Netflix is one of the most popular streaming services and has garnered a name for itself. In fact, Netflix was what started the concept of streaming movies and other shows from the comfort of your home. We thought of checking out the best ways you can watch and use Netflix and get the most out of the best experience that the popular streaming service has in your living room.

Section 1. Netflix – an overview

Anyone who loves entertainment does not need an introduction to Netflix. An online service designed to provide you access to hundreds of movies, TV shows, documentaries, and a wide range of other content spread over multiple genres, Netflix has been rated to be what you would find an extremely impressive and irresistible collection of movies and other content.

How to Use Netflix

The service offers several types of video content at a subscription fee. The term streaming simply refers to an ability to watch a video or audio content without the need to download it onto your device. You just need to have a faster internet connection to be able to stream the content to your heart’s content. Netflix can be your best bet for enjoying the content of years gone by and even the newer releases.

Section 2. How to use Netflix

Learning how to use Netflix should not be a tough task as such. No matter whether you are a novice or tech enthusiast, the streaming service does make it rather easy and simple to use it in any way that pleases you.

Some of the best ways to use Netflix would be to employ a few steps outlined here below –

2.1 Pick the right device to stream

The device you choose should be compatible with Netflix. The device should also have a decent amount of RAM and the ability to handle a stronger internet connection. You can use computers, laptops, smartphones, and even tablets for streaming Netflix.

How to Use Netflix

In case you have a smart TV, it should come in all probability with Netflix pre-installed. If it does not, you should also be able to download it on practically any device and platform. Simply go to the Netflix official page to get access to a Netflix on any of your devices if you do not want to install a standalone app.

2.2 Choose the subscription that you are comfortable

Once the device is chosen and Netflix installed, the next step would be to pick a subscription you are comfortable with. Netflix does offer three major subscription plans to choose from –

  • Basic – Plan charges $ 8.99 per month. You can access Netflix on one screen at a time. No High definition content available
  • Standard – Plan charges $ 13.99 per month. You can stream the content to two screens at a time. High definition content can be accessed on this plan
  • Premium – Plan charges are $ 17.99. The content can be streamed to 4 screens at a time. The plan also offers you ultra high definition quality

2.3 Create an account

Now that you have decided on the subscription plan you want to go with, the next step should be to create an account. Make sure that you have used stronger passwords for your account. You would not want your account to be hacked and accessed by someone else who is not authorized for the same.

2.4 Enter your payment details

The next step would be to provide your payment details. You can pay your subscription fees through your checking account, credit card, or even debit card. Do note that every subscription comes with a 30 day free trial option. You will not be charged until the completion of the 30 day free trial.

If you do not want to share your bank or credit card information on the Netflix account, you can choose to get Netflix Gift cards and use them to pay for your subscription charges on Netflix.

That does it. Search for your favorite movie, TV show, or any other content and enjoy it to the core.

Section 3. How to use Netflix with VPN?

Netflix is one of the excellent means of enjoying your content to your heart’s content. But, have you ever given a thought to the fact that the content on the streaming service comes with a geo-blocking? That would mean Netflix does serve different content to different regions. What if you are looking to access the Netflix shows that are NOT available in your region?

How to Use Netflix

That is where the concept of VPN comes to the forefront. A VPN service fake your actual location and make Netflix believe that you are accessing it from the country that the VPN service makes it believe. Using Netflix with VPN will help you access the content from practically any country.

However, one of the strongest issues you are likely to encounter when using Netflix with VPN is that Netflix has a stronger VPN detection mechanism. Most of the VPN services do not work with Netflix and will not help you in unblocking Netflix.

If you end up using a VPN service that does not work with Netflix, you will get the following message –

You seem to be using an unblocker or proxy. Please turn off any of these services and try again

How to Use Netflix

How to use Netflix with a VPN? The steps should rather be simple and easy to go with.

You will be able to bypass the restrictions with a suitable VPN service. Here are the steps involved in how to use Netflix with VPN –

  • Sign up for a proper and reliable VPN service. We would recommend not to opt for the free VPN services as they may not offer a reliable service.
  • Download and install the VPN app for your device. Ensure that you have installed the proper version of the app for your needs and compatible with your version of the software
  • Depending upon which country version of Netflix you want to work with and select the appropriate server of the VPN service
  • Go to the Netflix portal or Netflix app and try playing the video you want to play.

You should be able to get access to the streaming content and access all the content created for a specific market.

Section 4. How to choose the best VPN for Netflix?

Not every VPN service can unblock Netflix. The popular streaming service does have a robust algorithm that restricts the use of a VPN service. The VPN detection software on Netflix is consistently upgraded and this can be one of the reasons why a particular VPN that works today may stop working a couple of days later.

How to Use Netflix

Some of the factors that would be worthwhile in helping you get access to a greater degree of performance enhancement and help you in picking the best VPN for Netflix can include

  • A perfect VPN should be capable of unblocking several regional versions of Netflix.
  • It should also be able to unblock a host of other streaming services.
  • It should also be able to provide you access to a reliable and high-speed connectivity.
  • Options for a uncrackable encryption and other security features
  • It should follow a zero logs privacy policy.
  • The availability of apps for almost all varieties and options of platforms and devices should be one of the prominent options.
  • A reliable and efficient customer service.

