Hulu is one of the most popular streaming platforms for binging content at the comfort of playing it on any device you prefer. Hulu is used by over 40 Million people for streaming their favorite content on the platform. One of the prominent reasons for this service to be this popular is having multiple plans with different perks and features.

And the generosity of offering Hulu plans at an affordable price comes with the cost of having ads interference. So in this article, we’re going to see what’s up with Hulu ads and Hulu no ads plan, why Hulu has ads and how you can watch Hulu without ads. So without further ado, let’s begin!

1. Hulu No Ads vs Hulu Ads

First up, what are the differences between Hulu’s multiple plans?

Hulu has a basic plan starting with $5.99 with which you get access to all Hulu content but you’ll encounter ad breaks. This is one of the most popular plans from Hulu for casual viewers. This plan is just like how you would be watching live television. If you’re some casual Hulu user who sometimes uses it to watch comedy sketches and some shows then this plan would work for you.

Watching some shorter shows won’t encounter you with many ads, you might probably see one or hardly 2 ads per session but for watching longer shows that’s where it becomes quite annoying. To put things into perspective, you may encounter around 6-7 ad breaks while watching hour-long content. All these ads would be around 60 seconds or longer. As long as you are a casual Hulu user, you would be fine.

Hulu No Ads vs Hulu Ads

But if you’re a serious streamer and like to binge series and shows, paying $6 more for the ad-free experience would be a better choice for you. Ads plan becomes too annoying for binging some series and watching for longer hours, so you might want to go for Hulu without ads.

Hulu has both plans targeted at different audiences, the first with ads plan suits the audience who want some affordable plan which won't be too hard on their pockets and still get all the content from Hulu. Whereas the other Hulu no ads plan is targeted at the people who are willing to pay some extra bucks for removing the advertisement and enjoy ad-free content streaming.

2. Why does Hulu have Ads?

Now, the question in your mind would be… Why does Hulu Have ads? Why are they showing ads when they’re already taking subscription fees? There are two aspects to this question, why is Hulu even including any ads plan in their subscription option?

Firstly, advertisement has been one of the famous methods for all the media providers and television networks for keeping the subscription cost down. By showing some ads, services like Hulu can generate revenue from advertisers who are ready to pay for getting the eyeballs on their brands.

This practice has been going on for ages not only on Live Television but also on the Internet and now also on streaming services. This helps Hulu to set up affordable plans that most users would be willing to pay for. As cheaper prices attract more customers, Hulu would still be able to generate a large user base and that’s what actually happened. It’s a great marketing solution.

Why does Hulu have Ads

Secondly, viewers will be seeing ads only on content that is not in Hulu streaming library. In simpler words, we’re talking about the content that is not owned by the streaming service. With the Hulu ads plan, you would see all the Hulu library content free of advertisements. You would, on the other hand, see advertisements on content that is available on Hulu but not owned by the company. Basically, Hulu is covering up the extra cost for those not-owned content by showing you ads.

3. How much is Hulu without Ads?

Now the question is how much is Hulu without ads?

Hulu has two plans without ads, the first one would cost you $6 more on the basic Hulu plan, which is $11.99 per month. The second Hulu no ads plan is quite expensive, which costs $70.99 per month but it also includes Live TV with your subscription to Hulu.

4. How to skip ads on Hulu?

There are two options with which you can skip ads on Hulu and watch the content ad-free.

4.1 Choose the No Ads Plan

You can simply upgrade your subscription to the Hulu no ads plan and remove the ad serving to enjoy streaming content ad-free. Upgrading to the ad-free plan would cost you around $6 more every month. If you don’t want to upgrade to the ad-free plan and still want to watch Hulu content ad-free, you may want to consider the second option.

4.2 Download Hulu Videos to Watch offline

If you somehow can download Hulu videos for offline viewing, you can ultimately get rid of ads by watching the downloaded content locally on your device. For something like this, you would need a special tool and that’s what we’re going to take a look at.

