Several hundreds of users are confused about how long do Netflix downloads last. In this article, we’ll look at how you can download Netflix shows and movies. And, how long do Netflix downloads last for the offline watch?

You already know that Netflix, just like Spotify and other streaming platforms, follows the digital rights management protocols, so you’re not allowed to download shows and movies in your personal directory. 

1. How long do Netflix downloads last?

Netflix movies and shows have always been in high demand. From a Netflix DVD rental business to a company that produces original content under its name, Netflix has come a long way. In recent years, the company has made astounding profits courtesy of its streaming service. The Netflix app is also among the most downloaded applications across all platforms.

Fan-favorite shows and movies have always been in high demand and why shouldn’t they be? There’s a whole plethora of original content catering to audiences of multiple genres. Years back when subscribers would wish to watch their favorite movies and shows offline, they couldn’t do so since the Netflix app never had the downloading feature until the year 2016.

In June of 2016, Netflix surprised the audience with the download button for their favorite shows and films. Though downloads are available for selective content, it’s nonetheless a huge blessing for binge-watchers and travelers.

With the Netflix download feature, you can save your favorite shows and movies on your device for FREE without paying extra, assuming that you have already subscribed to Netflix.

How long do Netflix downloads last

You can watch your favorite shows and movies from the comfort of your home. No trouble at all! The offline watch is fantastic for binge-watchers and people who love to watch some shows over and over again. So, if you’re a FRIENDS fan, you must have tried offline watching.

Earlier, Netflix downloading was supposed to be targeted at audiences from countries lacking reliable internet connectivity. However, it’s been years since Netflix’s subscribers started growing exponentially because of the offline viewing option. It’s really amazing for travelers who want to kill time during the flight by watching a few episodes from a top show.

Here’s the answer to the question “How long do downloads on Netflix last?”

Netflix downloads usually last for seven days. It mainly depends upon the content. Know that some downloads might even last for 30 days. Expiry varies among different shows. If the download is available for your favorite show, then consider yourself lucky! Once you’ve started watching a show or movie, the expiry time is 48 hours. You’re supposed to finish watching the movie in 2 days as the download will expire once 48 hours are completed.

How long do Netflix downloads last

However, you can watch the show or movie as many times as you want until it expires. If the download is removed prior to the expiry, know that maybe the download has been removed from the platform or your subscription has expired. If the subscription has expired, renew your membership to continue streaming freely.

2. Other limitations with Netflix Downloads

In addition to the expiry and license for shows, there are some other limitations as well. The expiry for some shows and films is maybe even less than seven days. You can check the time left to expiry for a show or movie in the downloads tab.

Another limitation with Netflix downloads is that you can download a video a few times only. To know how many downloads are left for a movie or show, simply do the following;

  • Tap on the movie or show it in your downloads tab
  • Tap on the box beside your video
  • You’ll see a pop-up showing number of downloads remaining for the video

How long do Netflix downloads last

Some shows and movies only have one or two downloads only. So it is better that you finish watching once you’ve them in the downloads library.

Another major limitation of the Netflix downloading feature is that like all on-demand streaming platforms, Netflix also follows the DRM protocols. The Digital Rights Management protocols prevent subscribers from downloading videos, TV shows, and movies on the internal storage of their personal devices.

So, your Netflix downloads cannot be moved from the app library to your internal storage. The DRM protocols prevent you from downloading movies on devices to avoid copyright infringement, making sure that Netflix’s original content is only available on the official app.

Remember, you’ll always need a Netflix subscription to be able to download shows and movies for offline watch.

As regards how many users can download shows and movies on the app, it really depends on the number of screens you’ve been allotted against your respective type of subscription. The premium subscription will leave you with 5 screens meaning that 5 different users can download shows and movies for offline watching.

3. How can you keep Netflix downloads permanently?

You already know how long do Netflix downloads last. If you’re a Netflix subscriber, like several millions of users, you must have also wished to download Netflix videos permanently on your device. However, this is unlikely to happen with the official Netflix app for PC, Mac or mobiles. Unfortunately, there is no way to download your favorite shows and movies permanently. Netflix downloads usually expire within seven days.

Moreover, as mentioned earlier, sometimes, a Netflix download may be removed by the streaming service due to the expiry of the license. So, you may not be able to navigate your favorite show or video in the downloads’ library if it has already been removed by the platform itself.

What’s more important when it comes to downloading Netflix apps is that these are only available for a limited period of time and that too only if you have a subscription. The hour your subscription expires, you won’t be able to access your library, no matter what you have in it.

When it comes to storing media files in the downloads library, there is clearly no limit. Like other streaming platforms, it mainly depends on the size of your internal storage. So, if you’re preparing to have a collection of your favorite shows and movies, then you may consider having a device with large internal storage.

Insufficient space for Netflix downloads

Unfortunately, as mentioned earlier, there is no way to keep a download permanently while using the Netflix application.

However, if you’ve space concerns, then you may consider deleting some files from your app directory. Here’s how you do it;

  • Launch the Netflix app on your smartphone or tablet
  • Go to the downloads library in the app
  • Select sort by the expiry date
  • Find downloads you want to remove. You may pick those which you’ve finished watching and no longer need in the app.
  • Tap the delete button to clear space and remove the unwanted shows and movies.

