As the 4th biggest streaming service in the U.S., Hulu has a couple of different options on its subscription plans. How many Hulu plans are there, how much does each Hulu plan cost, and for the price what can you get out the Hulu plan you select? Besides, are there some Hulu packages you can choose to add more juices to your Hulu streaming experience? Read on as we break down the details concerning everything about the streaming service, including the price, the features, and even how to download Hulu offline, etc.,you will surely be able to find what you’re looking for.

Section 1. How Many Hulu Plans Are There?

To maximally cater to all the possible streaming demands from all walks of lives, Hulu offers four different subscription plans covering its streaming catalogs, live TV channels, with or without ads, and of course, with varying subscription fees. Namely, those four Hulu plans are Hulu Basic, Hulu Premium, Hulu Basic + Live TV, and Hulu Basic + Live TV, respectively.

Section 2. How Much Does Each Hulu Plan Cost?

How much is Hulu asking for each of its subscription plans? Obviously, how much is Hulu a month depends on what you want to get access to and whether you can put up with the ads interruptions before, in the middle and after one episode/movie, then you will need to pay differently, starting at $5.99 per month. Here below is the detailed breakdown of how much is Hulu charging you on the four plans.

  1. Hulu Basic: $5.99/month
  2. Hulu Premium: $11.99/month
  3. Hulu Basic + Live TV: $64.99/month
  4. Hulu Premium + Live TV: $70.99/month


As shown, different versions of Hulu cost you differently. There is an obvious $6 gap between the two Hulu Plans with and without the access to the Live TV channels, and with or without ads.

Section 3. What Can You Get Access to with Each Hulu Plan?


So, what exactly will you be able to watch for the Hulu price you are going to pay? Check out the details below:

  1. With Hulu Basic: You get access to the on-demand programming, and you will see ads before and in-between episodes, or in the middle of a movie.
    1. Some classic and modern TV shows from Fox, ABC, NBC, and other networks;
    2. Certain exclusive Hulu original shows, such as The Great, PEN15, etc.
    3. Periodically changing movie catalog, plus some Hulu original movies, such as Happiest Season, Palm Springs and Minding the Gap.
    4. Episodes from current seasons of network series that you won’t be able to find on any other on-demand services.
  2. With Hulu Premium: aka Hulu (No Ads), you can watch all the videos, TV shows and movies from the full on-demand catalog, and you will not be bothered by ads.
  3. With Hulu + Live TV: You will be offered not only the contents from the on-demand library, but also the programs aired on over 65 Live TV Channels that include some of the best channels out there, such as which includes NBC, A&E, VICE, Animal Planet, and The CW. But of course, you also get ads insertions.
    1. The entire on-demand library;
    2. Major cable news from CNN, FOX News and MSNBC;
    3. Professional sports coverage including your local sports networks;
    4. Some typical cable channels like FX, Animal Planet and The Food Network;
    5. Up to 50 hours of cloud DVR recording space.
  4. With Hulu Premium + Live TV: You can binge-watch whatever is included in the full library of streaming catalogs, plus it full lineups of Live TV channels. And, without ads interruptions.

Section 4. Additional Add-ons to Further Customize Your Hulu Subscriptions

Apart from the four Hulu subscription plans, there are some other add-ons that you can opt for in case you want to get even more content from your Hulu streaming experience. Those add-ons can be divided into four categories, partner add-ons, network add-ons, feature add-ons and premium add-ons, respectively.


4.1 Partner Add-ons

  1. ESPN+:  The Live Channel all the sports fans won’t afford to lose is the ESPN+ channel that covers live sports events, original programming, and content from the ESPN+ library. Good news is that Hulu is partnering with ESPN+, so with only an extra $5.99/month on top of your selected Hulu subscription cost, you can get access to all of these on your Hulu app.

4.2 Network Add-ons

Network Add-ons actually contain an Entertainment add-on and an Español add-on.

  1. Entertainment Add-on: with only $7.99/month, you will be able to expand your Hulu streaming into more fields covering cooking, crafting, news and reality TV shows, plus hundreds of movies, from the following channels: 
    • American Heroes Channel
    • CNBC World
    • Cooking Channel
    • Crime + Investigation
    • Destination America
    • Discovery Family
    • Discovery Life
    • DIY
    • Great American Country
    • Military History Channel
    • Science
  2. Español: At $4.99/month, the Español Add-on can further extend your access to Spanish-language live broadcastings and on-demand videos from:
    • CNN en Español
    • Discovery en Español
    • Discovery Familia
    • ESPN Deportes
    • History Channel en Español
    • NBC Universo.

4.3 Feature Add-ons

Feature Add-ons are more about the Hulu streaming platform itself.