Download Hulu Videos to Watch offline

4.2.1 Download Hulu Videos with DVDFab Hulu Downloader

You can make use of Hulu Downloader from DVDFab Downloader for downloading and watching content offline. No matter what country you live in as long as you have a DVDFab Hulu offline downloader installed on your computer, you can download any video of Hulu, your favorite movies, shows, or series for offline viewing.

4.2.2 Features of DVDFab Hulu Downloader

  • 720P HD Download as MP4

Using this tool, you can download content from Hulu in 720p HD Quality which would be saved as an .mp4 file format that is compatible with all the devices and media players out there. Audio quality in the downloaded videos would be in the 5.1 channel which is high-quality audio.

  1. Remove ads with Basic Plan

Even with the Basic plan of Hulu, you can simply use this tool to download content and watch without any ads. It downloads complete content without any ads so you can enjoy watching your favorite movie or show without being bothered by ads.

  1. Pre-select & download Subtitle and Audio

Just as you can select different audio and subtitle languages while streaming online, you can do the same while downloading, this tool also gives you the feature to download subtitles along with the show that you’re downloading.

Before downloading, you can choose your preferred audio and subtitle option from the settings panel. It shows you all the available audio and subtitle options.

  1. Download subtitles as .srt external file or incorporate with video as a text subtitle

You not only have complete choice over the audio language and subtitles, but you can also choose to download the subtitles as an external .srt file or remux then directly with the download videos.

If you choose to remux the subtitles within the video, the subtitles will start playing with dialogs within the video, just it happens in online viewing mode. But if you choose to save it as a .srt file, you can import it later while video playback.

  1. Batch Download Movies & Shows

With the batch downloading option, you can download multiple episodes and shows at once, without affecting the downloading speed. It saves a lot of time as you can easily download all episodes of a series altogether instead of doing it one at a time.

  1. Fast Downloading Speed

In Addition to the batch downloading, your download speed remains fast which saves your time and you can get to enjoy your shows just some minutes after hitting download.

  1. Save Meta Info

Apart from saving high-quality video and audio, this tool also grabs and saves meta-information about the shows you’re downloading, such as cast, storyline, title, genre, and other related information. So it remains easy for you to organize your video library later.

With DVDFab Player 6, the best 4K media player software on both Windwos and macOS, you can even choose to build your own media library the way you want.

4.2.3 How to download Hulu Content offline with the help of DVDFab Offline Downloader

Here is a small guide on how you can use DVDFab Hulu Downloader to download and watch Hulu content ad-free offline.

Download Hulu Videos to Watch offline

Step 1 — Download DVDFab Hulu Downloader

You can go to the webpage and download the software for your preferred operating system, or simply use the download buttons here below.

                             i  Download for Win    i  Download for Mac 

Step 2 — Run the installation and install the Program

Upon downloading the installer. You can run the software installation file and wait to finish downloading or installing the application.

Step 3 — Authorize the application

After installation, you’ll need to authorize the software which will require a live internet connection and membership account at DVDFab Member Center.

Step 4 — Downloading with DVDFab Downloader

After your device has been authorized, you’ll see the main interface of the software. From here you can sign in to your Hulu account to browse and download content directly on your device for offline ad-free viewing.

Download Hulu Videos to Watch offline

Step 5 — Organize and enjoy

After downloading or batch downloading content with the help of this tool, you can organize your video with the help of DVDFab Player 6 based on included Meta info like genre, or cast and enjoy watching your favorite shows.


Concluding the article, Hulu has multiple plans targeted at different groups of audiences. From affordable ads plan to some expensive Hulu ad-free content with live TV, Hulu has it all.

On Hulu, viewers will see ads on content that is not in the Hulu library. Still, there are some premium add-ons available on Hulu like HBO max which you can add without ads.

You can remove Hulu ads in two ways. Either by upgrading your plan to Hulu no ads or by using a Hulu offline downloader tool like DVDFab Hulu Downloader to download and enjoy ad-free content even with the basic Hulu plan.

                             i  Download for Win    i  Download for Mac 

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