On the other hand, if you want to clear space for downloads, here’s what you can do to delete all of your downloads;

  • Launch the app and navigate to your Downloads tab. Sort the items and select them all.
  • After selection, you may tap on the delete option to clear space.

Delete the Netflix downloads

Here you go, you’ve cleared space. Now, you can download new shows and movies without worrying about space. 

How to download Netflix on-demand streaming videos with Netflix app

Here’s how you download your favorite show and movie on Netflix;

  • Find your favorite show or movie
  • Tap on it and you’ll find a download icon alongside it
  • Tap on the icon and the download will start immediately
  • A circular progress bar starts filling clockwise as the download progresses

You might want to use a Wi-Fi connection to avoid unwanted mobile data charges for downloading files in large MBs.

Here’s also what you can do to renew your download in the Netflix app.

  • Launch the app
  • Navigate to the downloads library
  • If a download has already expired, you’ll find an orange exclamation icon beside it
  • Tap on it and the pop-up will ask you if you want to renew the download
  • Renew the download and it will start downloading again

Renew the downloaded Netflix videos

With all the above being said, if you still want to keep the downloaded videos permanently on your devices, then you will have to bypass the Netflix download limit mentioned above, and to do that, a 3rd-party Netflix downloader software is a must.

4. StreamFab Netflix Downloader can keep its Netflix downloads forever

As we already know that there is no way to keep your Netflix downloads permanently. The app follows DRM protocols, which means you cannot have the file on your device for the personal watch. Plus, you’ll need a subscription to keep the download.

Sometimes, even your subscription may not prove to be fruitful if the particular show or movie is removed by the streaming service itself following the expiry of the license. So, what do you do now? Isn’t there a way to keep your Netflix downloads permanently?

Well, we have the all-exclusive Netflix downloader for you. It’s called StreamFab Netflix Downloader. Now, you no longer need to have a subscription to continue watching your downloaded movie or film. Wait, here’s the bonus point.

                            i  Free Download     i  Free Download  

You are also FREE to download Netflix movies and shows on your laptop and PC. So, with StreamFab in place, you’re no longer limited to the internal storage of your mobile device or tablet.

StreamFab Netflix Downloader can keep its Netflix downloads forever

Now, let’s see what’s in the pack with StreamFab Netflix downloader. Before we dive into the amazing features of the downloader, just know that StreamFab is totally free for Windows users. You may need a paid subscription if you’re an iOS user.

Turbo-fast downloading

The StreamFab downloader comes with turbo-fast downloading. You no longer have to wait for long hours for your downloader to get the movie in your personal storage. With the turbo downloading feature, you get your favorite shows and movies downloaded within 10-20 minutes. So, if you’re running out of patience for downloading Netflix shows and movies through other apps, try StreamFab.

Download Metadata Files

Now you’ve super-fast downloading speed already. Wait there’s more. The metadata feature allows you to save metadata files of your favorite shows and movies in your directory. The Metadata option saves the poster for the film and organizes folders swiftly, allowing you to navigate through your directory to the movie you want to watch in the easiest of fashion.

Ultra HD quality

This feature is really important. Most users are delighted with their Netflix experience on mobile phones only. Low resolution may work perfectly for smartphone users. However, if you’re a real fan of the big screen, then you can choose to download Netflix videos at 1080p quality to watch on your PC and TV. Plus you also get to download it quickly.

Batch-downloading for Binge watchers

The batch downloading mode is one-of-a-kind. You can select multiple shows and movies at once and download them in your library as a batch. This feature is a killer for subscribers who love to binge-watch shows and films. You can download an entire season or multiple seasons at once. Happy binge-watching with StreamFab Netflix downloader! No subscription is needed after download!

Batch download Netlfix TV shows with StreamFab Netflix Downloader

Simple interface

The StreamFab downloader also comes with a simple interface. It’s easy to use. The design is optimized for a better user experience. Plus, with StreamFab downloader, you no longer need to worry about the subtitles and audio files anymore. No need to search for the subtitle files separately! You can pick your preferred option with ease.

                            i  Free Download     i  Free Download  

How to download Netflix shows and movies with StreamFab for offline watch

  • Install StreamFab and launch it
  • Click on the Streaming Services tab on the left, and find Netflix on the right
  • Open the Netflix website and login to your account with your credentials
  • After you’ve successfully signed in, find your favorite show or movie in the huge library
  • Pick your favorite show and movie to play
  • When it starts to play, a prompt window shall show up
  • Click on the Download Now button on that prompt window, StreamFab will automatically download the movie or show in your personal directory.

Download Netflix movies with StreamFab Netflix Downloader

Congrats, you no longer need a subscription to continue watching your favorite shows and movies from Netflix offline.

Now, you may rethink whether you really need an annual subscription for Netflix. Consider how long do downloads last on Netflix.

Final Wrap-up

In conclusion, if you’re still bugged with how long do Netflix downloads last before they expire, let’s sum it up for you. 7 days is the usual time. It may vary for different shows and movies and could add up to 30 days. 

If you’ve already started watching, then you’ve 48 hours left to finish before the show expires. No matter how long do Netflix downloads last, you’ll always have the option to try our all-exclusive StreamFab Netflix downloader. Enjoy offline watching like never before and that too without a subscription. Note that you’ll need the subscription to download shows initially.

                            i  Free Download     i  Free Download  

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