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Rio de Janeiro, 1950. Eurídice, 18, and Guida, 20, are two inseparable sisters living at home with their conservative parents. Although immersed in a traditional life, each one nourishes a dream: Eurídice of becoming a renowned pianist, Guida of finding true love. In a dramatic turn, they are separated by their father and forced to live apart. They take control of their separate destinies, while never giving up hope of finding each other.


António Fonseca, Carol Duarte, Cristina Pereira, Fernanda Montenegro, Flávia Gusmão, Flavio Bauraqui, Gillray Coutinho, Gregório Duvivier, Hugo Cruz, Júlia Stockler, Luana Xavier, Maria Manoella, Nikolas Antunes, Samuel Toledo


Karim Ainouz



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