Hulu has been adding premium and original content to its range of shows and movies recently.  You might be engaged in watching an original series on Hulu or reruns of a show you liked before when the streaming platform might crash. This is something that most Hulu users experience at some point in time. The causes could be several among which Hulu keeps buffering is most common. Causes of Hulu buffering could be several, either unstable internet connection or weak Wi-Fi connectivity. It could also be some network issue in your region or location. Here we explore the common problems or Hulu streaming issues that Hulu users often encounter and how they can fix the same.

Hulu Keep Buffering

1. Why Does Hulu Keep Buffering on Your Devices?

It is not unusual that you might find the Hulu service has gone down. It might go down for a specific region or neighborhood or it could be only for certain users. You could try some fixes at home but make sure that the problem is not from the network provider’s side or something that Hulu technicians need to fix. If you wish to know whether your region is facing an outage issue, there are sites you can look up for such data, such as 

Such sites have live outage maps where you can read complaints that other viewers have posted. Also, to know whether Hulu keeps buffering, simply search for hashtag words such as #Hulu or #Huludown on Twitter. This also gives one information as to whether others are facing similar problems in their region. 

Hulu Keep Buffering

There could be issues as per the device you are watching Hulu on which explains why is Hulu so slow. For instance, if you were watching Hulu Live on a smart TV, ensure that your cable network or Wi-Fi connection is working as before. Again, if you are watching on a Firestick, Roku, PS4, or on your PC, ensure that connections are on and as per the same as before. If you are watching on other devices such as on a smartphone or tablet, there might be problems with the Hulu app.

Hence, Hulu keeps buffering or freezing issues with Hulu could arise from different circumstances such as:

  • Unstable or slow internet connection.
  • Outdated application.
  • Device on which you are streaming is of an outdated technology.
  • Incorrect settings of your network that is blocking out streaming of Hulu.
  • Corrupted web browser or Hulu caches.

Hulu Keep Buffering

As per the different Hulu streaming issues, we look into each of the same and how we can attempt Hulu troubleshooting in order to make Hulu streaming smooth and uninterrupted. 

2. How to Fix the Hulu Buffering Issues?

Let us take a look at the different problems that can arise and how to address them:

2.1 Problem with Network Settings

In case network problems persist, check to ensure that your local network provider is allowing Hulu streaming. This certain regions networks come with limited speed which can prevent users from getting to stream this channel in a smooth manner. For such reasons Hulu streaming often buffers or does not stream properly. In such cases, you can try using the internet connection of another provider or try using your cellular data.

Hulu Keep Buffering

2.2 Check Connection Speed of Your Internet

In case the internet connection is slow it could be why Hulu keeps buffering. You could check the guide given inside the channel settings which can test the internet connection. You could check the same on other devices such as mobile devices, computers, smart TVs, gaming consoles, and others. Usually sustained downloads averaging around 3.0 Mbps are a requirement to stream content from Hulu’s library. If you wish to watch live streams on Hulu then the ideal internet speed should be 8.0 Mbps. Also, to get 4K content you need a speed of about 16.0 Mbps. Ensure that your device remains directly connected to the internet. You also need to try power cycling. If this does not work then you need to seek help from your internet service provider.

Hulu Keep Buffering

2.3 Check Wi-Fi Signal

You could try a few things to improve the Wi-Fi signal. For instance, you could try moving the router to another place. Ensure that wireless devices are away from where the router is located. Try to elevate the position of the router. Also, if the router is of outdated technology, replacing it with an updated version will improve Wi-Fi connectivity in your home.

Hulu Keep Freezing

2.4 Restart Devices

Often an issue is fixed easily with a restart. Once the device on which you stream Hulu is restarted, it should work smoothly. Otherwise, you could also try restarting the home network. If you are watching on a mobile device, try restarting the Hulu app. This should solve the buffering issue. With a simple restart, most glitches smoothen out. If the channel freezes on your smart TV, restarting the device or the app will also help. 

