. You are not paying to pay an additional fee for this add-on, your regular Hulu subscription covers it.

2.2 Premium Add-ons

  • ShowTime

The Showtime add-on is a premium add-on just like the HBO add-on. Thus, you'll be billed an additional $10.99, along with your regular Hulu subscription charge monthly. 

  • Cinemax

Adding the Cinemax add-on to your Hulu account would cost you an additional $9.99 every month to stream hit movies, action-packed original series, and exclusives from the Cinemax network.


For an additional $8.99 per month, the Starz add-on lets you watch buzz-worthy original series like Power and Outlander. It also lest you stream hit theatrical Hollywood movies.

  • Entertainment

This premium add-on adds the many contents offered by the Entertainment network to your Hulu account. Thus, you will be able to stream American Heroes Channel, Cooking Channel, CNBC World, Crime + Investigation Channel, Discovery Family, and many other channels. The add-on costs $7.99/month.

  • Español

Apparently, the Español add-on lets you stream Spanish channels such as  CNN en Español, Discovery Familia, Discovery en Español, ESPN Deportes, NBC Universo, and History Channel en Español for $4.99/month.

2.3 Feature Add-ons

  • Enhanced Cloud DVR

If you need more cloud DVR storage, this add-on provides you with 200 hours DVR for an additional $9.99/month.

  • Unlimited Screens

As the name implies, this add-on lets you stream on unlimited screens. It also allows you to stream on up to 3 different devices on the go. This add-on costs an additional $9.99/month.

These are all the add-ons offered by Hulu. Asides from the partner add-ons, you will need to pay additional fees for other add-ons.

3. How to Download Hulu Movies on PC

Interestingly, you can download any video of Hulu and other premium streaming services, including HBO Max and Disney+. To achieve this, you need a professional streaming video downloader, and the DVDFab Downloader makes a perfect choice.

                             i  Download for Win    i  Download for Mac 

the best hulu downloader to download streaming videos

The DVDFab Downloader is an all-in-one online video downloader software; it literally supports over 1000 free streaming sites such as YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Twitter, and up to 8 premium sites, including U-Next, Hulu, Netflix, Prime Video, and HBO Max.

With this software app, you can download multiple videos from Hulu at a go. It supports 1080p and 5.1 audio quality. More so, DVDFab Downloader would download your Hulu movies along with their meta info such as the movie title and subtitle.

How to Use DVDFab Downloader

  1. Download and install the software on your PC
  2. Launch it and click on the Streaming Services tab on the left pane
  3. Further click on “Hulu” from the supported streaming services list
  4. Log in to your Hulu account and find the movie you want to download
  5. Play the video, and click the Download Now on the following pop window to download the video immediately - as it is playing.

download hulu shows with DVDFab Hulu Downloader

You can download as many videos as you wish.

Final Words

Now that you got the idea how to add HBO to Hulu if you are already a Hulu subscriber who are highly interested in some of the exclusive HBO contents, just choose according to your need to decide whether you want to access HBO from your Hulu account as an Add-on, or you want to subscribe to HBO separately. After all, by adding HBO add-on to Hulu, there are still some certain contents that are not available this way.

Besides, the Hulu Downloader contained in the DVDFab Dwonloader suite is what you might need in case you want to download Hulu shows or movies for watching in an offline enviroment. The downloaded Hulu videos shall never expire, meaning you can keep them for as long as you wish, and watch them as many times as you want.

                             i  Download for Win    i  Download for Mac 

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