Media Player UI Walkthrough

Accompanying each and every new release of DVDFab Media Player, there is an illustration picture coming up the first time you start the program after installation or update. Technically, we call this picture the UI Walkthrough which, as its name indicates, shows you how a new feature works. In order not to bother you too much, each UI Walkthrough will be shown only once, but you can click that picture and then come to this page, where you will find the detailed explanation about the new feature, and also, all the other new features of earlier versions. Just click one of the "Learn More" buttons below to dig deeper into a specific new feature.

Preview storyline with real-time thumbnails

Wanna browse briefly the major scenes of the video, just to make sure it shall worth the two hours you are going to spend on it? Now with the newly delivered Preview feature, you get a better way of doing that.

Make more out of your keyboard

In order for those who prefer keyboard shortcuts to use DVDFab Media Player in a friendly way, we designed a collection of hotkeys. You will find it interesting and useful when dancing your fingers among the buttons, just to experience a totally different way of video playback control.

Let your hands gesture control the video playback

Get in touch with DVDFab Media Player and get in touch with the video playback! On the Trackpads of you MacBooks, or even the Magic Trackpad that works with your Mac desktops, you are now able to control the video playback with a full set of hand gestures.

Remotely Control the Video Playback

Time to dump the cumbersome mouse and keyboard! Just pick up your Apple Remote, and enjoy the best ever playback control experience while sitting comfortably in the sofa with your family, watching a homemade new year video.

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