Are you in the mood for some murder shows? There are tons of incredible crime shows on Netflix. Don’t know which one to choose? Well, we have got you covered with our good collection of the best crime shows on Netflix. From documentaries to Netflix originals, you will find it all. There are a good number of options to tempt you.

1. Can You Find Crime Shows on Netflix?

In case you are in the mood for a foul murder show to binge-watch, Netflix has got you covered. On Netflix, you are going to find a whole range of crime shows to watch. From documentary series to the best Netflix originals, you are going to find it all. In fact, the list of crime shows available only continues to grow.

2. Top 20 Best Crime Shows on Netflix 2021

So, if you are waiting for the best crime movies on Netflix, check out this exciting list of best true crime on Netflix.

1) The Trials of Gabriel Fernandez    

It is one of the best crime documentaries on Netflix. But let’s warn you, it isn’t an easy watch. In fact, the show itself goes out of its way to ensure that you are aware of this before you start watching through a disclaimer. This hangs on the screen for almost 20 seconds. The show documents things that will disturb you. However, it doesn’t feel exploitative.

Top 20 Best Crime Shows on Netflix 2021

It is one of the few true crime documentaries on Netflix and it talks about an 8-year old boy Gabriel Fernandez who had been beaten and tortured to death by his mother and her boyfriend. He suffered for 8 months before succumbing to death. The LA DA decided to prosecute not just the mother and her boyfriend but also the social workers who had been assigned to the case of Gabriel as they downplayed the obvious signs of abuse. This is one of the best crime documentaries on Netflix and is grueling. However, it manages to point out the flaws in the government system that has been created to protect kids from violence.

2) The Sinner

If you have enough of the best crime movies on Netflix, catch this crime show on the platform. The series opens with a crime whose perpetrator is revealed, immediately. The question isn’t whodunit but why. In fact, this is why many people enjoy crime dramas so much. The unveiling mystery makes it thrilling to watch. However, The Sinner is one of the best crime shows on Netflix that deals with the psychology of crime.

Top 20 Best Crime Shows on Netflix 2021

The mystery is associated with the past of the person who has committed the heinous crime. It is an underrated series but it manages to deliver a solid case every time. It is a good show for a weekend binge-watch. The three seasons of the show have three different stories to tell.

3) Making a Murderer

This is another one of the best documentaries on Netflix. The show is an addictive watch. Its story is too-insane-to-be-true and will make you click on the ‘Next Episode’ button as the facts don’t just add up. This documentary series enumerates the story of Steven Avery, the man who had been wrongfully convicted of murder.

Top 20 Best Crime Shows on Netflix 2021

So, he had to serve 18 years in prison. Many years later, after his release, he had been charged again for another murder. This was a case of controversy and involved the 16-year old nephew of Avery. The show is steeped in tragedy and is tough to watch.

4) Collateral

This is a prestigious Netflix true-crime series made in the UK. The events in the show take place in London over the course of just 4 days, following the shooting of a man who delivered pizza. But the detective inspector, played by Carey Mulligan refuses to accept the killing as a random murder.

Top 20 Best Crime Shows on Netflix 2021

She goes on to search for the darker truth behind the murder. There are racial, social, and political implications to the murder. The dialogues elevate it to a compelling and best true crime on Netflix.

5) Dead to Me

If you are up for some fun crime shows, ‘Dead to Me’ is worth a watch. Judy played by Linda Cardellini and Jen played by Christina Applegate. Jen’s husband died just 3 months back in a hit-and-run accident, while Judy’s fiancé died 8 weeks ago because of a heart attack. It is over their mutual anguish that they develop a friendship. Eventually, Judy moves into Jen’s house and a great friendship is formed. But is it really great?  You have to watch to find out.

Top 20 Best Crime Shows on Netflix 2021

You will find an impressive performance by Cardellini and Applegate. The series has a mix of pathos and humor. You never know what the twisty Dead to Me is actually up to.

