Harry Potter is one of the movies many of us would love to watch over and over again. It is obviously among the "top best" magical movies for most teenagers. Somehow, you may want to believe that a movie as popular as Harry potter would be available across all streaming platforms; however, that's not actually true. Unlike other blockbuster movies, Harry Potter is only available on selected streaming platforms.

Now, you may want to ask, is Harry Potter available on Hulu? How would you watch Harry Potter on Hulu? Well, this article explains the various possible ways to stream one of the biggest hit franchises from WarnerMedia - Harry Potter.

1. Where To Watch Harry Potter?

The Harry Potter franchise has eight installments, all of which are available in DVDs and Blu-rays. In fact, the best way to watch Harry Potter is to buy a DVD or Blu-ray. But if you're completely sold out to online streaming, there's still a way to get Harry Potter to play on your screens.

Interestingly, the series made its way to TVs in January 2021 - Harry Potter started streaming on the Peacock channel. However, the movie didn't last on Peacock before it was taken off the platform. Currently, the only place you can stream Harry Potter is on the Syfy channel or USA Network. The eight installations of this franchise were once available on the HBO Max network, but it left the platform after about three months.

If you’re looking for where to stream Harry Potter movies without restrictions, head on to the Syfy channel or the USA Network. A big question on most people’s lips is how to watch Harry Potter on Hulu.

2. Is Harry Potter On Hulu?

Basically, NO, Harry Potter is not available on Hulu, and technically, YES, Harry Potter is available on HULU. Don’t get it twisted, here is what it means.

If you’re a Hulu subscriber, there is no way you can watch Harry Potter on the network, as it is not available as VoD or seen in any category on the Hulu network. In contrast, if you add the Live TV package to your Hulu plan; that is to say, if you get the Hulu + Live TV package, you will be able to access the Syfy channel and USA Network, which are the two channels where you can watch the eight installments of the ever-interesting wizarding movie, Harry Potter.

Now, it points down to the fact that you have to tune to USA Network or the Syfy channel at specific times when they’d be airing Harry Potter, instead of being able to see the movie at any exact time you wish. If you check the Syfy wizarding movies page, Harry Potter is the featured movie, and you can watch the entire 8 installments from this network.

So, how can you get Syfy or the USA Network on your preferred device: computer, TV, smartphone, streaming device, etc.?

3. How To Get The Syfy App on Your Device?

Interestingly, the Syfy app is available for mobile smartphones, and the channel is also available on Hulu + Live TV, YouTube TV, and FuboTV. If you have any of these networks, here’s how to stream Harry Potter online - without needing to purchase the disc.

4. How To Stream Harry Potter On Hulu Network?

First things first, you need to be on the Hulu + Live TV package, which costs $64.99 for the ad-supported plan. Well, you could get a 7-day free trial if it is going to be your first time signing up on Hulu.

Already signed up to Hulu + Live TV? You can go on right away to access the Syfy app and note down the time Harry Potter series would be streaming.


  1. When you have fully registered on the Hulu network, head to the store and install the Syfy app; you will need to search for the app using the search function.
  2. Choose the option to add/install the Syfy app to your Hulu account, and then launch it after installation.
  3. That’s it, once you have the Syfy channel on your network you can check out the time for Harry Potter streaming and note it down.

In the same way, you can get the USA Network channel on Hulu + Live TV and stream Harry Potter series on the channel. One of the biggest turn-offs about this method of watching Harry Potter is that you don't actually have the flexibility to watch the movie at any time you like. You can only watch the movie when it is streaming on either of those aforementioned channels. A lot of people would yet prefer to purchase the DVD or Blu-ray from Amazon or any other store that sells premium movies.

5. Is Harry Potter Available On Netflix, YouTube, and HBO?

Unfortunately, even though Harry Potter is a WarnerMedia franchise, and the same WarnerMedia owns the HBO Network, the movie is unavailable on HBO Max. It did appear on HBO's streaming service but only lasted for some months before it disappeared.

Harry Potter has never been on Netflix and YouTube; neither is it available on the Hulu streaming network. Hulu + Live TV subscribers can only get to stream Harry Potter because they could get the Syfy channel and USA Network.

6. Can You Stream Harry Potter For Free On Hulu?

Unless you’re a new subscriber, there is no way you can stream Harry Potter for free on Hulu. New Hulu + Live TV subscribers are provided with a 7-day free trial period; within this period, your card won’t be charged and you can access the Syfy and USA Network channels, which are channels that stream Harry Potter on the Hulu network.

So, literally, streaming Harry Potter for free on Hulu simply implies watching the series while still on the free trial period offered to new Hulu subscribers.

7. Want To Download Harry Potter Movies?

Actually, it is possible to download videos, movies, and TV shows from Hulu, but this requires using a Hulu Downloader software. This software differs from the regular online downloaders that many people know about. With StreamFab Hulu Downloader, you can download any video from the Hulu network in clear HD quality and 5.1 audio. More so, this downloader saves your movie info (subtitles and meta info).

7.1 StreamFab Hulu Downloader

The StreamFab Hulu Downloader runs smoothly on Windows and macOS computers. It downloads Hulu movies as fast as possible and saves the subtitles as SRT or RMX files. As an all-in-one downloader software, the StreamFab Downloader supports a bunch of streaming services, including free and paid options.

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7.2 How To Use StreamFab Hulu Downloader?

To get started, you need to download and install the StreamFab Hulu Downloader on your MacBook or Windows computer. After installation, you can go ahead to launch the software and follow the guide below:

 i  Free Download    i  Free Download  

First Step:

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Second Step:

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Third Step:

StreamFab Hulu Downloader will automatically start downloading the movie as it plays. You can go back to download other Hulu movies too. All downloads will appear on the “Task Queue.”

7.3 Features of StreamFab Hulu Downloader

Here are the best features of StreamFab Hulu Downloader software for PC.

1. Download Movies From All Hulu Websites

This software downloads movies from the universal hulu.com and Hulu JP (the Japanese version of Hulu).

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3. High-Quality Video and Audio

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4. Save Subtitles and Metadata

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5. Batch Downloads and Customizable Interface

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6. Remove Ads with Basic Plan

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You can stream Harry Potter on Hulu if you are a Hulu + Live TV subscriber. The streaming is available on USA Network and Syfy. If you need to download some other Hulu movies, StreamFab Hulu Downloader is the best software to use.