Hulu Keep Freezing

2.5 Update App

The latest app version should be ideally used, especially if you are watching on your smartphone or tablet. Check for system updates if you are watching via a smart TV app. usually, guides are available on Hulu Help Center if you need help performing an update. 

Hulu Keep Freezing

2.6 Clear Cache

In case you face Hulu keeps freezing or streaming issues on your computer it could be due to cache files that are corrupted which in turn lead to such problems. In such instances, it is best to clear out the data and cache on your device and try opening Hulu via the web browser. In order to clear out the cache in a web browser click on Settings bar. Here you can click on Options and under Privacy and Settings; you will find data and cookies. Click on the Clear Data option to remove all cache data.

Hulu Keep Freezing

2.7 Reinstall the App

In case you find Hulu keeps buffering on your smartphone or tablet, try uninstalling the app. When you re-install the app, you would be updating the version which usually removes any existing glitches. Once you re-install the app and sign in, you would probably find that any streaming issue that might exist has disappeared. 

Hulu Keep Freezing

3. Other Common Hulu Streaming Issues and Fixes

There can be other issues for which Hulu keeps freezing. For instance:

3.1 Background Apps

These could affect your Hulu connection. It would be best to close background programs and tabs that might be running on your mobile device. It will help speed up the loading time of your video as well as improve the quality of the same. If you are using an Android tablet or phone tap on the overview button and select the Close All option. If you are using an iOS device, swipe up or from below. Swipe up on the apps that are open and close them. To remove tabs open on a browser click on the “X” button. 

Hulu Streaming Issues

3.2 Unstable Wi-Fi

In case you are streaming via Wi-Fi and you find Hulu skipping, it would be best to try and use an Ethernet connection. You can attach your computer or the gaming console you are using to view Hulu with an Ethernet cable. It will help stabilize the connection. Ensure that you have an Ethernet to USB adapter which can help you connect your mobile device with such a cable. You might encounter streaming problems even then. In that case, you need to get your router checked.

Hulu Streaming Issues

3.3 Number of Connected Devices

Through Hulu does allow several people to connect and watch through a single user account and on multiple devices, the reality is that, if many devices connect using the same home internet connection then Hulu troubleshooting needs to be done. You might notice that your internet speed has dropped. To make sure that you enjoy optimal streaming, switch off other devices that connect to the same Wi-Fi connection. This will ensure that your streaming experience is smooth. 

Hulu Streaming Issues

3.4 Address Errors as Per Number

If you come across errors, know what the different numbers represent and address the same. For instance, error numbers 3343, 2203, 3321, and 3322 can be addressed by clearing out the browser’s cache. You would also try uninstalling and then reinstalling the Hulu app. If you come across error numbers such as 3370 in Chrome open Advanced settings and then check to allow sites that play protected content under the Privacy tab. 500 is the number that can be addressed by restarting the Hulu app or the browser. Blu-ray players often have looping content issues. This can be addressed by switching to another device or by restarting the same.

Hulu Streaming Issues

4. Ultimate Solution to Hulu Buffering Issues: Download Hulu Videos to Watch Offline

If you are facing buffering issues, it could also be because you are using mobile data or are in an area where the network connection is poor. This can be common when you are traveling and wish to watch your favorite Hulu shows or movies on the go.  In order to prevent such situations, you could have a stock of your favorite shows or movies ready for watching offline.

Hulu Streaming Issues

4.1 Download to mobile devices with the Hulu app

If you have not explored the Download option, it is easy to do so, especially if you have subscribed to the Hulu No Ads or Live TV package bundle. It will help you get access to downloadable content on your mobile devices. Once you have subscribed to the right plan downloading content on your device through the Hulu account is easy:

  • Ensure that your smartphone or tablet is connected to a secure wireless network or cellular data.
  • Open the Hulu app.
  • Click on Search panel in the global navigation bar.
  • Tap on Downloads from the drop-down menu.
  • You will get several collections to browse through.
  • Select the movie or show you wish to download.
  • When you find the movie title you wish to download click on the Download button on the Details page.
  • If you wish to download TV shows, visit the series page and find the different episodes. You will find the download icon next to the titles. Simply click and allow such content to download and get saved in the Downloads folder.
  • Visit this folder to check the progress of the downloads.

