It's pretty sad opening the mobile app (or logging in via the web version) of your favorite streaming service and you're greeted with a downtime message, or the homepage wouldn’t load properly. Yes, regardless of the streaming service, they all face outages at some point, and this can be caused by several circumstances.

Netflix is one of the most popular streaming services globally, and it has millions of active subscribers in different countries, the service hardly goes offline (experience outage), but, it still happens, sometimes. Netflix outage can be due to technical issues or you’re even the cause of the issue.

Yes, as mentioned earlier, there are many reasons why you cannot access a streaming service. Most streaming services issues are from the users’ - and Netflix is not left behind. So, what should you do when facing Netflix issues, or when Netflix is down? Interestingly, a lot of people have found various solutions to different Netflix downtime situations. So, if you’re on the internet browsing the keywords, “Is Netflix down,” “Netflix server issues,” etc., you’re just reading the right article that answers all Netflix downtime questions.

1. Is Netflix Down Right Now?

As of the time of publishing this article, Netflix is up and running fine. However, if your Netflix app for Mac, PC, mobile devices, or Netflix website, is not opening on your device, there are a couple of ways to find out if the problem is actually from Netflix or your device. So, how do you find out the cause of Netflix issues?

Let's say you're binge-watching a series, and just out of the blue, Netflix stopped loading on your TV, PC, or mobile device. One of the first things to check is your internet connectivity; when you have checked your internet connection and it's connected, that's where you should be bothered if Netflix is down or facing a technical issue.

Is Netflix Down Right Now

Outages are caused when a server is overwhelmed, breached, or tampered with by an unauthorized user (admin). Typically, outages on big sites like Netflix, YouTube, Google, Facebook, and the likes don't last for too long. But, depending on what you were doing before the outage, a minute off could seem like an hour. Well, below are things you can do to get back on Netflix when you think the service is facing an outage or facing a technical issue.

2. How to Deal With Netflix Outages?

2.1 Reasons for Netflix Outage

Netflix outage is typically caused by technical issues, and it's usually not a general problem in the sense that it can only happen to one or a few versions of Netflix. For example, Netflix U.S. and Netflix E.U. may experience an outage due to technical server issues, while every other version(s) of Netflix for other countries would still be running fine.

Reasons for Netflix Outage

Well, sometimes, all these issues are just from you (the user) or your device. Yes, sometimes, Netflix (as a service) would be running fine, but due to device incompatibilities or unavailability of the service in your region, you may find it difficult to stream your favorite titles from Netflix, even though you have an active subscription. How would you detect and solve that?

2.2 Check your internet connection

The first thing to do when you find it difficult to access your favorite Netflix movies is to check if your internet connection is still strong and connected. There are various online tools that allow you to check your internet speed and bandwidth. Also, if there are many devices connected to the same Wi-Fi you're using to browse, it is advisable to disconnect some of the devices, as that could cause latency, which can cause Netflix to load very slowly when you try opening any page.

Check your internet connection

The internet speed and bandwidth must be strong, while the latency needs to be as minimal as possible for you to enjoy seamless streaming, especially if you’re streaming Netflix 4K videos. That said, your internet is the first thing to check before concluding that Netflix (as a service) is facing downtime.

Well, when you have checked and your internet is all okay, then you can talk about checking Netflix's server(s) status. The server status is what tells if the service is down or not.

2.3 Check Netflix Server Status

As said earlier, after checking and confirming your internet strength, then go ahead and check the current status of Netflix servers; to do this, you can use various online tools for checking downtime. However, Netflix has an official page that communicates its downtime information; here is the page - Netflix Downtime reports page.

Check Netflix Server Status

When you check the page and it says Netflix is down, you'd find various information regarding the ongoing issues the service is facing. However, at the moment, the page reports that Netflix is fully up and running across all of its servers.

This is one way to spot and detect Netflix downtime easily; if this method doesn’t suit you, then you can use other online tools for checking websites’ and servers’ downtime. Interestingly, those tools are free to use; simply search for “tools for checking website downtime.”

2.4 Use Other 3rd-party Netflix Down Detectors

Actually, there are a lot of internet tools out there that act as Netflix down detectors. They help to tell when Netflix servers are down or up. Some of them also provide a Netflix outage map for people who are interested in checking details of a Netflix technical issue.

Use Other 3rd-party Netflix Down Detectors

3. Common Netflix Error Codes and How to Solve Them

Apparently, there are so many error messages you can encounter while streaming on Netflix, while this article may not include all of them, you can easily find them on Netflix’s help pages.

3.1 Netflix Has Encountered an Error

This error typically appears with either of these messages: “Netflix has encountered an error. Attempting to determine the problem.” or “Netflix has encountered an error. Retrying in [X] seconds.”

Netflix Has Encountered an Error

What does this mean? It simply means that your internet network is not stable or you have been disconnected, which is why your device cannot connect with Netflix any longer. To fix this error, there are steps to take, and these steps vary from device to device. However, generally, here’s what to note about fixing this error.

