Is your Netflix payment due? Or are you among those who want to use Netflix but don’t want to pay up? Well, there are multiple ways to get Netflix for free. Here, we have listed all the possible ways that answer your question “How to get Netflix for free” so hold tight as we will explore them all. Also, downloading Netflix shows/movies offline is a great way to cut back on your mobile data usage as well as keeping you entertained for weeks if not more.

Section 1. Possible Means to Watch Netflix Free

Here are some of the best possible ways on how to watch Netflix for free that you can use. Most of the ways listed here are 100 percent legit so you don’t have to worry about any legal compliance or complications.

Get Netflix For Free

1.1 Use ‘Netflix Watch For Free’

This one is for those who want to try out Netflix before subscription or those who just want to watch Netflix movies for free, here’s what you can do. Apparently, Netflix has bestowed upon some of its shows and movies which are available to watch for free. lets you access some of the episodes of your TV shows and a few movies for free.

Get Netflix For Free

The perk is available for Android and computer users although there’s no iOS browser support yet. There are no strings attached, simply use the link aforementioned, sign in and you are good to watch the selected shows and movies absolutely free.

1.2 Share The Plan

Netflix is expensive with its low-cost plan starting at $8.99/mo. If you aren’t ready to pay that much, you can share your plans on Netflix. Apparently, the OTT platform allows users to share their Netflix subscriptions with up to 5 users depending upon which plan they subscribe to (here, it is $17.99 UHD). Break up the cost and you have a shy of less than $4/mo on sharing the top-most plan with four other users. This is a shortcut to get the best plan at the best price.

Get Netflix For Free

Also, some of the users might be subscribed to a 2 or more users plan which means, you can ask to join and use your negotiation skills to get around the monthly prices. Netflix lets users set up five profiles so all the recommendations, watch history, and more based on the user's Netflix viewing habits remain independent of each other. This is surely a great plan for users to share among a group while stashing the cost to a bare minimum.

1.3 Sign up for multiple Netflix 30-day trial

Netflix offers a 30-days trial whereby you can access all the content on Netflix without any interruptions. Netflix lets you sign up for a free trial for 30-days. You need a credit/debit card to sign up for the same. I would recommend setting up multiple alarms and reminders so that you don’t go past your billing cycle or else, it would charge you for the next month.

Get Netflix For Free

Once your 30-days trial ends, you can literally create a separate email address to create another free trial. Repeat it until you no longer have email addresses or credit/debit card details to encash. You will get reminders from Netflix to your email days before the free trial ends.

1.4 Wait for the Lucky Mail

As the name suggests, it is a lucky mail that you might or might not get on your email address. Apparently, Netflix sends out emails to users who have exhausted their free trial and the period could go upwards of three months. The probability of receiving these lucky mails is minute but you need to keep a tab on your email account and you might hit gold. This is certainly one of the many ways on how to watch Netflix for free.

1.5 Check out for ISP, Telecom Carrier, OEMs Free Netflix Offers

Though it might not be available round the clock or will have a tonne of terms and conditions to check out for, you will get Netflix for free as a bundled service from your telecom carrier or ISP or other services. Apparently, telecom giants like Airtel, T-Mobile, Verizon, USMobile and others have plans bundled with Netflix for free that you can subscribe to and take advantage of both. Try Verizon Fios for that matter. Note that each of these bundles services have their sets of terms and conditions.

ISPs have plans too that include Netflix and other OTT platforms as bundled packages to lure in more customers. This is a great way to pay almost the same or slightly higher than subscription chargers with your carrier or ISP to enjoy both. T-Mobile One and One Plus, Magenta Plus among others have these bundle deals as well.

1.5.1 Try Telegram

Although this isn’t a legit way, it is one of the many ways available where you can watch Netflix shows and movies absolutely free. There are plenty of channels on Telegram where you can join and download or watch Netflix shows and movies online without any hassle. Most of the channels offer videos from SD to 1080p resolutions.

You can even share those movies/TV shows by finding them in the File Manager on your device. Note that you need to search for any TV show or movie and there is a chance that you might not find some titles.

1.6 How To Get Free Netflix With Coupons

There are a plethora of websites where you will get coupons and promo codes to get Netflix for cheaper. If you are lucky enough, you might even get Netflix for free. Try your luck at these websites:-

  • Giving Assistant
  • DealsPlus
  • Offers
  • Coupons
  • Groupon

1.7 Use Account Generator

If you aren’t aware of it, using Netflix Account Generator can do wonders although we aren’t recommending it. Do it at your own risk. There are plenty of random Netflix Account Generator websites where you need to complete a certain task(s) and then, you get an email address and password with certain days of free trial (30 or *0 days or so). Again, be cautious and take precautions before you do it.

1.8 Try Netflix Alternatives and Competitors

Netflix is one of the best OTT platforms out there offering tonnes of content across a myriad of genres and categories. But Netflix is expensive. You can save a lot by subscribing to Netflix’s competitors such as Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, HBO Max, among others. Just like Netflix, each OTT platform has great content including Amazon Prime’s Mirzapur to HBO Max’ Game of Thrones and so on.

You can check out the plans to get the best and the cheapest one, you can even use free trials before paying up.

Section 2. How To Download Netflix Shows/Movies For Offline Viewing?

You can literally download Netflix shows and movies on a free trial and watch it later using the offline download here. Now, we aren’t talking about Netflix’s offline downloads but using software like DVDFab Netflix Downloader lets you download content locally. You can watch it anywhere at any time and on any device since you can literally share it across other devices.

Get Netflix For Free

DVDFab Downloader is one of the most recommended tools to download Netflix videos, shows and movies for offline viewing. The tool lets you download videos at up to 1080p resolution and save them on an MP4 extension that you can share at your will. The tool is equipped with a Batch-Download feature to get your hands on multiple shows and movies at once by adding it onto the queue. DVDFab Downloader lets you download video, audio, and subtitles, all that you can see on the screen is covered. Plus, there’s hardware acceleration support that downloads videos at twice the speed. Here’s how you can use DVDFab Netflix Downloader to download Netflix content right away.

                                                    i  Free Download     i  Free Download  

  • Step 1: Firstly, launch the tool on your Windows PC as there is no Mac client yet but coming soon.
  • Step 2: Tap on “Streaming Services” from the navigation pane mentioned on the left side and tap on “Netflix”.
  • Step 3: This will launch Netflix’s homepage within the program. Proceed to the TV show or movie that you want to download and play it as you would usually do it.
  • Step 4: A prompt will appear on the screen asking users to download the file right away if they want to download just one file. Tap on “Add to Queue” if you want to download multiple files. You will have to add all those files manually if they are from different series.
  • Step 5: You can employ the “Batch-Download” feature that lets you select multiple seasons of any TV series and download with just a single click.

Get Netflix For Free

Note that the Batch-Download feature works on an episode level so you can literally select an entire season 1 and select season 2 episode 3 and 4 in case you don’t want to watch the entire season 2 of any TV show. All the downloaded files go in the “Finished” section that you can check out and share with other devices if you wish to.


And with that, we conclude our post on how to get Netflix for free. These were the multiple ways you can watch Netflix for free or get free Netflix accounts on the go.

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