DVDFab Media Player for Mac

DVDFab Media Player for Mac

DVDFab Media Player for Mac, is a cutting-edge Mac Blu-ray media player software. It finally brings the amazing high-definition Blu-ray viewing experience onto Mac OS X. DVDFab Media Player for Mac is an amazing Mac video player that plays all the video formats you have, with up to 1080p resolution, Blu-ray discs, ISO image files and folders with native navigation menus, as well as HEVC (H.265), UHD (Ultra High Definition) and 4K videos.

Hmm, this video player is nice, small, and very user friendly. It plays my MKV, MP4 and AVI videos smoothly. And it has different skins!

-- from Gracey on macupdate.com

Navigation Menu Support on Blu-rays

World's best Blu-ray media player for Mac to play Blu-rays with a genuine navigation menu on iMac, MacBook series and Mac Pro, with top class viewing and controlling experience, just like what you get on a hardware Blu-ray player.

dvdfab media player for Mac feature 1

Play HEVC, UHD and 4K Videos

Overall support to play HEVC (H.265), UHD and 4K videos with amazingly high audiovisual quality. In other words, it turns into a Mac HEVC player or Mac 4K UHD video player upon your request.

dvdfab media player for Mac feature 2

Play Videos of All Formats Free Forever

This Mac video player will not cost you a nickel as long as the videos you are playing are non-H.265, UHD or 4K videos.

dvdfab media player for Mac feature 3

Play Videos from Online Channels

With the help of some third party add-ons, you will be able to watch Internet videos from hundreds of online channels, including but not limited to the trailers from Apple, etc. All of a sudden, you get a sea of videos right on your Mac, which you can spend a lot of quality time on.

dvdfab media player for Mac feature 4

Remotely Control the Video Playback

Via the Apple Remote, or our beautifully designed Web Remote from any of your mobile devices like an iPhone, iPad, or any Android phone or tablet, you can remotely control the video playback from any corner of the room, without the hassle to get up. Just sit down in the sofa and enjoy every detail of the story.

dvdfab media player for Mac feature 5

Convert Videos for Apple devices

Working together with DVDFab Video Converter Lite for Mac ( get it here ), it allows you to convert all your videos into correct formats for playing on iPod, Apple TV models, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPad Air 2, iPad mini 3, etc. It even enables you to convert Blu-ray ISO image files and folders, or start the conversion from the current playback point.

dvdfab media player for Mac feature 6

Easier Control with Trackpad Gestures

A full set of gesture supports make the video playback control easier than ever on your MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and the Magic Trackpad that works in conjunction with your desktop Macs. Taps, swipes, and pinches, just let your fingers be in charge of the playback control.

dvdfab media player for Mac feature 7

Designed to Work with Keyboard Shortcuts

In favor of keyboard operation? Not a problem either. Video playback control also works with a full collection of keyboard shortcuts. Just dance your fingers on the buttons and the video playback will respond to each of your button presses, timely and precisely.

dvdfab media player for Mac feature8

Preview the Storyline with Thumbnails

Want to sneak peek at what the movie is all about, before actually sitting down to spend 90 minutes on it? Simply click the Preview button from the Toolkit, you can preview the detailed storyline with real-time thumbnails marked with precise time points. Click anyone to play the movie from that given time point.

dvdfab media player for Mac feature 9

Add Your Own Customizable Playlist

Want to quickly choose the movie you want? Just add them into your own playlist, as this video player for Mac offers a useful Playlist feature that lets you create a customizable list with your favorite movie titles.

dvdfab media player for Mac feature 10

How-to Guide

DVDFab Media Player for Mac is a cutting-edge Mac Blu-ray software which can play all kinds of DVD/Blu-ray discs/ISOs/folders and videos including HEVC (H.265), UHD and 4K videos, with 1080p and higher video experience.

dvdfab media player for Mac guide 1
dvdfab media player for Mac guide 2

Run DVDFab Media Player for Mac

Double click DVDFab Media Player to start it. If the source you want to play is a disc, go to Preference > Play Mode to select a play mode you want to use. If you select Simple Mode, the player will start to play the featured movie title as soon as it detects a disc in the drive. If you choose Menu Mode, it will begin with the navigation menu.


Load the source to play

Insert the DVD/Blu-ray disc you want to play into the optical drive, and click the drop-down button in the center of the interface to choose Open Disc if this is your first time to play disc with Media Player. If the source is an ISO file or a folder, or video, you can simply drag and drop it into Media Player for playing. When the playback starts, you can control the playback process from the Mac menu bar, or by right-clicking on the playback screen, and then click various tabs from the contextual menus.

System Requirements

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