6) Mindhunter

If you are a crime thriller buff, make sure that you don’t miss out on one of the best crime documentaries on Netflix. It is David Fincher and this alone is a great reason to check it out. It is a little like the Silence of the Lambs. 

Top 20 Best Crime Shows on Netflix 2021

The show follows two FBI agents Holden Ford and Bill Tench as they set out on a journey to interview the prisoners to find out why they did what they did. They are looking to develop a profile that will help the FBI in the future to catch these types of killers. The show is set in the 1970s. It is the best crime shows on Netflix.

7) The Innocent Man

This is a 6 episode true-crime series you can watch on Netflix. It is an impressive outlier. As true crime rage in the TV world, it had primarily been popular in the booking form written by John Grisham.

Top 20 Best Crime Shows on Netflix 2021

Sure the book might be more popular than the series but that doesn’t make the show less worthwhile. It is a fiction tale of two murders and their possible false conviction in Oklahoma town. The series is wildly compelling and insightful.  

8) The Staircase

This is another one of the best crime documentaries on Netflix. It is nerve twisting and gut-wrenching. The show has 13 episodes that give you an overview of the American judicial system, the lies we tell ourselves, the homophobia of the system, the limitations of empathy, and the masks people put on.

Top 20 Best Crime Shows on Netflix 2021

The main question of the series is did Michael Peterson, the novelist, kill Kathleen Peterson, his wife by bludgeoning her to death and pushing her down the stairs, or did she fall by accident? What you think about Mr. Peterson is going to change from one word to the other. Your opinions on different odd lawyers involved will throw light on how you will view a courtroom case after the show.

9) Bodyguard

Its opening scene is going to hook you to the screen. The show doesn’t really let up in the first 6 episodes of the first season. It follows a police offer by David Budd played by Richard Madden who is given the job of guarding the life of Julia Montague, the Conservative Home Secretary during a political crisis. 

Top 20 Best Crime Shows on Netflix 2021

Budd’s background and personal life are eventually revealed throughout the show that makes the viewers question if the truth is a potential villain or a true hero. If you have liked Homeland, you will like this, too.

10) Killer Inside: The Mind of Aaron Hernandez

This is another of the best crime documentaries on Netflix. The show delves into the drug use of Hernandez after the death of his father. It shows how he became a part of a bad crowd, in spite of being an excellent football player. He had been recruited by several colleges but he tried escaping his demons. He snubbed hometown UConn for Florida. However, it just intensified down there. When he returned to England to play in the pros, he started believing he was untouchable.

Top 20 Best Crime Shows on Netflix 2021

But when their would-be brother-in-law threatened to reveal his ultimate secret that he is a bisexual, he just shot him in cold blood. But his brother-in-law wasn’t the only victim. He had killed two other people and had almost killed the 4th man. It is just a sad story.

11) Peaky Blinders

Cillian Murphy starrer rock n’ roll gangster crime drama is set in 1919 in Birmingham, the West Midlands industrial city. Murphy is a veteran soldier and is a kingpin of the notorious Shelby family. Sam Neill plays the role of a ruthless inspector who is on the lookout to dismantle the organization.

Top 20 Best Crime Shows on Netflix 2021

Azure-eyed Tommy Shelby showcases the multidimensional anti-hero. As for the shows or gang’s namesake, pictures of razor blades are sewn into the brim of the cap of the wearer. You will get to see the eye-gouging and head-butting viciousness of the Peaky Blinder. It is one of the best crime shows of the present times.

12) Manhunt: Unabomber

This is a show that chronicles Ted Kaczynski’s case. He is the bomber who had been active for almost 20 years before being caught by the FBI. However, the show primarily focuses on the FBI’s inner workings through the eye of Jim Fitzerland who had developed forensic linguistics as a tactic to grab criminals.