Section 5. How to use Netflix Codes?

Netflix is indeed one of the excellent services and has been rated to be a great option for almost all your needs in an enhanced experience in streaming. However, it does suffer from a few issues. One such issue you may come across can be the content discovery. How will you be able to discover the right content that you are looking ahead to?

The Netflix Secret codes or Netflix codes can be one of the excellent choices from that perspective. The content recommendation shown on the home screen can be quite bizarre and sometimes, may not be true to what you regularly tend to watch. In fact, the Netflix codes have been rated to be the best option to help you arrive at the best possible content discovery possibility.

5.1 What are Netflix Codes?

In fact, Netflix has created pages after pages for the list of the titles available on its platform. The list is prepared based on the genres and sub genres. In fact, the secret codes on Netflix have a bearing on these parameters and that would definitely make it one of the exciting options. The secret codes can be a great way to help you find exactly what you are looking forward to.

However, the real test and efficiency of the Netflix codes lie in how you would want to use them.

5.2 How to use Netflix Codes?

If you want to use the hidden codes on Netflix, you should first learn how to use the Netflix codes. You can make use of the step by step instructions as outlined in this compilation –

  • Launch your favorite browser
  • Go to Netflix and sign in to your account.
  • Type in[code] in your address bar. Make sure that you replace the term CODE above with the specific code you want to search for.

That does it. You will be able to access the content in tune with the particular code you have entered.

5.3 Popular Netflix Codes you can make use of

Some of the popular Netflix codes that you can put to good use can include

  • Action and Adventure - 1365
  • Anime - 7424
  • TV Cartoons - 11177
  • Film Noir  - 7687
  • Stand-up Comedy  - 11559
  • Cult Comedies  - 9434
  • Independent Dramas  -384
  • Japanese Movies - 10398
  • B-Horror Movies  - 8195
  • Classic Musicals  - 32392
  • Spy Action and Adventure  - 10702
  • Sci-Fi and Fantasy  - 1492
  • Gangster Movies  - 31851
  • Psychological Thrillers – 5505
  • Romantic Christmas Movies – 1394527
  • Movies for ages 0-2 - 6796
  • Movies for ages 3-4 - 6218
  • Movies for ages 5-7 - 5455
  • Movies for ages 8-10 - 561
  • Movies for ages 11-12 – 6962
  • Biographical documentaries -  3652
  • Military documentaries – 4006
  • Vampire horror movies -  75804
  • Supernatural horror movies – 42023

If you are looking to find the list of the best options for the Netflix codes, you will be able to get them from the sites that host the updated list of codes. One such good option can be What’s on Netflix.

Section 6. Download Netflix Shows on your device

Well, Netflix s indeed a worthy service and provides you access to a far more enhanced experience in streaming the content across several genres. However, have you ever thought of downloading Netflix movies, videos and shows?

Netflix does let you download the content on its app, but these downloads come with an expiry date and a few limitations. That is perhaps where you would find the use of third-party downloaders one of the exceptional choices. StreamFab Netflix Downloader should be what would help you get a better experience in this context.

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How to Use Netflix Downloader to download Netflix videos

Some of the prime features offered by StreamFab Netflix Downloader can include

  • Ability to download the videos in high quality – StreamFab Netflix Downloader can download the videos in 1080p quality and AC 5.1 audio tracks. You can be assured of the same quality as you would get when streaming.
  • Download video with subtitles and Metadata- The software can download the subtitles directly onto the video. You can either render the video subtitles into the video or choose to download the subtitles into a .srt file format. The videos will also be downloaded with the additional data such as movie name, genre, and plot for providing you access to an enhanced experience.
  • Batch download options – When you begin playing a video, the software detects that the content belongs to a series. This will help you download the episodes in one go. The options for downloading the content for saving your energy and time.
  • A faster download option – StreamFab Netflix Downloader does let you download videos with a faster efficiency. With hardware acceleration, you can have a 2X download speed for your requirements.

How to Use Netflix

Final Words

The Netflix streaming service can be one of the excellent and perfect services and offers you plenty of options in getting a robust streaming capability ever. Right from several subtitle capabilities to the high-quality video downloads to a host of other advanced features, Netflix definitely provides you a far greater degree of performance.

In case you are looking to download the Netflix videos without any sort of limitations and expiry associated with the downloaded videos, or even a faster downloading capabilities, StreamFab Netflix Downloader should be what would provide you a far more perfect download capability. It has been rated as the top-rated Netflix download service and you would definitely find it one of the best options ever.

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  • How do I put Netflix on my TV?

You can get access to Netflix through the app or even a web portal. Today, most of the smart TVs come with Netflix built-in.

  • How can I watch Netflix for free?

You can watch Netflix for free for a period of 30 days. Beyond that, you will need to buy a subscription plan

  • Does Netflix work with VPN?

Netflix has a robust VPN detection algorithm. It may be quite difficult to find a VPN service that works with Netflix. These days, Netflix does not block you when it detects that you are using a VPN service but shows the content actually designed for your actual location.

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