We human beings have been asking questions like “are there aliens out the earth?” or “if aliens do exist, are they friendly or not?”. Even though some truths have told us that there are no aliens, lots of directors keep curiosity on them. Is there any chance you do, too? If the answer is positive, then come to Netflix which has upped their alien movies. To save your time, we have listed the best alien movies on Netflix. Keep reading to see if there is anyone you are interested in.

1. Top 5 Best Alien Movies on Netflix

1.1 Assimilate

The top one best aline movie on Netflix listed here is Assimilate. This is a sci-fi horror movie with a relatively small budget. You might notice this where effects concerned, but it doesn’t matter. Because this alien movie is all about people being copied and replaced and there is a high possibility that you lose both yourself and the one you love.

best alien movie on netflix

Three friends, Zach, Randy, and Kayla, make a web series to record their lives in a small-town Missouri, only to find out something they ever expected - their community has been invaded by aliens. These insect-looking creatures will bite you. And once bitten, it seems that you will be copied and destroyed. Some friends in the group have been killed and overrun by these aliens guised as their identical copies, so the others in the group struggle to disseminate the truth to the world.

Audience Reviews:

“I loved this movie a lot, the whole idea and everything. It’s terrifying to see everyone go all out and try to kill your family. This movie is great, suspenseful, scary, and downright terrifying. I recommend this movie to anyone who is willing to watch a different take on the invasion horror.” ----from Google

“Assimilate, for better or worse, is happy to be around. Is glad to be watched. Is fortunate to be allowed in our eyes. It’s very much a humble film, and that’s rare.” ---from rottentomates.com

1.2 The Endless

The Endless is also a low-budget alien movie on Netflix. Unlike the Assimilate, aliens don’t flood on the screen in an invasion but do remain in the background of this film through the character’s thoughts and actions.

top 5 best alien movies on netflix

Two brothers who grew up in a UFO cult are convinced to return to the campground of their youth as they find out their old cult members haven’t get aged. As they remain in that area, they figured out that these members are stuck in wired time loops as events strangely repeating around them, wormholes from other realities, and something is menacing in the sky.

Audience Reviews:

“Slow start, but the end made it kind of worth it. This is the style of film that you want to follow to see how it concludes. There is an eerie vibe throughout and the dialogue itself makes this movie interesting. “   ----from IMDB

“What a great little gem! I’ve watched this film three times - something I very rarely do. What I value the most about this film is the storyline. The story is tight, and simple, and clever, which is a lot more than what I can say about many mainstream sci-fi blockbusters.” ----from IMDB

1.3 Time Trap

Time Trap is one of the best alien movies on Netflix that related to time. Though this Netflix alien movie contains some cliches, it is still a good movie with an awesome time-bending idea.

best alien movies on netflix

Hopper, a Texas archaeology professor, disappears after setting out to find his hippie parents, who also disappears in the 1970s. And Hopper’s teaching assistants, Taylor and Jackie, decide to look for their vanished mentor.  As a result, they are trapped inside a mysterious cave and find out that time passes differently underground than on the surface.

Audience Reviews:

"In the moment... it’s entertaining and chock-full of enough deliciously weird interludes that it’s impossible to be too harsh." ---from rottentomatoes.com

"A clever concept, brisk tempo, and filmmakers willing to get absolutely nutty when necessary." -- from rottentomatoes.com

1.4 Beyond Skyline

If you are into watching human beings kick the crap out of an alien, then this alien movie certainly delivers. This best alien movie on Netflix tells a story that how a father, Mark who is a tough Los Angeles cop, and his son fight as a team to back against an alien invasion that breaks pretty much every story-telling rule without so much as a second glance.

top best alien movies on netflix

At the beginning of the story, some people get sucked onto a ship, and soon Mark, Trent and a few stock types are in an alien ship, besieged by fearsome creatures. Eventually, the humans find themselves in Laos after the alien ship crashes.

Audience Reviews:

"Beyond Skyline becomes an enjoyable loopy thrill-ride, full of sudden shifts and turns." --from rottentomatoes.com

"A mindblowingly silly, eriously extravagant and really mostly un-called for experience, but one the right audience will have a totally wild and unexpected blast with."---from rottentomatoes.com

1.5 We Can Be Heroes

The above-mentioned best alien movies on Netflix are thrilled, horrified, or filled with blood. However, not all alien movies need to be filled with gore or existential dread. That’s how We Can Be Heroes performs.

This alien movie centers on kids with superpowers whose parents are superheroes. However, with the aliens invading the earth, their parents get captured. In order to save their parents and also the Earth, these kids with superpowers decide to work as a team and finally beat the alien.

Audience Reviews:

“We Can Be Heroes is one of the best alien movies on Netflix for kids”. --- from rottentomatoes.com

“We Cab Be Heroes is one of Rodriguez’s strongest entries in his eclectic career. That might sound a little silly, but the film is packed full of imagination and is genuinely accessible to a vast number of people of all ages.” ---from rottentomatoes.com

2. How to Save These Best Alien Movies on Netflix to PC?

Movies or videos can be replaced or removed on Netflix due to some reasons, such as copyright issues. So, after learning these top 5 best alien movies on Netflix, have you been thinking a question: how to save them on my own computer in case they are no longer available? If you do, then please keep reading. We are going to introduce you to a very professional Netflix alien movie downloader - StreamFab Netflix Downloader.

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2.2 How to use the Netflix movie downloader?

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In the End

In this article, we have covered the best alien movies on Netflix as well as how to download them so you can watch them whenever you want to. Of course, Netflix equips itself with a vast library, including various genres, such as British shows, animes, Netflix originals, etc. Now, it’s time to enjoy great movies on Netflix!