There's no doubt that Netflix is one of the most popular streaming services across the globe. The popularity of Netflix is not unconnected to its flexibility and availability in many more countries than most other premium streaming services such as Roku and HBO.

Now, with Netflix having millions of active users, a lot of these users are looking for how to download Netflix videos to their devices or computer systems. Well, it is very much possible to download Netflix movies on any computer system, including MacBooks. All you need is the right Netflix downloader app for Mac. There's also an official Netflix app for Mac, which lets you stream content from the platform seamlessly on your MacBook. This article explains how to download Netflix movies on Mac using a reliable software program.

Section 1. Netflix App for Mac

There is actually no official Netflix app for Mac. If you own a MacBook computer and you’re also a Netflix subscriber, you can always access the contents available on your subscription plan via a web browser by visiting the Netflix website. Regardless, Netflix has an official client app for Windows PC users. Hopefully, the macOS version will be available soon.

download netflix movies on mac

Section 2. How to Watch Netflix On Mac

Since there is no official Netflix app for Mac, a lot of MacBook users are concerned about how they could officially and legally stream Netflix content on their macOS computer. Well, it's not rocket science, it's actually very easy to stream Netflix on a MacBook. However, you need to have an active Netflix subscription and then you need a web browser. There are pretty much good web browsers for MacBook, even the default (built-in) Safari is a great option, and you can go with that.

Now, how do you go about things? According to Netflix, MacBook users can access the platform using Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, or Safari web browsers. Interestingly, a bunch of Netflix streaming features is available to Book users that access the platform using either of the aforementioned browsers.

Also, your MacBook needs to meet certain requirements before you can stream Netflix content in Ultra HD quality or 4K. Basically, using any of the recommended browsers (Firefox, Opera, and Chrome), you can get up to 720p quality streaming Netflix on your MacBook. But when you’ve got the latest version of Safari browser and your MacBook runs macOS 10.11 or later versions, you can get up to 1080p quality. More interestingly, having the latest version of Safari and having a MacBook that runs macOS 11.0 leaves you with the choice to stream 4K UHD quality. That said, regardless of the version of Chrome, Opera, or Firefox installed on your MacBook, the optimal quality you can stream is 720p.

download netflix movies on mac

Furthermore, it is important to note that even though your MacBook may meet all the requirements to stream Netflix in different qualities, if the service is not yet available in your region, you can’t access it. Finally, with all that has been said so far, you can easily tell if you can stream Netflix on your MacBook or not. If you can, follow the steps below.

  • Step 1: Launch the web browser you will be using to access the platform. Remember, the supported browsers are Opera, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.
  • Step 2: Visit the official Netflix website on the browser and sign in to your account. If you do not have an account yet, click on "Sign Up" and create an account. New users are welcomed with a 30-day free trial after they have selected the plan they wish to subscribe to at the expiration of the trial period. The official Netflix website is at
  • Step 3: When you’re signed in to your account, you can start looking up the series that pushed you to Netflix. If you didn’t have any in mind, navigate the categories of check out for trending titles on the homepage. You can also use the “Search” option to scan for movies you’d love to watch.
  • Step 4: Apparently, you will come across certain interesting movies that you would love to save/download, so that you can stream them again some other time. Sadly, just like every other streaming platform (including YouTube), you cannot download Netflix movies to your Mac naturally. However, you can save the movies for offline viewing.

Section 3. Can You Download Netflix On Mac

You cannot download Netflix movies on your MacBook, except when you use a Netflix downloader app. Interestingly, there are various Netflix downloader applications (including web-based versions) and software out there, but not all of them can download Netflix videos in high quality. Hence, in your quest to discover how to download Netflix on Mac, you should also lookout for the best Netflix downloader app. But, not to worry, this article reviews the best Netflix movie downloader software, which guarantees that you can download any Netflix movie in stunning HD quality (if the movie is available in HD on Netflix).

download netflix movies on mac

                             i  Free Download    i  Free Download 

3.1 How To Download Netflix On Mac

Yes, first things first, you need to download a Netflix downloader app for Mac. At the moment, DVDFab Netflix Downloader is the best software Netflix downloader solution to use at the moment.

  • Step 1: Download and install DVDFab Netflix Downloader for Mac. After installing the software on your MacBook computer, proceed with the subsequent steps below to get started.
  • Step 2: Launch the DVDFab Netflix Downloader and click on the “Streaming Services” option. You will see this option at the left pane. When the page opens, click on the “Netflix” option to launch the Netflix video downloader tool.

download netflix movies on mac

  • Step 3: You will be taken to the official Netflix homepage; depending on your region/country, you will be taken to the Netflix version for your region. From there, you can sign in to your Netflix account to access your movies, playlist, and personalized movie suggestions. After you are logged into your account, play the video you want to download.
  • Step 4: When the video starts playing, you will spot a “Download Now” button that would appear on a pop-up window, alongside with an Add to Queue button. Click the Download Now button to start downloading netflix videos.

download netflix movies on mac

To set Netflix video download options, you have to do that prior. However, this Netflix downloader app for Mac would download Netflix movies at the same quality you’re streaming. So, if you’re playing at 1080p quality, this tool will download the movie at 1080p quality.

3.2 Other Features of DVDFab Netflix Downloader

DVDFab Netflix Downloader guarantees faster speed to download one movie in 10 to 20 minutes, and saves the movie’s meta info, including subtitles and title info. It saves you more time by handling most of the pre-downloading tasks automatically. The downloaded videos are saved as MP4 videos, which you may wish to convert to another format using a reliable video converter software.

This Netflix Video Downloader by DVDFab Downloader is intuitive to use. What's more, there are also streaming downloaders for other premium streaming services such as Disney+, HBO, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, U-Next, Paramount+, and more.

                             i  Free Download    i  Free Download 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can You Watch Netflix On Mac?

Apparently, yes, you can watch Netflix movies on Mac. The confusion here is that Netflix does not have an official macOS client app; hence, a lot of MacBook users think is it illegal to Netflix from their MacBook. Regardless, if you have Chrome, Firefox, Opera, or the Apple’s Safari browser on your MacBook PC, you can stream Netflix without limitations - if the service is available in your region. Currently, Netflix is available in over 190 countries across several continents.

  • How Do I Download Netflix Movie On My MacBook?

First, you will need to install the a Netflix video downloader app for Mac. After installing the app, you can then use it to download interesting Netflix series on your MacBook. The movies will be saved on your local storage drive and you can watch them at any time and on any screen. There are also online tools for downloading Netflix videos; such tools online require you to visit their downloader website, input the Netflix video URL and indicate your preferred download options. However, online Netflix video downloaders don't support up to 1080p HD quality.


Summarily, downloading Netflix movies requires the use of certain 3rd-party tools that support such functions. Netflix can be watched on any device (Apple iOS devices or Android devices) and system (Windows PCs or Apple MacBooks). However, you must have a Netflix account and an active subscription to stream content from the platform. At the moment, Netflix is available in almost all countries in all continents except Antarctica.

Furthermore, there is no official Netflix for Mac software, you can online use web browsers. Plus, if you want the best quality (4K), then you need to use Safari browser (the latest version) and your MacBook must be running macOS 10.5 or higher. Netflix streaming on Mac is seamless and enjoyable - just as with other platforms.

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