If you are an adventure movie buff you would want to watch your favorite movies on demand.
Of course, the easiest way to do this would be to visit the neighborhood video store. This isn’t always possible though.
When that’s so, you could browse for the best Netflix adventure movies to take your pick, or download Netflix videos for offline viewing.
Here then is a list of the best adventure movies on Netflix you could add to your viewing list of the best action and adventure movies on Netflix.

1. How to download adventure movies on Netflix?

DRM video downloader is the best HD video downloader. Till now, it allows users to download videos from Netflix easily. Also, it supports Disney+ video download. In a near future, this Netflix downloader will also enable users to download videos from Hulu, Amazon, and HBO video streaming websites.

Features of DVDFab DRM Video Downloader:

  • Support video streaming websites like Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, Amazon and HBO
  • Download videos up to 1080p with 5.1 audio tracks output
  • Support subtitles download and meta information download
  • Download episodes in batches, 10 times faster than the normal speed
  • Download new releases automatically to keep up with various websites’ program

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How to download best adventure movies from Netflix

How to use DVDFab DRM Video Downloader to download the best adventure movies:

  • Step 1: Get this Netflix downloader launched on Windows 10/8.1/8/7
  • Step 2: Click DRM Video Downloader on the left and choose a video streaming website like Netflix
  • Step 3: Sign in with your Netflix account
  • Step 4: Choose your favorite video and Play it
  • Step 5: Wait for DVDFab DRM Video Downloader to download a video automatically

DVDFab DRM Downloader

2. Best adventure movies on Netflix

Here, there are 7 adventure movies listed for your reference. pick your favorite and start Netflix download.

(1) The Foreigner (2007)

Quan (played by Jackie Chan) is an ordinary humble businessman in London whose teenage daughter is killed by a terrorist group.

Adventure movies on Netflix

He sets out for revenge and in his search for the killers and comes face-to-face with an Irish government official played by Pierce Brosnan who might have a link to the killers.
The Foreigner is certainly one of the best action adventure movies on Netflix.

(2) Den of Thieves (2018)

A notorious band of bank robbers from California plans to rob the Federal Reserve Bank after learning that the FRB withdraws about 120 million dollars from circulation and destroys the cash.

Netflix choose your own adventure

The LA County Sheriff's Department is hot on their heels as the robbers plan the almost 'impossible' heist.

(3) Just Getting Started (2017)

An ex- FBI agent and a retired mob lawyer live in a tiny resort and are petty rivals on the golf course.  But they had to team up when a mob threatens their otherwise happy retirement.

Best adventure movies on Netflix

This action movie has a big dose of comedy thrown in with two Hollywood A-list - Morgan Freeman and Tommy Lee Jones - actors in lead roles

(4) Doctor Strange (2016)

This is an action-adventure movie with a huge dose of sci-fi and fantasy elements thrown in.
Stephen Strange is a leading neurosurgeon who seeks to build a new life after an auto accident puts an end to his career.

Adventure good movies to watch

In his quest for a better future, he comes into contact with the mysterious Ancient One who mentors him to defend the Earth by making him the future Sorcerer Supreme.
He must now rise to the challenge of protecting the Marvel Cinematic Universe.by employing his newly-acquired metaphysical abilities and other 'weapons' in his arsenal.
You would certainly vote this flick as one of the best adventure movies on Netflix.

(5) Wonder Woman (2017)

Diana is an Amazonian princess trained to be a fearsome and unconquerable warrior.
The turning point in her life comes when a plane crashes near her kingdom and the pilot tells her of a massive conflict brewing in the outside world.

Hollywood best adventure movies list

She takes it upon herself to lend a hand to defeat the forces of evil and end the raging war. In the process she discovers her hidden potential and the role she had been cut out for.

(6) Dunkirk (2017)

A1940 invasion by Adolf Hitler's Nazi military forces sees 300,000 Allied soldiers trapped on the shores of Northern France.

 Top adventure movies on Netflix

An epic battle ensues in the attempt to evacuate these stranded military men.
This action movie has a great measure of military and war action.

(7) Death Wish (2018)

Bruce Willis reprises the role played by Charles Bronson in the 1974 classic. A law-abiding man takes matters into his own hands when his wife and daughter become victims of violent attack.
When the authorities little interest in solving the crime, the hero sets out for revenge.

Netflix adventure

The availability of the above best action and adventure movies on Netflix is not limited to video streaming.  They are also available as DVD and Blu-ray discs through Netflix’s rental service which delivers the discs to your doorstep.
If you subscribe to the Netflix DVD rental service, you could use the DVDFab DVD Ripper to convert your DVD movies to popular video and audio formats playable in most devices.

3. Rip Netflix adventure for free

DVDFab DVD Ripper is available for a free 30-day trial.
After downloading and installing it, you may follow the steps below to rip your DVD movies to your preferred video or audio format.

How to Rip and Convert the Best Adventure Movies on Netflix to Your Preferred Format

On launching DVDFab, choose the Ripper module and import your DVD movie by clicking on the + button.

Rip Netflix adventure DVD

Next choose your preferred device and the format.

Rip best adventures movies with DVDFab DVD Ripper

Before you proceed to rip your DVD movie, you're allowed to customize your output video
Click on the spanner icon for Advance settings. Here you can set your desired resolution, output quality and more.
If you wish to do minor edits to your video before conversion, click on the “editor”icon, next to the spanner icon.  You may trim your video, add watermark or subtitles if you wish.
And you are also able to choose the titles, chapters, audio tracks and subtitles.

Edit Metflix adventure movies

Once you’re done, select your output directory and hit the Start button to rip your DVD.
You’ll see for yourself how quickly, easily and stably you could rip your DVD selection of the best adventure movies on Netflix to any popular video format.
Download the DVD Ripper and give it a try today.

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