Hulu is a famous American on-demand video service that was launched in 2007, which is fully controlled and owned by The Walt Disney Company. Since then, it has been providing advertiser-supported streaming and on-demand videos of numerous series and movies over the Internet. 

Hulu is a popular choice of many, with numerous movies, TV shows, Hulu Originals, and much more it has in store for its viewers. Hulu, Disney+, and ESPN+ are the top three popular Disney streaming platforms in the United States.

You’re most probably familiar with Hulu if you are fond of streaming your favorite series and movies. With Hulu, you can watch all of your favorite content, including TV shows and countless movies, and even rewatch your favorite series or discover much more.

If you’re wondering all about the Hulu subtitles and captions, how to enable/disable them, and how to fix them in case they don’t seem to be working properly, this article is for you!

1. How to Turn On/Off Hulu Subtitles on a Desktop Browser?

You will find closed captions, as well as subtitles, in numerous shows and movies you will come across on Hulu.

Hulu offers subtitles for its viewers, which is incredibly helpful if you are watching foreign-language content, or if you prefer to read along with the character’s dialogues of your favorite shows or movies.

How to Turn On/Off Hulu Subtitles on a Desktop Browser

Whether you prefer no subtitles on Hulu while watching a movie or you really can’t watch any content with subtitles, then this option is for you. We’re going to tell you how you can enable and disable Hulu subtitles:

  • Launch the official website of Hulu on your web desktop browser
  • Choose your favorite show or content that you’d like to watch, and press Play
  • Move your desktop’s cursor to the middle of the screen, and then several viewing options will appear in front of you
  • Click on the gear symbol that will be on the bottom-left of your screen. You can find this next to the volume icon on the screen
  • Then, move your cursor again to the middle of the screen in order to go to the viewing options
  • After going to the viewing options, click on "Subtitles Audio." After clicking on the circle, you will disable the subtitles, and it will no longer show on any Hulu content you watch

That’s it! You can now watch all your favorite Hulu shows and movies without subtitles.

2. How to Enable/Disable Subtitles on Hulu from an Android Device?

We’ve got you covered for enabling and disabling subtitles on Hulu from your desktop browser. If you have an Android device, then this one’s for you. You can now easily enable and disable, whichever you prefer, subtitles from your Android devices by following these simple steps ahead:

  • Open the official Hulu app from your Android phone's home screen
  • Choose any movie or series from Hulu you’d like to watch, and then press Play
  • When the content has started playing, press on the center of your phone’s screen in order to view the video options
  • Click on the gear icon on the top right of your phone’s screen. This will direct you to the video player’s settings
  • Under the Subtitle menu, you can turn the subtitles on and off

How to Enable/Disable Subtitles on Hulu from an Android Device

That’s it. Moreover, you can easily tell whether the subtitles on Hulu are off as the button will no longer be green. You can now enjoy your movie without subtitles. Also, you only need to follow these steps again in order to turn them back on at any time!

3. How to Use Hulu Closed Captions & Subtitles on an iOS Device?

If you’re an Apple user, and you watch Hulu movies and series through your iOS-enabled device, you’d be glad to know that you can easily use Hulu closed captions and subtitles! And we’re going to guide you all the way:

  • Open the Settings app on your iOS device, and then click on Accessibility
  • Go to Subtitles & Captioning, then click on Style
  • Either choose from preset options or tap Create New Style in order to adjust any of the following depending upon your preferences:
    • Font
    • Text Size
    • Text Color
    • Background Color
    • Background Opacity
    • Text Opacity
    • Edge Style
    • Highlight
  • Click on Save after making changes

How to Use Hulu Closed Captions & Subtitles on an iOS Device

Now you can enjoy endless subtitles on Hulu, formatted in the way you’d want to enjoy!

4. How to Use Hulu Subtitles on a Smart TV?

Hulu lets its users enable and disable, and even customize subtitles from their Smart TV. You only need to follow these simple steps:

  • While watching your favorite show or movie on Hulu from your Smart TV, open the control bar with the help of your remote. Usually, you will need to press the ‘up’ button on the Smart TV’s remote.
  • Click on the Settings menu.
  • Open the control bar and go to the Captions & Subtitles section. You can now choose to turn the subtitles "On" or "Off", depending on what you want.

How to Use Hulu Subtitles on a Smart TV

And that is it! However, you can also change the language, font style, and size of the subtitles as well from your Smart TV! And we’re going to tell you how:

  • From the Caption & Subtitles section, go to Language and select any language you prefer
  • Go to the Style page in order to adjust the subtitle’s font style and size
  • Don’t forget to go back to the previous screen in order to save your settings

5. How to fix Subtitles on Hulu Not Working?

At times, you might notice the Hulu subtitles are either not working properly, or they may not be in proper sync with the movie or show that you’re watching. Whatever problem you’re facing, we’re going to guide you through it all.