  1. Ensure that the wireless network you're connected to supports streaming; whether it is a public Wi-Fi at work, school, or a hotel, ensure that streaming is supported on the network. You may not know, but some public internet provider’s block streaming services. So, check to know if streaming Netflix is supported by the network.
  2. For cellular network users or satellite network users, it is advisable to switch to another network and see if the issue is solved. If it is not solved, contact your internet service provider.

3.2 Temporary Error

When you encounter a "Temporary Error" message on Netflix, it means that your device's firmware/software is out of date. Thus, to fix this error, you need to upgrade your device's OS and firmware to the latest version available (or a newer version). Once this is done, you should be able to get back on Netflix and continue your streaming.

Netflix Temporary Error

3.3 Netflix Error BR:10035

The error code BR:10035 typically appears on iOS devices - iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. It signifies that something went wrong as you were streaming, and so you cannot play a title.

Firstly, this error can be due to internet connectivity, and there are a couple of ways to try to get around it.

Netflix Error BR:10035

  1. Restart your iOS device, open the Netflix app, and try playing the title again; if this does not work, check your internet connectivity.
  2. Reboot the router or internet device that is serving your mobile device with the internet; sometimes, this is enough to solve the error.
  3. Switch your internet to another stronger network or contact your ISP.

3.4 An Error Occurred Loading This Content

Usually appears on Apple TV, the Netflix error, “An error occurred loading this content. Try again later.” appears when your internet network is not so strong. That said, the fix is similar to what has been discussed above for other Netflix issues.

An Error Occurred Loading This Content

However, in addition, you should check if your Apple TV is running the latest firmware edition, and you should connect directly to your modem. Another tip is to restore your network settings to the default options, and if none of this works, change to another network or contact your provider.

3.5 Netflix Has Encountered an Issue With Your Account

When you get this error message, don’t fret; simply restart your phone and reopen the Netflix app. Also, update the Netflix app from your app store and clear the app’s cache if the error persists.

Netflix Has Encountered an Issue With Your Account

As an alternative, you can always visit on a web browser and stream the web version. The experience is practically the same as when you’re streaming on the mobile app.

Furthermore, you may need to check your email for recent messages from Netflix to see if you need to change your password.

3.6 The Netflix Services Have Experienced an Internal Error

This error usually appears to Roku users; if it appears on your screen while streaming Netflix on Roku with the Roku Netflix app, all you need to do is to try the following:

  1. Restart your Roku streaming device and open the Netflix app again
  2. If the error persists, remove the Netflix app and install it again
  3. Make sure your Roku device is activated and your internet connection is very strong.
  4. Lastly, update your Roku device to its latest firmware and try streaming on Netflix again.

The Netflix Services Have Experienced an Internal Error

Most Netflix errors are caused by poor internet connection; thus, whenever you encounter an issue with the service, firstly, you have to confirm that your internet is strong and reliable. After confirming your internet, you can proceed to contact Netflix and have them look into the issue.

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4. How to Download Netflix Videos to Watch Offline Unrestricted?

The StreamFab Netflix Downloader software for macOS and Windows OS computers allows you to grab various videos and TV shows from the service. It is a reliable app that works smoothly on all computers. Interestingly, StreamFab Netflix Downloader features a super-clean interface that anyone can easily understand, and it supports to download Netflix videos in clean 1080p quality.

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4.1 How to use StreamFab Netflix Downloader

First things first, you have to download and install StreamFab Downloader on your MacBook or Windows computer. After the installation process is completed, launch the app and follow the steps below:

  • Step 1: On the app’s main screen, look to the left pane and click on “Streaming Services.”

Download Netflix Videos to Watch Offline Unrestricted

  • Step 2: Select the Netflix card from the list of supported premium streaming services. This will prompt you to log in to your Netflix account to proceed.
  • Step 3: When you have logged in to your account, search for the movie or TV show you want to download and play it.
  • Step 4: When the movie starts playing, you’d get a prompt that asks you to download the movie immediately or add it to the download queue, choose an option and your movie starts downloading immediately.

Download Netflix Videos to Watch Offline Unrestricted

Another salient feature about this Netflix downloader is that you can download multiple videos at a go by simply adding them to the download queue.

Download Netflix Videos to Watch Offline Unrestricted

4.2 Top Features of StreamFab Netflix Downloader

  1. Download videos from all Netflix regional sites
  2. Download videos and save them as MP4 files
  3. Pre-select audio and subtitles according to the UI language
  4. Save subtitles as SRT files or remux them into the video
  5. Batch Mode and Fast Speed
  6. Download media server friendly metadata info

Final Wrap-up

Conclusively, whenever your Netflix app starts misbehaving, simply confirm your internet connection status - that could just be the problem. Meanwhile, if you found a movie you love on Netflix, use the StreamFab Netflix Downloader to get it saved on your local storage. Compared to downloading with the Netflix app, this software allows you to keep your downloads permanently.

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