Top 20 Best Crime Shows on Netflix 2021

Just like Mindhunter, the path of Fitz is full of red-tape and he fights the intuition to work on it. Paul Bettany plays the role of Kaczynski and he is excellent, particularly in the penultimate episode. This focuses completely on his character. Manhunt: Unabomber is a show that takes place in the 90s; it does include a few well-placed cultural touchstones. You will notice that its retro setting isn’t over-the-top or satirical. The show is a great portrayal of the case and the deranged and fascinating men placed in the middle of it.

13) Giri/Haji

Giri/Haji is a series that is available in the United States through Netflix. This is one of the best surprises shows that you can watch. The show begins with Kenzo Mori; a detective from Tokyo is given the task by the Yakuza crime family along with the police force to go to London secretly to search Yuto, his brother. But the twist is he thought his brother died about a year ago. He hopes to bring back Yuto and stop the war that he had started among the factions of Yakuza.

Top 20 Best Crime Shows on Netflix 2021

However, the show is full of unexpected twists. At times, it is violent and dark, but at other times, it is full of heart and funny. The story revolves around two brothers but is also about the forged family and unveiling the truth about each other. Its plot is the gang war. One of the moving scenes in the series is quite makeshift Yom Kippur about atonement. It is one of the best crime movies on Netflix.

14) Evil

In case you like procedurals, you should definitely check out Evil. The supernatural show’s first season aired on CBS but it is now available on Netflix. Its theme is a classic believer and non-believer team-up. Katja Herbers plays the role of a forensic psychologist and the mother of 4 daughters.

Top 20 Best Crime Shows on Netflix 2021

She works with a priest-in-training and a technology contractor to investigate possible supernatural crimes. Every episode of the series focuses on a new story. However, there is a serializer that runs through the background. This story may or may involve an actual devil, based on who you believe. It is an addictive and scary show.

15) Narcos

One of the most popular criticisms about the series is it romanticizes the degradation and violence of the Mexican drug lord, Pablo Escobar. The representation is so engaging that he becomes an anti-hero like Walter White.

Top 20 Best Crime Shows on Netflix 2021

However, this is a work of fiction that is based on historical characters and not a real documentary. It might not be one of the true crime shows on Netflix but Narcos has been one of the most successful shows on TV. It has managed to flesh out some of the dark characters and enumerate a complex story with clarity and urgency.

16) The Keepers

This looked the same as many other water-cooler best crime shows on Netflix. It promises to delve deeper into the mysterious disappearance and murder of Sister Cathy Cesnik, a nun in 1969. The show examines different circumstances, several suspects, and other aspects of the case or order. However, soon it is unveiled that Cesnik might have discovered an unreal sexual abuse that had been going on at Archbishop Keough High School, the all-girls institution.

Top 20 Best Crime Shows on Netflix 2021

Particularly, two women had come forward with an allegation that in the school, two priests, especially Father Joseph Masken had been forcing the students from schools to perform sexual acts not just for him but for others, too. According to the theory, when Sister Cathy discovered this and wanted to put a stop to this abuse, she had been murdered to keep things quiet. Abuse can have a devastating and permanent effect on the victim and the show brings this to light in an unsettling manner.

17) When They See Us

It is one of those series that you watch and can’t forget. Trisha Meli went jogging in Central Park when she had been brutally raped. She had been in a coma for 12 days and didn’t remember what happened to her. Meli had been unable to identify the attacker. But a white woman left for dead in Central Park, the most popular public space in America did not really go well with the people of New York City.

Top 20 Best Crime Shows on Netflix 2021

So, everyone, starting from the police to the district attorney wanted to catch the attackers. But they lose sight of finding the real criminal and try solving the mystery by any means. So, they wrongfully accuse 5 black boys of the crime. It shows the brutal reality of the judicial system.

18) Hap and Leonard

This show does a great job in the unique TV landscape. It is based on a book by Joe. R. Lansdale. The show is a blue-collar story that isn’t just about not having money in East Texas; the show is about a straight white man and a gay black man who are great friends.

Top 20 Best Crime Shows on Netflix 2021

The 80s series deals with a new villain in every season with heart and humor. It is stocked with a great cast and 2 actors who know how to showcase a Texas drawl.