Remember that downloaded files remain in your account and in the device you download for 30 days. Hence if this time period expires and you have not watched some of the downloaded content, you would need to re-download the same. Once you start to watch a downloaded movie or show you need to finish watching the same within 48 hours.

4.2 Download to computers to watch everywhere

To get rid of all the above-mentioned limits that come with the official Hulu app, then you will need to opt for a Hulu downloader software that works on your computer so that you can download Hulu shows and movies to your hard disk drives.

                             i  Download for Win    i  Download for Mac 

Download any video of Hulu

StreamFab Hulu Downloader is here to help you with that purpose. It is a streaming video downloader designed to download on-demand streaming videos specifically from Hulu service. This means, by using this software other than the Hulu app to download videos, not only can you watch Hulu shows and movies completely offline, you can also keep the downloaded Hulu contents for as long as you want. The downloads will never expire on you anymore.

4.2.1 Benefits of StreamFab Hulu Downloader

  1. Download any video of Hulu, no matter which country it is available in.
  2. Download Hulu videos as 720p MP4 videos with EAC3 5.1/AAC 2.0 audio.
  3. Download audios and subtitles of your preferred languages.
  4. Download metadata information to manage the downloads easily with media server.
  5. Transfer the downloaded Hulu videos to play back literally on any device.
  6. Keep the downloaded videos for yourself for your lifetime if you wish.

4.2.2 How to Use StreamFab Hulu Downloader

Check out the details bellows to see how this Hulu downloader software help you with the Hulu download process.

  • Step 1: Download and install StreamFab.

                             i  Download for Win    i  Download for Mac 

  • Step 2: Start the software and move to Streaming Services from the left nav menu.

Download any video of Hulu

  • Step 3: Open Hulu website, login to your account, play the video you are about to download.
  • Step 4: Click on the Download Now button that appears on a popup window to start the downloading.

Download any video of Hulu

That does it! Simple and easy! No brainer at all. Just feel free to grab the downloader and start to download all your favorite Hulu shows and movies to your computer, so that you never have to worry about the Hulu buffering or Hulu freezing issues. It’s the ultimate solution that take care of all the Hulu streaming issues you might encounter.

Hulu streaming service has been around in the US since 2008. Today it is one of the most extensive networks, available across several US territories. It includes an extensive range of movies, shows, and Live TV packages. You can purchase Hulu TV shows with a package called Hulu Disney ESPN bundle that comes with ESPN Plus and Disney Plus as well. As per the package you wish to take up, subscription prices can differ.

Hulu Disney ESPN bundle

Idea is to make a plan that does not include ads. The no ads package comes for $11.99 per month. The live TV bundle among the three Hulu plans comes loaded with features and costs users $64.99 per month. In all these subscription plans you will find the ease of downloading and saving content as well as being able to stream on different devices through multiple user profiles. 

Final Wrap-Up

Hulu keeps buffering can arise due to several issues as mentioned above. With a single Hulu account, you can enjoy watching on several devices and at the same time. However, in case your internet speed is low or network connectivity is disrupted you could face Hulu streaming issue. In case of technical errors in the network, Hulu technicians will be able to help via their customer support center.

In case Hulu buffering is due to your home internet or related device problems, these can be addressed easily as well. Once you have resolved your network problems you will be able to continue watching your favorite shows and movies without disruption.

Also, to enjoy smooth uninterrupted viewing on the Hulu app, you could simply download and save files in your device account. Moreover, if you want to address the issues once and for all, you should definitely grab StreamFab Hulu Downloader, as it not only fixes the Hulu streaming issues of all kinds, but also get rid of all the limitations come with the official Hulu app.

                             i  Download for Win    i  Download for Mac 

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