There are lots of Christmas movies on Netflix available streaming right now. So, you can watch Christmas movies all day, every day. And watching Netflix Christmas movies is a good way to get in a holiday mood. This article introduces you to the best romantic Christmas movies on Netflix and also the top kids Christmas movies on Netflix as well as how to download movies from Netflix.

PART ONE: Romantic Christmas Movies on Netflix


“If we’re meant to meet again, we will.” Sara says to Jon. They are attracted to each other from the moment they first meet: they had a fight over the same pair of cashmere gloves in Bloomingdale’s. They feel a strong attraction and go out for hot chocolate. Then, they find out each is dating somebody else, so they decide to leave them in fate. They separate and then they meet again.

best christmas movies on netflix

Audience Review:

“Love this quirky movie about fate and finding your prefect mate. The funny thing they were engaged to someone else. Yet by chance they meet and instant connection.” ----From Google

“One of my favorite movie. I love the idea that some things in our life may happen because of fate. I think the storyline is great and John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale played the two main characters perfectly.”    -----From Google.


Nearly 15 years after a group of college friends,  Lance, Harper, Candace, Quentin, Robyn, Jordan, Murch, and Mia reunite to celebrate the holidays together, but when old feuds resurface and romances are rekindled, things get a bit complicated.

Audience Review:

“Superbly acting and with a great soundtrack and tons of emotion. This shows how friends still stay together and care for each other, despite having not seen each other for a long time.” ---From

“The Best Man Holiday offers up heaps of laughs and tears, and was a pleasant relief from all of the dreary films as of late.”-----From


This Netflix holiday movie follows a young lawyer named Kate who is trying to get an old inn appraised and sold, only to find Daniel, a ghost of a man who died a century ago, haunting the bed and breakfast every year around Christmas time. And Daniel needs Kate’s help to unravel the mystery of his annual holiday haunting.

Audience Review:

“I love this movie I watched 2 times already and ill be watching it again!”---From IMDB

“My husband and I absolutely loved this film! There was wonderful chemistry between the actors. The story was captivating and kept us guessing until the very end.”----From Google


Paige Summerlind, a bride-to-be, is stoked to see her fiance and future in-laws for holidays before knowing her flight has to be detoured due to snow. Then, she meets a brokenhearted guy, Dylan, and a happily married couple for an emergency ride to NYC, learning about each other and themselves along the way. And Paige feels a bond with that bitter bartender and begins to have second thoughts about her upcoming wedding.

Audience Review:

“I never expected to really enjoy a Christmas film such as this one, even when it’s shown on a channel I don’t watch. Christmas Detour is really something!” ----From Google

“The film did meet my expectations, the plot, cast, and nature of the film kept me watching the film all the way through without stopping.” ---From Google


A retired mechanic, Walter Meyer, invites daughters Rachel and Cheryl and sons Christian and Evan to his house celebrating the 5 days until Christmas day. This dysfunctional family gathers together for the first time since Walter Meyer’s wife died, during these days are full of usual squabbling, infighting, and romance. Poor Walter then realizes that if their family can spend five days together under the same roof, it will truly be a Christmas miracle.

Audience Review:

“Almost Christmas follows a series of predictable twists, that doesn’t negate its charm.” ----From

“You will get through this movie and laugh a little but really going with the cast that’s there you should be laughing way more.” ---From

PART TWO: Christmas Movies on Netflix for Kids

After learning the top 5 best romance Christmas movies on Netflix, let’s keep reading for the best Netflix Christmas movies for kids. Netflix prepares a vast video library so that you can find perfect Netflix Christmas movies for your kids.

1. Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey

Not only is this a Christmas story, but it is also a musical: John Legend, Philip Lawrence and Davy Nathan rote original songs just for this one. Jeronicus, a toymaker, is betrayed by his trusted apprentice who steals his most prized creation. It’s up to his bright and adventurous granddaughter. This story reveals an imaginary world where a magical invention has the power to change the Jangle’s live forever.

Audience Review:

“I love musicals and this movie was just what I needed. I was planning to save it for Christmas but I couldn’t wait to watch it.” ----From

“This Netflix Christmas movie deserves more than a review. It deserves an entire blog! A must watch for old and young alike!” ---From

2. Alien Xmas

This a good kids Christmas movie on Netflix. This story follows a group of Grinchy aliens who are bent on stealing all the presents on earth - even the gravity! However, a little alien name X might be able to stop them after getting the Christmas spirit.

Audience Review:

“Very funny movie. Lots of morals in this movie. Shows true Christmas spirit.” ---From

“This Netflix Christmas movie is aggressively cute, very enjoyable!” ---From

3. Klaus

As a new retelling of the story of Santa Claus, this Netflix Christmas movie is delightful but also with enough touching moments and heartwarming scenes to make any grinch smile. This kid Netflix Christmas movie follows a spoiled postmaster to his new station in a distant, unpleasant outpost, where he meets Klaus, a woodsman with a fluffy white beard and a penchant for making toys. This Christmas movie on Netflix was nominated for an Academy Award.

PART THREE: How to Download Christmas Movies on Netflix?

To watch these Netflix Christmas movies offline at any time, download them from Netflix. To achieve this, there are two ways available.

1. Download the best Christmas movies on Netflix from Netflix app

To get Netflix Christmas movies downloaded, you need to make sure that you have the latest Netflix app on the following devices: iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch; Android phone or tablet; Amazon Fire tablet, etc.

Steps taken to save Christmas movies on Netflix

Step 1: Open the Netflix app and pick up one of the best Christmas movie from Netflix.

Step 2: Tap the Download icon next to the Share icon.

Step 3: Once your Netflix Christmas movie is done downloading, tap the Downloads icon to bottom navigation. This is where you can watch and manage all of your downloaded Netflix Christmas movies.

2. Download the best Netflix Christmas movies with a third-party tool

Given that Netflix doesn’t support downloading on a PC browser, we recommend you a Netflix movie downloader in case you want to download Netflix Christmas movies to PC.

2.1 StreamFab Netflix Downloader

This Netflix video downloader is a good companion to people who travel a lot. It is able to help you download holiday movies on Netflix from various regional sites, including U.S., Germany, Japan, UK, and France. Additionally, this Netflix Christmas movie downloader can save shows with full HD 1080P and in MP4 format which is compatible with almost all devices. It should be noted that while downloading, all metadata info of the Netflix Christmas movie is also saved so that you can create a video library and manage all your videos through a media server, such as Player 6.

2.2 How to download best Netflix Christmas movies with this StreamFab Netflix Downloader?

Step 1: Install this Netflix downloader on your Win or Mac computer. Then double click its desktop icon to launch it up.

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Step 2: Go for the Streaming Service section and then select the Netflix card so that the inbuilt browser will take you to the Netflix website.

Step 3: Login to the Netflix website. Select a Netflix Christmas movie that you are going to download. And play it. As soon as the video starts to play, a pop-up window will show up. If this show belongs to a series, this downloader will detect that and allows you to download all the episodes.

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Step 4: Click that Download Now button if you want to initiate the downloading process.


Now that we have learned the best Christmas movies on Netflix that are worth watching and also the methods to get these Netflix Christmas movies downloaded by using StreamFab Netflix Downloader, it is time to take action and save these Netflix holiday movies in case they are no longer available.