  1. Enhanced Cloud DVR: In case the 50 hours of DVR storage cannot meet your demand to record tons of your favorite TV shows, then you can spend $9.99/month more to expand to 200 hours. With this price, you are also given the chance to fast-forward through ad commercials of the contents you recorded.
  2. Unlimited Screens: No matter which of the four Hulu subscription options you’ve selected, you can only stream on two screens simultaneously. If you need more among family members, then you have to spend $9.99/month extra with this feature add-on that allows you to watch concurrently on unlimited devices at the same time.
  3. Enhanced Cloud DVR + Unlimited Screens: Just get the two add-ons as a bundle that costs $14.99/month, saving your $5 back to your pocket than get the two separately.

4.4 Premium Add-ons

Premium add-ons are the one you can expand the on-demand streaming catalogs beyond the Hulu streaming library, regardless of which of the Hulu plans you are with.

  1. SHOWTIME: with $10.99/month, you can get access to some exclusive blockbusters and championship boxing from SHOWTIME, directly on the Hulu app.
  2. HBO Max: At $14.99/month, you can binge-watch some highly popular HBO favorites, including shows, movies and even HBO Max Originals.
  3. HBO only on Hulu: With this add-on, you only get access to the HBO contents that are only meant for the HBO Now users.
  4. Cinemax: At $9.99/month, you can watch hundreds of hit movies, original series plus hours of behind-the-scenes exclusives and clips with Cinemax.
  5. STARZ: At $8.99/month, you can enjoy some buzzworthy STARZ original series and hit theatrical movies.

Section 5. Are There Some Special Deals or Hulu Packages?

Yes, there are some special Hulu packages and deals out there, but that is meant for some special groups of customers.

  • Student Advantage: This is one of the special Hulu subscription plans on offer, but only to students over 18. Qualified users can sign up to the ad-supported Hulu base plan for shockingly $1.99 per month only.
  • Hulu, Disney+ and ESPN+ Bundle: To those who want to watch Disney blockbusters, Hulu exclusives and also sports from ESPN network, then this bundle is the best option to opt for. By $13.99 a month, you can bring your streaming experience up to next level.

Section 6. Download Hulu On-Demand Videos to Watch Offline

To download streaming videos on Hulu for offline watching, you can use the Hulu app to download your favorite shows and movies to certain mobile devices to watch on the go without a Wi-Fi connection. However, do keep in mind that your downloaded streaming videos are attached with an expiration date of 30 days, and you are asked to finish watching a video once begins within 2 days.

If you don’t want to be bound by those limits, then it’s time to usher in another 3rd-party streaming downloader software. The Hulu downloader software form the StreamFab Downloader suite is the one highly recommend for. It is a streaming downloader specifically designed for the Hulu platform that allows you to download Hulu shows to watch offline, without any limitations.


You can keep the downloaded videos for as long as you like, watch the videos as many times as you wish and you don’t have to finish your viewing within a certain time frame, and more importantly, you can transfer those downloaded shows and movies to any devices that you have.

                             i  Download for Win    i  Download for Mac 

Key features:

  1. The downloaded videos are in high quality 720p MP4 files
  2. The audios downloaded can either be EAC3 5.1 or AAC 2.0
  3. The downloaded videos contain no ads no matter which Hulu plan you’re with
  4. Download subtitles and also metadata information
  5. Batch-download multiple TV episodes in one go

It is also extremely simple to download videos. No brainer at all!

  1. Start DVDFab Downloader, click on the Streaming Services tab
  2. Open Hulu website, login to your Hulu account and play the video you want to download
  3. Click the Download Now on the following pop window to download the video immediately.


Final Words

With the streaming competition continue to explode, more big names and small names are joining the war. In the case of Hulu, the 4th biggest streaming platform is trying to lure more potential subscribers by offering different variations of Hulu subscription options, even partnering with some of its rivals. Maybe one day Hulu might be able to challenge Netflix for the streaming king.

When choosing which of the Hulu plans is right for you, you need to both consider your streaming demands, your personal taste, and also your budget. Hulu basic plan costs the least, but it’s ad-supported, Hulu no ads price nearly doubles the base plan but you see no commercials. If you cannot live without those live TV programs you used to enjoy on your cable TV, then you can certainly get them back even as a cord-cutter. Just invest more cash per month, that’s it.

What’s more, if you prefer to watch Hulu videos offline without any strings, then you should absolutely choose the Hulu Downloader mentioned in this article to help you download all your favorite Hulu shows and movies to your computer, and then you have the freedom to transfer them onto any media player, mobile device, tablet, even game console to watch whenever you have time.

                             i  Download for Win    i  Download for Mac 


  1. How many Hulu subscription plans are there you can choose from?

Four. Namely, Hulu Basic Plan (aka Hulu Base plan), Hulu Premium Plan (aka Hulu No Ads plan), Hulu Basic + Live TV and Hulu Premium + Live TV.

  1. How much does Hulu cost on each of its plans?

If you are talking about the four plans above, its $5.99, $11.99, $64.99 and $70.99 per month. But if you want more features and add-ons, that shall cost more of your hard-earned money.

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