When it comes to enjoying your favorite Netflix shows, movies, and other video shows, there are several ways you would want to go with. Streaming the content is one of the easiest options. But, what if you are checking out the options for saving the video content for offline viewing? There are primarily two methods that can be useful in achieving the task – Recording, and Downloading.

Picking one single option may not be feasible and you would need to go with an option that works best at the time. We will check out the options of recording and downloading the content and find which of them can be the best options for your needs.

1. How to record Netflix Shows?

Before we can proceed to find ways to record Netflix shows, we will check out the restrictions on the process. It may be noticed that reproducing the content from Netflix is completely illegal and may make you liable to the procedure as per copyright violation acts. However, if you are restricting the use to your personal usage, it may not be a concern.

Having understood whether you can record Netflix movies from the legal perspective, let us now understand whether it is possible to record a Netflix show. Technically speaking, there is a way – or there are many ways through which you can ensure that you will be able to record the shows with ease and simplicity.

how to record netflix on pc

Here are three major ways you can record Netflix shows on your PC, smartphone, or any other device. We will check them out one by one.

Method 1 – How to record Netflix on PC using Screen Recorder?

You can make use of the several screen recorders that are available for Windows and Mac PCs. The screen recorders work seamlessly with almost all the content on your computer screen.

The steps involved in how to screen record Netflix can include –

  • Launch the Netflix website on your browser. The method also works with the official Netflix app on your device
  • Launch the screen recorder you have chosen.
  • Configure your screen recording parameters as per your preferences.
  • You will be able to configure the video file location, quality, and frame rate for your final video.
  • Launch the video on your Netflix service and start recording the screen.

That should do it. You can simply keep track of the screen and the recording process. Once you have reached the end of the video or movie, you can stop screen recording.

Most of the screen recorders come with a floating button or a set of buttons to help you control the screen recording effectively. Some screen recorders let you trim the video if you have recorded any additional part of the video. The ability to trim off the unwanted portion can be seen as one of the excellent options.

Method 2 – How to record Netflix on Mac using QuickTime?

If you are on Mac, QuickTime can be one of the excellent options for ensuring an efficient recording of your Netflix shows.

You can find QuickTime player pre0installed on your mac. Follow the steps here below to record Netflix shows on mac using QuickTime –

  • Open Mac and launch QuickTime
  • Click on the option New Screen Recording. You should find the option under the File menu.

how to record netflix on mac

  • Launch Netflix and play the show, movie, or other content you want to record.
  • Adjust the final video parameters.

That does it. You can further control the video recording with the help of the floating recording control widget.

Method 3 – How to Record Netflix Shows on Android?

Android has several screen recorder options available. One of the most popular screen recorders on Android that really caught our attention was AZ Screen Recorder. Some of the smartphone manufacturers do offer you a built-in screen recorder functionality.

The built-in screen recorder can efficiently capture the internal audio and thus can be quite a great option for recording the videos. Third-party screen recording tools may not be able to handle the internal audio much effectively. The screen recorders can provide you a very decent performance with a high-quality recording at 1080p and 60 fps recording capability.

Here is how you can record Netflix on Android using the screen recorders –

  • Launch your screen recorder. If you are checking out the built-in screen recorder, you will need to drag the notification shade down and pick the option for Screen Recorder from among the quick settings options available.
  • A floating recording control button will appear on your screen.
  • Go to Netflix and play your favorite movie.
  • Click on the recording button.

The recording will begin. You can control the recording through the floating widget.

Method 4 – How to Record Netflix shows on iPhone?

iPhone too has several options for getting access to an enhanced screen recording capability on your iOS devices. You can use any screen recorder – whether the native one or a third-party screen recorder available on iOS.

Follow the steps here below to find how to screen record Netflix –

  • Launch the web series on Netflix on your iPhone
  • Fire up the iPhone control center from the bottom and pick the option for screen recorder
  • Click on it and your screen will begin getting recorded.

That does it. You can control the recording with the help of the floating recording control widget and stop the recording when done.

2. How to Download Netflix shows?

Apart from recording the screen content, the next best method for watching Netflix shows offline would be to download the video content. Netflix, like a host of other streaming services, does provide you with an option to download the titles on its own platform.

However, the in-app downloads on Netflix do come with a few disadvantages. The downloads come with an expiry date ad cannot be shared with any other user. You will also have a limitation on the number of titles you can download.