19) The People v O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story

You might have already but the show is genuinely great. It is an Emmy-winning show that takes a unique angle on a noteworthy moment in history. The show goes on to reveal new truths not simply about the titular case but also about the environment. Issues, such as racism, sexism, and class play significant roles in the trial’s outcome that almost everyone watched on their television.

Top 20 Best Crime Shows on Netflix 2021

There are minute facts that changed history. There are 10 episodes in the series that chart the whole trial from beginning to end. However, when you reach the end, you will feel like you have experienced everything for the first time.

20) Dirty John

One of the best crime shows on Netflix that is based on a well-known podcast. It shows the perfect world of John and Debra crumbling down. By the time, John discloses to the nephew of Debra that he should be glad that his father killed his mother, the series had moved up to the genre of horror thriller.

Top 20 Best Crime Shows on Netflix 2021

The story benefits from its strong cast. Dirty John is the extra television calories that you might not require but you are going to devour it anyway. This Netflix true crime is a must-watch.

3. Download Crime Shows to Mobiles Using Netflix App

Netflix is the most popular video streaming service. But no matter how convenient streaming is, you might have to watch videos without an internet connection, maybe when you are flying on a plane or visiting a remote location. During such situations, you might want to watch some Netflix movies or shows on your phone to watch offline.

Well, Netflix has made it easier for users to download episodes of their favorite shows on their mobile devices. To do this, here are the steps you have to follow.

  • Open the Netflix app and look for the crime show you want to download. Thereafter, tap it to open the details page. In case you are downloading a show, look for the episodes you would like to download. 
  • Tap on the download button that is shaped like a downward pointing arrow. The button changes to show that it is downloading. When you see the download icon changing to a mobile device, you will know that the show has already been downloaded.
  • When you have downloaded the movie to your mobile phone, you don’t have to do anything special to watch. Simply go over to the ‘Download’ section at the bottom of the screen to see the list of downloaded episodes stored on the device.

4. Download Netflix Crime Shows with 3rd-Party Netflix Downloader

In case you would like to download Netflix movies and shows for permanent offline viewing, you can try out third-party downloaders, such as StreamFab Netflix Downloader. This has been designed to download streaming videos specifically from Netflix.

Download Netflix Crime Shows with 3rd-Party Netflix Downloader

To download crime shows on Netflix using StreamFab Netflix Downloader, you will have to follow the steps given below.

                            i  Free Download     i  Free Download  

  • Launch StreamFab Downloader and choose the Streaming Services option.
  • Click on Netflix from the supported sites. Once you have chosen Netflix on the main user interface, a Netflix interface will pop up, displaying the new releases. Use the search option to download the shows you want.
  • Click on the wanted show and you will find the Play button. Click on it to play the video. As the video starts playing, you will notice a pop-up window that shows the download button. Click on it immediately.

Download Netflix Crime Shows with 3rd-Party Netflix Downloader

  • Once you have downloaded an episode or an entire show, you will have a pop-up that reminds you saying ‘Download Successfully’.

The downloader doesn’t affect the online viewing. With this, you can easily download Netflix videos, movies and crime shows to watch offline without having an internet connection, on any device, anytime and anywhere you want.

Final Wrap-up

There is something cathartic about watching the top crime dramas. We have rounded up the best crime dramas to watch on Netflix for your convenience. A few shows mentioned here are binge-watch-worthy. There is a mystery to be solved. So, you should start watching and get to the end without wasting any time.

Besides, there are times you may want to watch your favorite Netflix crime shows offline without an internet connection or Wi-Fi. For that purpose, both the Netflix App and StreamFab Netflix Downloader mentioned above can help. The difference is StreamFab allows you to keep the downloaded crime shows permanently, while if you use the Netflix app to download, they will expire after a certain period of time.

Anyway, it’s not that hard to make a decision which one to choose. The choice is always in your hands.

                            i  Free Download     i  Free Download  

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