Netflix is one of the quite common and essential services across the world when you come to think of entertainment. However, if you find it a little difficult to pay for a Netflix subscription, a Netflix gift card should be one of the excellent options that you would find quite impressive and exhaustive in every aspect. We will make an attempt at understanding the best options available on how to get access to Netflix gift card and how to get them.

Section 1. What are Netflix Gift cards?

If you have friends and family members who love watching movies, you can perhaps offer them a great gift in the form of Netflix gift cards. The gift card from Netflix can also be a great option if you do not want to link your bank account details or credit card information with your Netflix account.

Netflix Gift Cards

With a Netflix gift card, you will be able to watch your shows movies, documentaries, and other video content on your Netflix account. Once you have used up one of your gift cards, you will be able to get a new one to continue watching your favorite movies and video shows. You can even check out the card options to help gift Netflix

Section 2. How does the Netflix Gift card work?

Netflix gift card is one of the excellent options for paying your subscription fees. You might have observed the Netflix gift cards at a host of retail stores and other service providers. There is also a possibility to get your Netflix gift cards through email and other digital sources.

How does Netflix gift card work? Well, a Netflix gift card works as a virtual credit card for the face value of your account. Imagine you have a gift card of $ 30 and your subscription is $5 per month, you will able to get three months worthy of a Netflix subscription.

If you are looking to redeem your Netflix gift card, you need to follow the steps here below –

  • Create a Netflix account using your email address or any other means as per your preferences. If you already have an account, sign in to your Netflix account.
  • Go to your profile image and click on Account.
  • From the drop-down menu, locate and click on Redeem Gift card or Promo Code.

Redeem Gift card

  • Enter the Netflix gift card code of your Gift card in the Code or PIN box
  • Hit Redeem once you enter the code or pin in the box provided.

That should do it. The funds on the card will be applied to your Netflix subscription. In case you are eligible to apply for the free subscription or trial, the subscription charges will be applied on your account after the expiry of the free trial. The card can indeed be a great option for the best quality Netflix gift subscription.

  • If you have a physical card, you will need to scratch the foil on the back of the card to reveal the code.
  • If you have received the code on a receipt, you will find the code printed on your receipt.
  • In case you received the code through a digital gift card, you should find the code in your email.

Section 3. Where to get the Netflix Gift cards from?

The Netflix Gift cards are available across multiple services and retail stores. A few of the stores that do send Netflix Gift cards can include  Amazon, Target, and Best Buy.

Netflix Gift Cards

In fact, there is no limit or restriction on the stores that would sell the Netflix gift cards. Apart from the online retail stores that we have featured above, they can also be obtained from Walmart stores, and even a target store offers you access to a Netflix gift card. You will also find PayPal selling Netflix gift cards. You will be able to buy Netflix gift cards in the form of a physical card or as an email.

Section 4. Can you download steaming videos on Netflix?

Now that you have received your Netflix card, and have begun watching your favorite shows on Netflix, would you want to find an option on how to download the movies or shows on Netflix? While Netflix does let you download your favorite shows, the functionality comes with a limitation and expiry date.

If you do not want to be bogged down by the limitation, the next best option would be to focus on the third-party downloader options you would want to go with. DVDFab Netflix Downloader should be an exceptional choice from that point of view and should provide you access to a wide range of options for an enhanced experience.

Netflix Gift Cards

Some of the exciting benefits offered by DVDFab Netflix downloader can include –

  • High-quality download options – DVDFab Netflix downloader can be one of the best options for downloading your videos in high quality – as high as 1080p and AC 5.1 audio tracks.
  • Download videos with Subtitles and metadata – The ability to download Netflix video subtitles in a wide range of ways should be what should make it a great experience. You can embed your subtitles into the video or even download the subtitles as a .srt file. The additional information that can form part of your video would include the movie name, genre, and plot.
  • Batch download options – Netflix Downloader recognizes if you are playing an episode of a series and collects the information on the future episodes. In such a case, you will be able to download the episodes in one go.
  • A faster download functionality – DVDFab Netflix Downloader can provide you a greater degree of performance with a faster download functioning. With the hardware acceleration offers you access to a 2X download option.

                             i  Free Download    i  Free Download 

Netflix Gift Cards

Final Wrap-Up

Watching Netflix should definitely be one of the excellent and exciting experiences ever. In case you are an entertainment buff, you would not want to miss out on the action on Netflix. However, signing up for a Netflix subscription can involve having to share your financial details as part of the account creation. In case you have reservations in terms of sharing your personal credit card details and other essential information on your Netflix account, opting for the Netflix gift cards would be a good idea you would want to go with. This can be helpful in ensuring that you do not need to share the details about your bank account or credit card.

What if you are looking to download Netflix videos and looking for the best tools that can help you get access to an ability to watch the shows offline for free? DVDFab Netflix Downloader should ideally be one of the excellent options that can be used for achieving the task without hassles of any nature. It offers you plenty of options with respect to handling almost every aspect of working with the Netflix video downloads.


  • How do I get a Netflix gift card?

Netflix gift cards are available across several options. You can get them from retail and online services such as Amazon, Target, Walmart, and a few other retailers.

  • Can you buy someone a Netflix subscription?

If you want to buy someone a Netflix subscription, the best way to achieve it would be to buy a Netflix gift card and share the details with the person you want to gift the subscription to.

  • Can I use a Netflix gift card to start an account?

The funds on the Netflix gift card can be used to pay for the new or existing Netflix account. You can simply buy digitally or in the physical form.

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