                                                  i  Free Download     i  Free Download  

One of the best options here would be to use a third-party Netflix downloader. One such great option you can check out would be StreamFab Netflix Downloader. A capable and efficient option for downloading high-quality videos with high-end video and audio clarity.

the best Netflix downloader software

Some of the best options that can prove to be helpful can include

  • High-Quality Video and audio download – StreamFab Netflix Downloader lets you download the content in high-quality video and audio format. Get access to 1080p video quality and AC 5.1 audio quality. The video downloads from Netflix will be the same in terms of quality as you would be streaming it.
  • Download Subtitles and other additional information – When downloading the content using StreamFab Netflix Downloader, you can be assured of downloading subtitles as per your preferences. You can either download the subtitles separately as an srt file or decide to embed them in your video download. You can even download the additional meta-information such as movie name, genre, and plot. This can prove to be helpful in achieving the best possible organization of your media content.
  • Batch download options – When you download a video and the software detects that the video is a part of a series, it will simply find the other episodes of the series and let you download it in a batch. This can go a long way in saving your energy and time.
  • Faster Downloader options – StreamFab Netflix Downloader lets you download the video at a faster speed. With hardware acceleration enabled, you should be able to get access to a 2X faster download functionality.

download netflix videos for offline viewing

3. Record Netflix vs Download Netflix – Which is Better?

Both recording and downloading Netflix videos should come as an excellent option for your needs in an enhanced experience in terms of how to deal with the best offline watching on our favorite shows on Netflix.

However, when you compare both downloading and recording options, you will find it a good option to download your videos than recording your screen. There are several reasons that would make it imperative to opt for the downloader than going with a screen recorder.

Some of the reasons we prefer Netflix downloaders over the screen recorders would be –

  • The screen recorder needs you to keep the screen free of any other unwanted elements so that the final recording will be clear of any other content than the video you want to download.
  • You cannot work with other apps and use your computer (or any other device) until the recording is completed and stopped. You will also need to keep an eye on what is happening on your screen.
  • The audio performance of the recorded video may not be up to the mark.
  • Some screen recorders may not be able to record the internal or system sounds properly.

In sharp contrast, you can let the downloader download your video in the background, while you can continue working with your computer or even keep watching another video. The quality of both audio and video components would be quite impressive and high. The batch download compatibility offered by the Netflix Downloaders should further make it one of the practical solutions for most of your requirements and expectations.

In essence, we would indeed consider downloading Netflix movies and shows to be a greater and better option than opting for recording them. However, there are a few instances where recording the screen may also appear to be a good option in a few of the cases. But, in most practical scenarios, it is quite practical to download a video. Ensure that you have opted for the right option based on your individual preferences.

Final Wrap-Up

Watching Netflix offline can definitely prove to be one of the most practical options. If you are looking to build your Netflix offline library or moving onto an area where you are not likely to get a consistent internet connection, offline Netflix videos should definitely prove to be quite helpful and useful. While you can either decide to download or record your Netflix shows, the option to download the videos appears to be a more efficient way to handle the videos.

If you are checking out the best options that can be used for downloading the varied content library from Netflix, StreamFab Netflix Downloader should double up as an excellent option. The faster download compatibility along with the capability to download subtitles and additional meta info and the simple interface are a few other prime factors that should make it a decent experience to enjoy your shows to your heart’s content.


  •  Is it illegal to screen record Netflix?

Recording anything from the big screen may be quite illegal. If you are using the downloaded content for personal usage and not sharing it with anyone, that may prove to be a little acceptable.

  • How do I record a Netflix video?

There are several options depending on whether you are using a PC, a Mac, an iOS, or an Android. You can use the built-in screen recorders on the device or opt for a third-party screen recorder. Both the options will prove to be quite effective and efficient.

  • Can you download Netflix to watch offline?

You can download Netflix shows, movies, and other videos without hassles on your device. You can make use of any of your preferred video downloaders as per your requirements and ease of use. StreamFab Netflix Downloader can prove to be one of the excellent choices that can prove to be extremely handy.

  • What is the Netflix download limit?

Netflix restricts the number of titles you can download on its platform to 100. You will not be able to download movies and other content beyond the number. If you try downloading more content than that, you will be greeted with a warning.

  • Can you screen record Netflix?

You can use any popular and capable screen recorder to screen record Netflix. You may use either the built-in screen recorders or third-party options.

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