How to fix Subtitles on Hulu Not Working

Issue # 1: Videos are missing captions/subtitles

If you’re watching your favorite Hulu content, and you notice that captions and subtitles for some particular shows or movies appear to be unavailable, make sure that you have correctly enabled them in the Hulu app 

You will need to check your device’s accessibility settings, and also test other shows or movies. If you notice the same problem in other movies or series, you might need to run these troubleshooting steps for common playback issues.

If you still can’t resolve the issue, you can contact Hulu at

Issue # 2: Captions/subtitles are incorrect

If you notice incorrect captions or subtitles on several movies or shows, you might want to know that before 2014m captions were often paraphrased, therefore, older Hulu content will unfortunately not have word-for-word captions

Moreover, live content such as news and sports is captioned in real-time which are more likely to contain errors.

However, if you notice spelling errors or such in captions and subtitles, you should directly contact Hulu on 

Issue # 3: Captions/subtitles are out of sync

If you notice the captions and streaming video is out of sync, there might have been an issue when starting the video.

  • You can Disable closed captions from the settings, then enable them again for them to start working in sync again
  •  You can also shut down Hulu and restart it again.
  • Test other content on Hulu with the same purpose, and if you find the same problem in other movies and series, you will have to run through troubleshooting steps for common playback issues

If none of the above works, you can, again, contact Hulu and they will solve the issue for you as quickly as they can.

Issue# 4: Captions/subtitles are in a different language

Most content on Hulu has English subtitles, while some have Spanish too.

However, if you notice incorrect captions or Hulu subtitles, you will need to ensure that the subtitle language preferences are set correctly.

  • You will also need to Disable the closed options feature and then enable them again in the correct language again
  • Check the language if available, and try again
  • Check your device’s accessibility settings
  • Test other videos for the same purposes

If the issue is not resolved by troubleshooting, you should contact Hulu for them to further investigate this issue.

Issue # 5: Unable to enable, disable, or format closed captions/subtitles

In case you are facing any of the above issues, it is possible that the video you are watching has them burned in. Moreover, you will not be able to either remove it or format it.

If this doesn’t seem to be the case, you can shut down the Hulu app, as well as the other apps in the background, and then try again. But, you can also head over to your phone’s accessibility settings.

Again, if this doesn’t work, test other content for the same purposes.

Issue # 6: Cannot change the language of closed captions/subtitles

If you are unable to change the subtitles or captions to another language, you will need to disable closed captions or subtitles, and then enable them again.

Or, you can fully shut down the Hulu app, as well as other apps in the background, and launch it again. If this doesn’t seem to be working, head over to your device’s accessibility settings.

Again, you will need to test other videos for the same purpose to see whether other content is facing the same issue or not. If this issue is still not resolved by troubleshooting, you should contact Hulu for them to resolve the issues.

6. How to Download Hulu Videos with Subtitles of Your Choice?

Who doesn’t like to watch their favorite movies or shows while they are offline or on the go? We’ve got great news for you; this is now possible with this amazing software we are going to introduce to you-StreamFab Hulu Downloader.

Download Hulu Videos with Subtitles of Your Choice

With Hulu Downloader, you will now be able to download any video of Hulu and Hulu JP streaming services! Also, it really doesn’t matter where you live- as long as you have StreamFab Hulu Downloader, you’re good to go!

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You only need to follow these 3-simple steps, and you can enjoy endless Hulu content while you are offline:

  1. Click on the StreamFab Hulu Downloader, and then select the Streaming Services option that will be on the left column.

Download Hulu Videos with Subtitles of Your Choice

  1. Go to the official Hulu website, and play any streaming video of your choice.
  2. Now, click the Download Now button on the next popup to start downloading the video.

Download Hulu Videos with Subtitles of Your Choice

When using StreamFab Hulu Downloader, you will be able to enjoy the following features as well:

  • Download any Hulu content and save them as MP4, in video 720p, and audio in either EAC3 5.1 or AAC 2.0 format
  • Remove annoying Hulu Ads with Basic Plan
  • Pre-select any audio and subtitle language
  • Download Subtitles either as External SRT file or Remux as Text Subtitle
  • Batch Download Movies and TV Shows to save time and energy
  • Save metadata information of every content you download in order to organize all your videos

Final Wrap-Up 

And that’s about it. Throughout this article, we told you everything you needed to know about Hulu, and how to use and alter its caption and subtitles feature on numerous devices.

Moreover, we also introduced amazing software, StreamFab Hulu Downloader, which will let you download any video of Hulu even when you’re online!

Over to you! Downloading all your favorite content is just a click away. 

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