Netflix has been one of the most widely used services and has been the most preferred option ever for all your streaming requirements. With such a great demand, you would definitely expect the service to be available on several platforms and devices. One such device one would expect to find Netflix availability is Nintendo Switch. So can you get Netflix on Switch? Let us try finding a few ways that would help you find Netflix on Nintendo Switch.

1. Is Netflix on Switch e-Shop?

As things stand as of now, you will not be able to get Netflix on Switch e-shop. If you move on to the Nintendo website, you would find that Netflix is available on Wii U and Nintendo 3DS, and other respective 3DS handhelds. But if you are trying to find the Netflix Switch app, that isn’t something you can get access to, but yes – you have a few other options that can assist you in achieving better results.

get Netflix on Switch

The lack of Netflix on the Switch console can come as a huge surprise and disappointment, but there is perhaps a reason for it. Nintendo has always maintained that it has been placing the prime focus on the games, and that means the streaming services invariably take a backseat. So, that should perhaps explain why we do not find Netflix on Switch as yet. The possibility in near future too is quite unreliable.

2. Can you watch Netflix on Switch?

Netflix is currently not available on Switch, but thankfully, there are a few options that can be helpful in letting you get Netflix on Nintendo Switch. Until Nintendo decides to bring it onto the Switch e-shop, we can continue using it for all practical purposes.

The best way you can get Netflix on Switch would be through installing Android OS on your Switch device. The method is not officially supported by Nintendo as yet and can come with certain risks. The developers at the XDA Developers have been able to provide an option where you can play a few of the Android apps on Nintendo Switch.

get Netflix on Switch

You can follow the method and get access to an enhanced performance for Netflix on Switch. Once you have carefully followed the tips and methods outlined in the concept, your Switch will essentially begin working as an Android device. Reports do suggest that this will not affect your gaming, but even then it can have its own drawbacks.

3. What streaming services are available on the Nintendo Switch e-Shop?

Nintendo Switch does provide you access to several streaming services, but sadly, for the Netflix fans out there- Netflix is definitely not one of them. Even if Netflix is not available on Switch, you can get access to a few popular streaming services which can prove to be quite wonderful.

Switch e-shop does provide you access to a couple of popular streaming services. YouTube and Hulu are a couple of the most popular services that you would find a good alternative to Netflix. While you can stream both free or paid content on YouTube, you will need to go with a subscription plan on Hulu.

4. Can You Watch Netflix on Other Nintendo Consoles?

Netflix is available on a couple of Nintendo consoles as of now and the Nintendo Wii and the Nintendo Wii U are a couple of them. Both the device has the dedicated Netflix apps available on the console.

However, if you are a new user of Nintendo devices, you would not find the Netflix app on the e-shop for the new users. If you are someone who has opted for the devices from Nintendo, you will not get access to the Netflix app even on the Nintendo Wii and the Nintendo Wii U devices, from December 31, 2020. As of June 30, 2021 – the Netflix apps will no longer be available even for the existing users.

So, come June 30, 2021 – Netflix will not be available on any of the Nintendo devices. That should perhaps be something you would find a little annoying and disturbing. But, then – Nintendo as a platform is more focussed on the gaming, and allowing streaming services to get an upper hand on the consoles can make them fall flat in their goal.

5. Can you download Netflix Shows for offline viewing?

Well, Netflix has been one of the strongest and the most powerful streaming services ever. It has been able to gain a huge fan base due to the wonderful content library and the interface that puts most other streaming services to shame. However, can you download Netflix movies on your device for offline viewing?

Like most of streaming services, Netflix does let you download its shows on the device for offline viewing. However, the downloads on the app do come with a few limitations. The offline downloads on Netflix cannot be shared across other devices. They can only be available on the device you have downloaded them on. They also come with an expiry date and will be automatically deleted from your downloads folder. Moreover, you will only be able to download only a few titles.

That is where using a third-party Netflix downloader can prove to be one of the excellent options. DVDFab Netflix Downloader can be one of the perfect tools for this purpose. The software is known to be a great tool for almost all your needs in downloading Netflix movies and other shows at a quality of up to 1080p.

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Some of the advanced properties you stand to gain with the DVDFab Netflix Downloader can include

  • A high-quality download option – The downloader does support the option to download videos at a video quality of up to 1080p and audio quality of up to AC 5.1 tracks. The quality of the downloaded video would be equivalent to the quality of the video you would otherwise be streaming.
  • Download videos with subtitles and meta info – The ability to download the videos with subtitles of your preference further makes it a reliable option ever. You can either decide to embed the subtitles into the video or download them separately as an srt file. The additional meta info downloaded with the video includes movie name, genre, and plot. This can be helpful in organizing and managing your videos rather efficiently.

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  • Batch and auto-download functionality – If the software detects that the video you are downloading is a part of the series, it will simply find information about the other episodes and let you download Netflix videos in one go in the background. The ability to download up to five videos at one time can be yet another excellent option you would find rather impressive.

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  • A faster download option – DVDFab Netflix Downloader does let you download videos at a very faster speed. If you enable hardware acceleration you will end up getting a 2X faster download compatibility.

6. Final Words

The availability of Netflix on Switch is something you will find a lot annoyed about. Netflix is not available on Switch e-shop and is not likely to be available anytime soon. In fact, it is currently available on other Nintendo consoles such as the Nintendo Wii and the Nintendo Wii U. However, the support for Netflix on these products is likely to end from June 30, 2021. So, if you are a Netflix fan and checking out the possibility of getting Netflix on Switch – you are left with no option for the same. Using Switch as an Android device can be one of the excellent options.

Having understood the essence of how Netflix is capable of providing you an outstanding experience, it would be worthwhile to check out the best options for downloading the content from Netflix. DVDFab Netflix downloader is what would provide you access to a far more enhanced experience in letting you download the content to your heart’s content. Now, it's time to use this tool to save your favorite Netflix original shows for offline viewing!


  • Why isn't there Netflix on Nintendo Switch?

Nintendo focuses more on the games than on the streaming service. That is exactly why it does not support many streaming services on its consoles. You can, however, get Netflix on New Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo 2DS, New Nintendo 3DS XL, Nintendo 3DS, and Nintendo 3DS XL

  • Will Netflix ever come to Switch?

Netflix is shutting down the service on the existing Nintendo consoles such as Nintendo 3DS and Wii U. The service will not be available on these devices with effect from June 30, 2021. That should clearly indicate that there are lesser chances of getting Netflix on Switch in the future.

  • How do I get Netflix on Nintendo Switch?

You can use your Nintendo Switch as an Android device and get access to Netflix on your Switch. You may refer to XDA Developer’s forum to find more information on how to do that.