Choose Burning Engine:

Currently, only the built-in DVDFab burning engine is supported, other burning engines to be supported in the future.


Write Speed:

Choose reasonal burnning speed per your writer and blank media’s capability.

Keep in mind: slower in speed, the better in quality.


Write Type of DVD-R Media:


Packet writing: Apply to all DVD drives which can write DVD-R;


SAO writing: Apply to most newer DVD drives;

With either way, the resulting disc is compaible with both computer drive and standalone DVD player. Technically, DVDFab burnning engine will choose SAO if your facility is capable of, otherwise Packet Writing. Leave it to Auto for more credible result if the supportative status of your facility is unconfirmed.


DVD/Blu-ray Writable Media Size:

4300 MB for DVD-5 and 8100 MB for DVD-9 is recommened.

The recommended size for BD-25 is 23000 MB, and 43000 MB for BD-50 size.

Users also can customize the size by the drop down selector.

Bear in mind: Burning too close to the disc edge might increase the potential of playback issue.


Overwrite rewritable media automatically

Check this option to allow system overwrite the rewritable media automatically.


Set booktype to DVD-ROM (only for DVD+R/RW media):

Some standalone players are more friendly with DVD-ROM booktype, click this option to make the resulting disc more compatible. Note that not all drives support this feature.


Do not eject disc when burning finished:

Check it or leave it alone per your taste.


Verify disc after burning finished:

This additional feature serves as a checksum whether or not the disc is burnt properly.